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Once upon a time when I was an arab boy, an amazing experience happend to me. It was a very hot summer day, so I was under a beautiful thick fig tree. Suddenly this tree stared to talk to me, at first I though it was my imagination due to the soft wind making a pleasant noise as it moved some tree leaves. I now know that it was telephatic conversation being held by  this tree and myself. He said : “ Don’t  you remember me Azis?””I   do   not” I answered with a very  shaky voice, almost a whisper. “Well, my friend let me tell you that we met for the first time about three hundred years ago in another land. You were a chela at that time and you were about the age you are now, it is ten years old. Right?”

“Yes,I am ten” I replied. “You  and I used to live in India at that time. You and a current friend , that now is your cousin were playing around me. Your friend was two years  older than you, so he used to bully you” He told me. “Sorry”I said “I really don’t remember anything  you are telling me” And he then told me that later on that same year I would remember all about it. And I did rembember. Please let me explain something to you. Here in Monterrey about ten yeras ago I, together with thirty people including some women went to a ranch to spend three days and two nights  in a spiritual gathering. We  observed  a vegetarian diet, prayed and meditated a lot using pure vowel sounds and special mantras. Special bells,  a lot of insence and candles during night time allowed many of us to experienced  deep mystical states. These ceremonies were brought from Brazil and were called ERINS.

What I wish to strongly emphasize is the tremendous importance that trees have had in our daily lives, so in case there are more similar experiences you are most welcome.

I sense a very strong urgency to share this experience.
Your friend who is deepl in love with amazing Nature.