Some PJs for this morning

Last updated on May 20, 2008

Posted on May 20, 2008

These are as PJ as PJs (Poor jokes) come.. so I had to post them.  Sometimes we all kind of love to enjoy them despite their PJ-ness!  Sent by Raj.

Q: What did the lonely banana say?
  A: I’m a”kela”.

Q: What did the green peas say?
  A: Nothing. They just “mutter”ed.

Q: What did the potato say when it answered the phone ?
  A: “Aaloo?”

Q: Where do cauliflowers hang out?
  A: In the Gobi desert.

Q: What did the flower say to its girl-friend?
  A: Why do phools fall in love?

Q: What did the fat car say?
  A: I’m a mota car.

Q: What did the confused egg say?
  A: I don’t unda-stand.

Q: Where do earrings go on holiday?
  A: Bali

Q: What do shrimps sing on Christmas?
  A: Jhinga Bells.

Q: What did the half eaten naan say?
  A: I wish I was puri.

Q: What did the lonely potato sing?
  A: “Aaloo lonesome tonight?”

Q: What language do carrots speak?
  A: Gajar-ati.

Q: What do you call a bald poet?
  A: Ik-bal.

Dis da funkiest…
  Q: What did the first pizza slice say to the other pizza slice so it
  would move?
  A: Pizza – “HUT”

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