What can I do for next 40 years?


A friend recently lost his job.  The times are bad so its no surprise that someone would eventually.  And he is a smart Indian guy, which translates into he must have lived intelligently and saved for the rainy day.

What he is grappling with is not that he can’t find another job, but what should he do with his life.

“When you are 25, you plan for next 20 years.  But when you are 40+, you should plan for next 40”

This was his quip.  He is dead right!  Given where the world economies are headed, and the situation for the elderly is pointing to, it is imperative, that we look beyond retirement.

But for that to occur, one needs to ask a fundamental question – what can I do at 75?

Because, make no mistake – retiring at 65 will no longer be an option for many in US.  Maybe he and you will be lucky.  But most wouldn’t be.  So, what do you do?  Actually, situation in India also wouldn’t be much different.

For some people, this activity could be teaching.  For some it could be investing.  For some it could be helping others (and getting helped in turn).

I have been thinking through this question as well.  I haven’t really found a credible answer.  Blogging could be one option.  But it has to be remunerative.  Blogging on Indian topics is not though.

Do you have any thoughts from your own situation?  What is it that you would want to do for next 40 years?

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