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Terror Attacks in India: Accusations, Betrayal and Actual Justice

Every year several terrorist attacks happen in India – like the Mumbai blasts last month.  Except for three attacks – where Hindu groups have been accused and arrested but not given any trial as yet – all of the rest have been by Islamic Jehadis.  Every one of them.

Now, even the Home Minister comes and tells us the same thing – that it was an “Indian Module” which was involved in the Mumbai blasts.  Just “module”?  Not Islamic Jehadi module?  Ambiguous huh?  Maybe he is trying not to mention the community so as not to “hurt their feelings”.  Well, that doesn’t happen all the time with him.  For he suddenly becomes pretty specific when he starts targeting Hindu groups – of Saffron and Sangh groups.  Now, he is very specific and very clear.

So is Digvijay Singh.  In fact Digvijay is pretty sure all the time that its the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) that is responsible for all the attacks, even the 26/11 – despite the fact that the Government headed by the part he heads is busy pushing Pakistan to take up the responsibility based on REAL EVIDENCE!

Now, 3 out of several dozen terror attacks is what the “Right Wing Hindus” are accused of by the Intelligence.  Although given how Swami Aseemananda was handled – coercing his testimony and forcibly making him sign papers – kind of puts those proceedings in question as well.

Even if one assumes that those attacks were the handiwork of Hindus – wouldn’t it make COMPLETE SENSE as to why these attacks WERE done?  For all the attacks that we know of that were orchestrated by the Islamic Jehadi groups – name ONE.. just ONE – person who has been brought to justice?  Just one would be good enough.  Even Ajmal Kasab – who was video recorded firing at everyone on the railway platform – is still being handled with kid gloves!  Pray, what evidence do we need against him??

If that isn’t enough, DIgvijay Singh – goes around suggesting that 26/11 was the conspiracy of RSS??  Really??

On the other hand, however, Sadhvi Pragya has been in custody since 2009.  And no trial has begun on her.  According to several eye witness accounts – she is being drugged and kept in shabby conditions.  A complete contrast with Ajmal Kasab! Swami Aseemananda – the other accused for the Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express blasts – has said that he wasn’t even given a lawyer to represent him and was forced to give confession that he was behind the blasts.  Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani, has a lawyer.  But Aseemananda doesn’t!

Do you see the difference in standards?

If the Government of the day is perceived to be not just negligent but actually favoring the Islamic Jehadi terrorists and specifically the ones coming out of Pakistan, then there is indeed a case for motivation amongst some Hindus – who feel betrayed to take the gauntlet upon themselves to bring about “justice”.  That may explain the blasts in Muslim dominated area of Malegaon, which was said to have housed some of the accused of another terrorist attack and Samjhauta Express, which was carrying Pakistanis back.

Now, I am not advocating that citizens take up law in their hands.  But if the law and executive is so blatantly biased that it can best be perceived as betraying the nation in open daylight, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise is some people actually go off the cliff and take arms up.

To me – although, based on the lack of evidence and proceedings yet – I don’t agree with accusations on Aseemananda and Sadhvi Pragya – but even if they indeed were involved, that would be an indictment of the Government that is not doing its job in taking the REAL Terror threat to task – aka Islamic Jehadis – as opposed to an indictment of the Hindu nationalists.

Hindu Nationalists are doing what they think is in best interest of their country.  That their methods sometime may not be best can be debated.  But, when the situation is extraordinary, then sometimes people resort to extra-ordinary actions.

We need to indict and bring to justice ALL – repeat ALL – the terrorists who were involved in terror crimes since 2001.  PERIOD!  Let’s start from there.  And then go ahead.

Meanwhile, the Home minister may please save us from this cliched nonsense that insults our collective intelligence!