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Stop Equating Kashmiri Terrorists to Bhagat Singh!

Hizbul-Mujahideen is one of the worst terrorist organization in the world. Syed Salahuddin is their chief. Everyone who knows them knows how close they are to Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s ISI. But these idiots keep trying to confuse the world. Be that as it may, the Indian soldiers keep gunning their people off the streets. However, what really gets me wild is when these idiots and the Pakistanis start comparing their value-less butchers with a giant of a freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh!

Here is what this idiot says in his interview:

Bhagat Singh is a national hero in India who bombed the Indian parliament in 1930 and killed British police officers. If a militant like Bhagat Singh is a freedom fighter for them then we also have the right to follow the same path to achieve our goals.
The Indian government is no different from the British Raj of 1930. The Indian government cannot destroy our movement by branding us with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Taliban and Al Qaeda emerged in the 1990s, while we started our struggle more than a century ago.

First and foremost, Bhagat Singh never really “bombed” the Indian Parliament! He and his friends created a “bomb” which was more like a cracker to make only noise and went out of their way to make sure that no one was either injured or killed. In fact they threw their thingy in a place where it would not have hurt anyone! The ONLY person Bhagat Singh ever killed was Sanders – the policeman who was responsible in the murder of Lala Lajpat Rai – a respected Indian leader. And in that too they were specific that no innocent was ever harmed!

The thing that is amazing is that many Indians tend to take this totally baseless comparisons and run with it! I can understand the Pakistanis – for them Aurangzeb was the greatest Mughal and folks like Akbar and Dara Shikoh (arguably one of the most spiritually advanced of the Mughal family) were pariahs! So their sense of history is in anyways screwed.. but Indians should be very clear of their history, the men and women who shaped it and their motivations!