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Thoughts on tonight’s US Presidential debate:

– Strange, but both Obama and McCain are left handed.  So, they BOTH are leaning to “left” whether they like it or not! 😉
– McCain suggested that the Defense officers should come back and teach in schools – without certification!  I hope these troops don’t think this is Iraq as well!
– MCain won the first half and then lost the last piece.
– McCain looked like a ANGRY…. OLD man! 🙂
– Uptil now, McCain/Palin were talking ad nauseum about “Joe the Six Pack”…. now there is another Joe..  “Joe the Plumber”!  Is there nobody else in this country?  Maybe some one could bring out some of the diversity in this country – can we have “Bob the Builder” next time please??
– What I found surprising was that Obama would spell out his plan – and McCain would instantly and UNASHAMEDLY give his own spin and start smiling!

– On Intrade – bets on Obama are up 3.4% tonight.  Btw, here is the break-up of the current leaning electoral votes on Intrade: