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US think tank says ISI and Pak Army still using terrorism to counter India

A report by an influential think tank (“Counter-insurgency in Afghanistan” by Seth Jones) has said what I have always said since long – that the main protagonists in the powerplay within Pakistan specificallt the ISI and the Army are hand-in-glove with the terrorism infrastructure.  These two institutions have been built and nurtured with an unwritten verity for them – that the only way to handle India is through terrorism and fake it as a human rights issue.

It happened in 1948 in Kashmir when the Army came dressed as tribals to take over Kashmir through the back door before the king came to India for help!  It also happened in case of the Khalistan movement.  It has happened in Kashmir ever since 1948 and is going on still.  It has happened else where as well.

This policy was euphemistically called “Strategic Depth” in Zia ul Haq’s time.  Despite the efforts of the Government to work for the friendship and the efforts of the individuals to foster understanding, these hardened minds have not changed!

The report states that elements of Pakistan’s ISI and Frontier Corps are aiding Taliban and al-Qaida militants in Afghanistan and a primary goal behind this strategy was to “balance” against India.

Despite nearly eight years of fighting since 9/11, US and other international actors still need to eliminate the support base of terror groups in Pakistan. The insurgents were being helped with medical aid, sanctuaries and safe passages in and out of Afghanistan. Not only did the Taliban ship arms, ammunition and supplies into Afghanistan from Pakistan, many suicide bombers came from Afghan refugee camps and components of IEDs — used with devastating effect to kill and maim coalition troops — were smuggled across the border to be assembled in safe houses in provinces like Kandahar.

The war in Afghanistan from Pakistan’s standpoint is also a war with India.  While India has provided several million dollars – am sure to counter any possibility of Taliban’s return and counter the negative influence of Pakistan’s ISI etc, which certainly pushed towards more Islamic and violent society in Afghanistan through its proxy the Taliban!  Pakistan is trying to balance against India through the use of insurgents trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan!

I am sure this report will again make the Indian government sit back up and ask when they deal with “Pakistan” – who are they really dealing with??  The mind set of the powers that be is far from changed and it itches to hurt India at every point.  Unless that mindset is changed no progress can happen.

It is imperative that India – one, promotes democracy and second, weakening of the influence of Pakistan’s Army and ISI in political decision making within that country.  It is also in favor of the common Pakistanis for they will be ensured of a consistent democratic set up and not having to see a coup every 3 years!  But then the obvious question arises – Who will bell the cat?