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Is the Chinese Economy Bubble about to break?

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has dinged China.  It says [] that the Chinese economy is very vulnerable right now.  Why? > Rampant lending since the 2008 financial crisis has left many companies and local governments in China with huge debts,

16 Nov 11 1 min read

Be prepared to welcome 400 million refugees by 2015

Displacing farmers out of their farmland is the neo-liberal economic growth model – prescribed by World-Bank so that India can throw away its agrarian economy and embrace the new world order. The govt already have established its control over water, forests, seeds, agriculture markets – and now it wants to take away

09 Apr 10 2 min read

Is the World Flat?

Here is a discussion on globalization [] by the leading economist in this area – Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati.  What do you think of it?

16 Jan 08 1 min read

Should Infosys buy CapGemini?

It is being rumored that Infosys may buy CapGemini.  Although CapGemini has a total Sales of USD 10.35 billion and Infosys sales are USD 3.1 billion, but its profits and market value are half that of the Indian company. Some say it is too big a fish to

30 Jun 07 1 min read

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