What's in a name? Everything we choose!!


I am Desh who lived in Delhi.  Now, the professors from some top business schools tell us that this was ordained.  That people like the places and things that have their name’s letters in their names.  From example, Dennis’ become dentists, Louises somehow move to Louisiana.

So, maybe cosmos knew my impending name.. so it kind of chose the correct city for me?

People like to even eat and drink and choose brands of everything based on their names.  Craigs like Coke, while Peters go for Pepsi.

This phenomenon is due to two things:  Implicit Egotism and Valence Transfer

So, in the first stage people select things with their name identification.  In the second stage they transfer “value” from just the name to its attributes – like taste.  This Valence Transfer is somehow really strong.

The question is how can we use this in business?  Maybe one can look in one’s target customer segment and look for the highest represented names in that population and use the words from those names in the brand name itself.  Chances are, according to this research, that Egotism and Valence Transfer will do the trick.

Reference Links:

Name-Letter Branding

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