Trust MSFT to run ANY Online business into the ground!

Last updated on Apr 27, 2010

Posted on Apr 27, 2010

Microsoft has bungled its internet business like no other company.  I personally feel that there should be a federal edict to dis allow Microsoft from doing ANY business online.  Here is a company that bought Hotmail at its peak and screwed it up soooo badly that it just ran not just the hotmail service but also the MSN service into the ground.

Last year, after decades it came up with some product that was half-decent – Bing.  People were singing paens of its greatenss.  But guess what?  Microsoft is predictably close to running that into the ground as well.

Though Microsoft posted strong results for the third quarter of the 2010 fiscal year, the software giant continues to suffer heavy losses in its Online Services Division that manages Bing. The losses reached $713 million by March, higher than last year’s loss of $411 million, reports TechWorld.
During Microsoft’s fiscal third quarter, which ended March 31, the Online Services Division reported a 12 percent increase in revenue, which rose to $566 million on the back of higher advertising revenue. That was not enough to offset a surge in operating expenses during the period. OSD includes Microsoft’s online advertising business, the Bing search engine, and its various MSN websites

Need one say more?  As they say “Nothing succeeds like success”.  Microsoft is a highly successful company is screwing up any online business.  It cannot build one of its own.. but create one winner and tenderly hand it over to MSFT and it will do the honors for you!  Bunch of losers!

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