Taliban and Al Qaeda in Every City of Pakistan

Last updated on Apr 6, 2009

Posted on Apr 6, 2009

I have been arguing that Talibanization of Pakistan is imminent and the coming trouble.  I have had many critics.  Now the confirmation comes from Police Chief of North West Frontier Province Malik Navid.  Navid has said that Taliban and Al Qaeda is now in every city of Pakistan.  In some they are active and in others they are dormant for now.[1]

The aim of these groups, Navid says, is clear – destabilisation of current regimes in the Middle East to convert it into a launching pad to strike 9-11 style attacks on the West as they have already developed expertise in the bio-chemical weapons.

The Jihadis are now moving through the Southern Punjab over into Karachi, the financial hub.  The sad part is that the Military of Pakistan cannot meet the threat posed by Jihadis and Taliban since both Army and ISI see Taliban as allies in ensuring a “friendly” dispensation in Afghanistan while also feeding the jihad in Jammu and Kashmir.

Contrary to what Fareed Zakaria has been discussing all the while, Navid confirms that Taliban and Al Qaida have come together and now Taliban not only is part of the core, but also its striking arm.

Reference Links:

1. Qaida, Taliban present across Pak: NWFP police chief

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