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Dost Dost na raha from “Sangam” sung by Mukesh

There are some songs that haunt you for a long time to come.  This was one of those songs for me!  The haunting melody by Shankar Jaikishen and the amazing lyrics by the amazing Shailendra!

There is one line that has fascinated me ever since I understood its meaning and significance.  The expression is as beautiful as it comes. “Safar ke waqt mein palak pe motiyon ko tolti” – I had never cared about this line … but what it means is “When I was leaving for my journey you were standing there weighing the pearls (of tears) with your lashes (as they fell)”.. its a simple thing that he is expressing but the beauty of expression is unmatched!

Enjoy the song below if you are reading this after Jan 20, 2007; otherwise play it on the left hand sidebar…