Post Offices modernization project bagged by Accenture

Last updated on Oct 13, 2009

Posted on Oct 13, 2009

That’s interesting.. one of the largest IT programs in India actually goes to Accenture, despite the presence of some big IT majors in India!  What were the Indian guys doing?  Or maybe it wasn’t worth it?  I am sure it will go into millions.

I just hope that the consumer – i.e.; taxpayers – get something worth from here.  If they succeed then the life of common citizens will be much easier.

Global IT and consultancy firm Accenture, has bagged an order from the postal department to modernize the post offices across the country. The financial details were not disclosed.
According to the modernization contract, Accenture would frame an enterprise IT architecture and migrate the department of post (DoP) to a more efficient IT system. The project is designed to help the DoP, which has been reporting losses to drive revenue and regain market share in different services and products such as bill payment, e-posts, life insurance, money transfer and banking.
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