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Spitzer, Law-enforcers, Human failing and a 10,000 years pretense!

A first-term Democrat, built his political reputation on rooting out government corruption, and made a name for himself as attorney

general as crusader against shady practices and overly generous compensation. He also cracked down on prostitution.

He was known as the “Sheriff of Wall Street.” Time magazine named him “Crusader of the Year,” and the tabloids proclaimed him “Eliot Ness.” The square-jawed graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law was sometimes mentioned as a potential candidate for president.

This is the profile of a guy who has just resigned after being exposed of a sex scandal where he was involved with a prostitution ring. Gov. Elliot Spitzer from New York. He was moving money around and managing a prostitution ring. His bank got suspicious when it looked at numerous transfers going on between accounts and thought that he was probably hiding some bribe money. They alerted FBI. Only after enough investigation, FBI came to know that the payments being made to a fake company called QAT – really the prostitution ring – were being funneled elsewhere.

He had been prosecuting New York’s high and mighty in financial cases and is now going to be tried for structuring. Structuring involves creating a series of financial movements designed to obscure the true purpose of the payments.

Now, the prosecutors have a solid case based on wiretaps and phone conversations. Rather stupid to have been doing all this in a way that it could be traced like this. And bizarre thing is that he had some advice that he could have done well to ruminate himself – if this is the life he wanted to live!

“Never talk when you can nod, and never nod when you can wink, and never write an e-mail because it’s death. You’re giving prosecutors all the evidence we need,”

is what he said in an interview 2 years back with ABC News, then an Attorney General!

Sex, Prostitution and human hypocrisy of 10,000 years

Prostitution, it is said, is the oldest profession. It is fueled by an overwhelming physical needs of men and women to satisfy their urges when they cannot get the means in a “legitimate” manner. So they use influence and money to get it. It has been talked in hushed tones, has been termed illegal, cloaked in immorality, and against good etc. Yet, it flourishes and goes on almost unchecked in every society and country. Not one place on Earth is free from illegitimate sex – prostitution or otherwise. In our 10,000 years of existence, this has to be the most hypocritical area of human morality that may exist! I am amazed when we all know that this demand-supply market is inevitably interlinked with human existence, why does the world keep on pretending??

There are countries like Netherland which have made it legal because they think – and I would say rightly so – that making it illegal makes people do clandestine stuff and add more mess in the world and society. In its garb, human trafficking occurs and people who are used never make money.. instead its the pimps who make the money. At least if it is made legal then the owner of the body which is being prostituted can make the money.

To make things better for numerous boys/girls/men/women who are used and sold it is imperative that we pull out our moral pretentions and look at this issue of humanity’s relationship with sex and prostitution with absolute honesty and clarity. When we assign a moral weight to an action or event, then yes, we dont want to talk about it or improve things or even want to acknowledge that. But does it vanish? No.

It is not just these prosecutors of prostitution who are.. well… rampant in the world of prostitution, but even the holier than thou priests, mullahs, pundits etc. who are the biggest culprits in this entire game.

In my view prostitution goes to the very heart of human mind’s failing. When you think about its inevitability and longevity, you are suddenly brought face-to-face with an institutional system that has followed human mind everywhere. And one, where we continue to hack at the branches. Because hacking at the branches is so easy and so pretentiously well-meaning!

Isn’t it time we stop acting like ostriches? And lift our head to look at the reality of the world directly in its eyes? If none of the civilizations, societies, countries, religions, and groups could get away from prostitution in the last 10,000 years, do you think there is a message in that??? Is it a comment on the most basic and foundational failing of a human mind? Of the mind’s power of pushing Desire over the intellect? Can the laws help the intellect take on the desires of the mind?

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