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Wikileaks talk of Horse Trading but fail to remind Indians how brain dead they are!


When the corrupt get blatant, and the wise become deceptive then anything can be done with complete impunity.  When the British landed, India’s share of the world’s GDP was just around 20%.  When they left, it had gone down to 4%.

Despite the hard work, the savings and sacrifices of small middle class families – where parents worked hard to provide education for their kids and better opportunities, India’s growth remained stunted.  In the 90s, when Dr. Singh somehow got the economy back from the brink, it was the middle class which again took it to a level where it became one of the fastest growing in the world.  The small and just average families made sure their kids got the IT education from any technical institute to power the IT Phenomenon of India.  It wasn’t easy, but it was done.  As India’s wealth grew so did the hunger and greed of our political leaders.

An aide of Congress leader Satish Sharma allegedly showed a US Embassy employee “two chests containing cash” and said Rs 50 to 60 crore was ready for use as “pay-offs” to win the support of MPs ahead of the crucial vote of confidence over the Indo-US nuke deal. (WikiLeaks: Cong was ready with crores, jet planes to buy MPs)

Mind you, the corruption had been instituted from the first Government post-independence, when Nehru brought in Krishna Menon as his Defense Minister.  But today, the politicians have taken it to a level of PLUNDER.

The Wiki leaks, which has been besieging many a Government, has implicated Dr. Singh and his team of buying support during the Nuclear vote.  What does he have to say on that?  The evidence is not reliable.  YEAH RIGHT!  You know Dr. Singh.. YOU AREN’T either!  WikiLeaks and even the US Government officials stand by the entire set of leaks (India cables bonafide reports by US diplomats: Assange), but Dr. Singh needs a better evidence.  Congress meanwhile is shouting hoarse that “World has rejected Wiki Leaks”.  Just because these guys are living inside Sonia Gandhi’s skirt, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see any day light!

Just hours before the vote, opposition MPs brought 10-million rupees in cash into Parliament to highlight the corruption claims, which will now be investigated by the parliamentary authorities. (Indian vote clears path for landmark US nuclear deal)

While speaking during the debate on confidence motion in Parliament, BJP Leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra had at that time pointed out clearly that MPs were being traded for as much as 25 to 100 crores to secure majority for the UPA government which was now in minority.  He further accused the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was directly involved!

However,  All India Congress Committee general secretary Digvijay Singh, had boldly declared that there was no horse trading.  He emphasized that “Congress had never compromised on issues related to national interest for parochial political gains”.  An investigation by Parliamentary Committee was promised.

If you remember the situation had occurred when UPA had lost the support of 59 MPs of the communist parties.  In the end, in a show of “fuzzy math”, UPA still won the vote by 19 votes.  It is now clear, how that was achieved.

That Dr. Singh is a meek and thoroughly unscrupulous fellow is not a surprise to me not is it an earth-shattering discovery.  That the parties employ unscrupulous means to be in Government is also to be expected of these people.  But what is especially my concern is how do the parties – which have no legal revenue generating avenue, make the money?

Unlike US, I don’t know of many individuals giving away donations to the parties.  In India, we also do not have a whole lot of “Special Interest Groups”.  Most of these SIGs are basically fronts of foreign Governments or Missionaries or Jehadis.  For example, I don’t know of any Hindu Organization which gives money to the Government to make sure policies favor the Hindus – like it happens in the US.  So, pray, where does the money come from?

The money needed to buy the MPs is not less either.  According to a Communist party leader, AB Bardhan, the going price of Rs 25 crores ($6 mn).  As per the Wikileaks, it was much lesser – Rs 10 crores.  That is the price that the Congress leader Satish Sharma and his “aide” Nachiketa Kapur for each vote from Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD).  It is obvious that the MPs are feeling the recession as well!

I am disappointed by Dr. Singh and his team for obvious reasons, but one is even more disappointed by the rest of the machinery and population.  There are so many questions that remain:

  • Where is the Parliamentary Committee?  What were its findings?
  • What happened was not trivial, it involved the highest and most powerful.  It involved the future of this country.  If Japan is any indication, then if done wrongly, this decision could mean death in millions.  Why did the media treat it so trivially?  Why wasn’t Digvijay Singh not grilled?  Why wasn’t the Prime Minister allowed to sleep?
  • Why did the opposition leaders – BJP and others – allow it to let by?

I am disappointed by the utter shallowness with which Indians live.  It is sad.  It is worrying.  It is so sad that it is embarrassing that we can even call ourselves a living nation.  Let’s declare our death.  We are dead.. comprised of brain dead people.  Why do we keep going on pretending that we are alive?  Let’s do a formal cremation and put everything away.