The so-called "Indian Hand" in Pakistan Terror is… well…. uncut!

Last updated on Apr 10, 2009

Posted on Apr 10, 2009

Pakistan is now saying – after initially totally denying for all along – that there was an “Indian hand” in the attack on Sri Lankan team. [1] To normal and intelligent people this is nonsense to begin with knowing the type of attack and how those folks melted into Lahore’s street without trace!

One would assume that Pakistani administration would have a rather scientific way of identifying the Indian “hand” (or is it euphemism for something “else’?).  It seems that the litmus test or the most important test for Pakistanis has been checking out the corpses on the scene and identifying if the persons killed (specially the militants) were circumcised or not.  Just that.  One look at you-know-what and voila.. Indian “hand” is certain!

Why?  Because the folk-lore goes in that part of the world that EVERY Muslim on the earth is circumcised and since India = Hindu/Sikh anyways (of course, they are certain that no Muslim soldier or spy is ever recruited.. and if he is.. he won’t fight against Pakistan… so go figure!)… this is the conclusive proof for.. the “Hand” from across the border! 🙂

Well, this would have been fine, but the doctors started coming across some of the injured Pakistani soldiers from a certain area in Pakistan who were “full-bodied” (not circumcised).

Now TOI has come out saying that there are certain tribes in Pakistan – Muslims all – where circumcision is not popular![2]  And this area – tribal Waziristan Pashtun areas – is by some wonder also the area where Tehreek-e-Taliban or Pakistani taliban comes from!    Most of the “uncut” soldiers were from the Frontier Constabulary from Waziristan as well.

In a rather strange twist, Kamran Khan, a legislator from Waziristan in Pakistan’s lower house of parliament told TOI that the reason why circumcision is not popular or common in this area of hard core Islamists is because they do not have access to either a decent hospital or a barber.  In rural areas, barbers do the “deed”.

So there you go – the “hand” that bites is the “hand” that lies within.. and it is …. well… uncut! 🙂

Reference Links:

1. Indian hand in attack on Sri Lanka team: Pak
2. Circumcision no longer acid test to identify Indian spies

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