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Witness: Our companion on Drishtikone journey

Witness to the present.JPG

Ok, I wanted this blog to get some “cool” ness factor.  So, I created this character last night.  I have named him “Witness” – the Drushta (which in Sanskrit means witness – and is the base for the name of this site = Drishtikone).  This guy, unlike me does not have strong judgments.  He just looks at the events/happenings – with some feelings nevertheless but not interfering.  I do.  By my thoughts.

He will be weave himself in to the messages of this site and will remain our constant companion on this journey.. sometimes, I believe he will speak – he should I guess.  But it is really upto him.  I would be happy if he is on “my side” but then dispassionate as he is, I would be surprised if he actually cares for me and/or my thoughts/loyalties!  🙂

In any case, you may write to him on any topics that he appears on in the comments section.  He remains a Witness to our present!