Why Pepsi became Pecsi?!!

Cultures affect brands and their marketing.  Pepsi in Argentina has taken an interesting turn – which would have been unheard of few years back.  It just goes to show how global Pepsi as a company has become and how that fact defines its working.

When speaking Spanish, especially with an Argentine accent, people tend to say “Pecsi” instead of Pepsi. They have said it like this for years, and Pepsi has responded by launching a campaign changing the second P to a C, believed to be the first such change for the venerable brand.
“Pecsi” is an easier pronunciation given Spanish phonetics, and it sort of comes naturally. According to a recent survey, 25% of the population says it that way. So BBDO Argentina came up with the idea of simply making “Pecsi” the spelling and launched an integrated campaign to support it. The motive was clear: to get closer to consumers, by including those who weren’t pronouncing the name of the brand correctly but also by focusing on saving and standing by consumers’ sides in a time of crisis. In Argentina, drinking a Pepsi costs one peso less than drinking a Coke. The message: If you drink Pepsi, you save. If you drink Pecsi, you save as well.

Reference Links:

1. In Argentina, Pepsi Becomes ‘Pecsi’

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