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The lady in the video is expressing her “thirst” for her lover.  How her body needs the love of her lover.  Well, there is another species of females also who express this same sentiment.  The males, however, are not as lovey-dovey and nice as this guy seems to be.  Their paramours beat them without any love in their heart, ostensibly.  And despite that, these women go back looking for sex.  For they are thirsty!

Its the Beetles.  No, I haven’t made a spelling mistake.. and its not those music guys.. but about the insects.

Scientists have just found that female beetles derive their hydration from sex.  The males on the other hand, inflict tremendous damage to them.  Yet, they have no other option for their life.  Put these female beetles in water… and their appetite for sex reduces tremendously.  Research that appeared in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology with lead author Claudia Ursprung of the University of Toronto Mississauga.   79 beetles were kept in enclosures for 8 days.  Some were given food and water, some just water, and some just food.  Those without water were much more likely to try breeding as opposed to those without food.

“It is kind of like a bribe for mating, a way of ensuring that the female will produce offspring,” said co-author Darryl Gwynne, also at the University of Toronto.

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