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Is democracy dead?

In the Annual predictions for 2018 [], we had said that by the end of that year, credible voices will start asking if “Democracy is really relevant” anymore.  Given the spate of books that have come out recently by mainstream voices, the question that needs to

26 Jul 20 10 min read

CAA Law – Refugee Vs Migrant distinction is the key

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has become a goldmine for those who hate an independent India and want to ensure that the Indian government toes their line “or else”.  And, it is also the single biggest communication failure of the Modi cabinet.  CAA was needed.  It was needed because there is

05 May 20 4 min read

Imperialism by Narratives – When Hindus have 'nothing to give up'

British poet, playwright, and writer, Samuel Johnson, once angrily retorted while discussing a girl who had converted from the Anglican Church to Quakerism “The heathens were easily converted, because they had nothing to give up; but we ought not, without very strong conviction indeed, to desert the religion in which

27 Jan 20 6 min read

Kashmir issue may not even be discussed during Modi-Xi summit 

Pakistan keep calling China its eternal friend.  In fact, Imran Khan is at pains to dodge the whole question of Uighur Muslims and their pathetic treatment by the Chinese only because China is such a “great friend”. Despite the so-called great friendship between China and Pakistan, China has confirmed that

18 Sep 19 2 min read

Howdy Modi event – US President Trump to join Modi in Houston

“Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,” is the program being organized by Texas India Forum (TIF), a Houston-based non-profit body, at the NRG Stadium in Houston on September 22, 2019.  The event was fully sold out with 50,000 registered attendees, at least a month in advance with thousands in

16 Sep 19 3 min read

Why Modi Represents India and Riles up the Brown Sahibs

“Aa bhraa aithe bau.” (come bro, sit here) The Sikh boy with rustic looks and wearing a pant which looked more like a pyjama gestured to his friend in rustic village type heavily accented Punjabi, as I stood at the bus stop in Chandigarh.  He had just come out of

07 May 19 3 min read

Liberals’ Rabid Hatred for the NRI

On Janurary 21, 2017 – a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States – a facebook post [] initiated protests globally.  Women’s March as it was called was a worldwide protest against the man the liberals and the

06 May 19 5 min read

How Demonetization keeps paying the Indian taxpayer

Rs 37,500 crores that is $5.3 billion is lying in the Indian banks unclaimed.  No one wants it.  The owners don’t even want anyone to know that it was theirs.  As far as the Indian tax payer is concerned, it is theirs – collectively.  When Modi had said

04 Dec 18 3 min read

12 Bank Accounts of Controversial and Scandal Ridden Greenpeace Frozen in India

India’s Enforcement Directorate – Finance Ministry agency – has frozen 12 bank accounts [] of Greenpeace.  Its Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration was canceled [] in 2015 due to non-compliance.  Globally, Greenpeace is known for large scandals

12 Oct 18 1 min read

India gets lot more Goodies from Putin along with S-400

India not just got the large S-400 missile defense deal from Russia, but also a lot of other interesting things.  Access to Northern Sea Route that connects Europe with the Pacific Rim, natural gas supplies (Iran option [] supplement) and development of other

08 Oct 18 1 min read

Maoist freed District gets over 600 km of road Under Modi Road program

Rayagada district Administration, Odisha is constructing 618 km of roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. Why is this important? Because, 7 out of 11 blocks were Maoists infested, which are now free. With connectivity, health, food supply and business opportunities will improve. Source: Times of India [https://timesofindia.

07 Oct 18 1 min read

“Its enough! I am returning THE Taj Mahal!”

This is the season of Award Wapasi.  Everyone is returning whatever award they can dust off from their closet to return to someone.  Doesn’t matter who they return to as long as someone in the media covers it.  Some have even gone to the studio with signed UNADDRESSED checks

05 Nov 15 3 min read

Is Modi getting a Landslide in Gujarat?

It seems Narendra Modi is all set to win the Gujarat poll by a landslide.  Apparently, the higher voter turnout was to push Modi’s margin up as opposed to pull him down.  ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll is suggesting.  Although News 24 suggests that Modi can get closer to 140 seats

17 Dec 12 2 min read

Modi’s quips and funny tweets on Congress and Gujarat Elections

> #Modi []: If you are going on holiday for 15 days, do you give your keys to a stranger? NO? Then, how can you give Gujarat to a stranger? — Firstpost (@firstpostin) December 10, 2012 [] > #Modi []

10 Dec 12 1 min read

Narendra Modi gives it back to Sonia Gandhi!

Gujarat [,72.6833&spn=1.0,1.0&q=23.2167,72.6833 (Gujarat)&t=h] election campaign is bringing in sharp repartee from both the sides and Narendra Modi [] has probably decided to not take it lying

07 Dec 12 3 min read

How the UPA Government plundered Indian treasury with MNREGA

In this year’s (2011) Economic budget, the UPA Government has allocated Rs 40,100 crore for the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) program, in addition to the Rs.64000 crore sought by the Ministry of Rural Development for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

02 Mar 11 4 min read

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