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Shahrukh Khan feels humiliated.[1]  Why?  Because, at the Newark airport, the guys did not really recognize him and took him out for questioning and he had to wait for 2 hours to get through.  According to him, he was singled out because of his Muslim name.  The authorities have denied that.

Meanwhile there is a strong reaction in India.  Politicians like Ambika Soni are already busy making an ass of themselves.[2]

“I am of the opinion that the way we are frisked, for example I too was frisked, we should do the same to them,” PTI quoted Soni as saying.

So, our security process is now to be defined by the insults that some stars and politicians get subjected to – real or perceived – as opposed to REAL security imperatives??  If our security process demands – as it SHOULD – that we take a closer look at the people coming into our country through AIR, LAND, and SEA – then we should, by all means, frisk the heck out of the visitors.  But, can someone tell this idiotic lady that security defined by personal insults is NO SECURITY whatsoever!!!  In the overall scheme of things – the national integrity and security – Shahrukh Khan, however big a start he may be… or Ambika Soni – however great a politician she may be … are NOT MATERIAL!!   Sorry to pop your bubbles guys, but that’s the truth.

Now, about Shahrukh’s whinning.  It would be good if he stops using this harmless incident as a promotional tool for his movie.  I know 2 hours is a lot of time for this self-important guy… but it happens to a lot of people.  My mom was once in such a situation for 1 hour.   So just get over it, will you??!

Finally, about the religious profiling.  Honestly, I find NOTHING wrong with that.  I want to state this in as categoric terms as I possibly can.  Human beings categorize as a matter of habit.  This is why some are called “Believers” and some are called “Non Believers” by some self important Prophets and Saints, who have very little spiritual progress to show for mankind!  Moreover, if someone comes strapping a bomb around his or her chest in the US, the chances are 100% (or so close to it that its 100% for all practical purposes) that he/she will be owing their allegiance to only one religion.  If someone brings a bomb or tries to unleash a terror incident the chances are overwhelmingly in the direction of one religious affiliation.  YES, it is VERY true that not ALL of the people with that religious affiliation are strapped with bombs or have evil minds… but how does one know ONE from ANOTHER?

Does anyone have a formula?  A Machine?  A Magic Mantra?  A camera?  How does one know a Mohammad Atta from a Shahrukh Khan?  Prima facie if I was part of the security aparatus of the US, I would make sure that Shahrukh is at least under my radar…..

…. until the time, a scientist comes up with that magic machine to differentiate between Atta and Shahrukh.

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