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Two Indian Doctoral students at the Louisiana State University (LSU) were found dead – shot and strangled in their apartment complex.    The deaths was found by the pregnant wife of one of them:

The two slain students, Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam, were found at Edward Gay apartment complex, on the edge of campus near a high-crime area of Baton Rouge. Komma, 31, of Kurnool, India, had been bound with a computer cable, and Allam, 33, of Hyderabad, India, was found near the door, said university spokesman Charles Zewe.
Allam’s pregnant wife called 911 after finding the men dead, said Srinivasa Pothakamuri, a friend of Komma. Komma, a biochemistry student, had been visiting Allam, who was in the chemistry program.
Nothing appeared to be stolen from the apartment, leaving police unclear about a motive, O’Keefe said. Zewe said police were searching for three men seen leaving the area.