A Ten year old's take on World economy

Last updated on Feb 7, 2010

Posted on Feb 7, 2010

My daughter and I were in the car and she started discussing the situation of food in her cafetaria.

Daughter: Dad, you know the food in our cafetaria used to be very good earlier, but now all they give all the time is frozen food just heated up.  Thank God I take food from home.  That all is so unhealthy!

Me: So why did they change in your cafetaria?

Daughter: Duh!  Dad, the EEECAUNUHMEEE (economy)!!  They don’t have enough money now.  And guess what!  The cafetaria is not even as clean as it used to be.. there are crumbs all over the place now… they don’t do a good job now!

Me: So you think all that is due to bad economy?

Daughter: Yeah Dad!  (as if it was obvious and I was a fool to not even make the connection) After all, they can’t pay people enough and they do just enough work.. don’t do a good job.  You know Dad, there are only two kids in my class who are interested in economy!

Me: Who are they?

Daughter: Me and this guy called Jake Tommy.  We both discuss about economy.

Me: That’s very nice!  So what do you think is wrong with our economy?

Daughter: We don’t make anything.  Have you looked Dad, everything is from China!  They give us all the stuff and we keep giving them the money.  What do you think will happen then?  But Indian economy is doing really well!

Me: What you say makes sense, shona (beautiful one)!  So, how do you know India is doing so well?

Daughter: Well, they now have McDonalds there and also more jobs out there.  McDonalds is not cheap to open Dad…. specially in the Indian money!  So they must be making a WHOOOOLEEE LOT of money for all that to happen…. right?!

Me: I guess so..

And I started thinking…. while my daughter went back to listening to her favorite Hannah Montana and Dhoom 2 songs on the pink MP3 player!

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