Saudis give tacit approval for Israel raid on Iran Nuke plants

Last updated on Jul 5, 2009

Posted on Jul 5, 2009

According to reports in a Pakistani newspaper, Saudis have given a tacit approval to Israel’s raid on Iran.  Saudi will turn a blind eye to Israeli jets if they fly over the kingdom during any such raid.

Israel has been training for many years to bomb Iran’s nuclear site at Natanz in the centre of the country.

It is a question of Sunni and Shia rivalry.  Although the Saudis will have to show their rejection and protest in public, but internally they may be very happy to see Iranian bomb go away.

It is interesting to note that how the rivalry between Shias and Sunnis is so deep that they detest each other’s strength to an extent that they may side with the avowed enemy – the Jews.

Reference Links:

1. ‘Saudis give nod to Israeli raid on Iran’

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