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Governor HR Bhardwaj in Karnataka has been after the life of Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa.  Lok Ayukta – the Anti-Corruption Ombudsman – has indicted BSY of illegal mining in the state.  AFter intense back and forth – BSY finally gave in his resignation.

Now, this episode needs to be looked at with three perspectives:

Anti-Corruption Actions: That action was taken against someone who was responsible for corruption, and it finally took its shape.  But is that a matter of satisfaction?  If the action in corruption matters happens only against the opposition of one party, then there is something totally wrong about it.

If one were to look at the level of corruption perpetuated by Congress, specifically Sonia Gandhi and her coterie, then BSY’s work is like a petty theft.

Use of henchmen in politics: Governor HR Bhardwaj, just like Digvijay Singh is a henchman.  He was involved in saving the Gandhis in the Bofors scandal and also was in the lead to throw out Navin CHawla as Election Commissioner because he wasn’t compliant to the Congress’ needs.  He has handled all the controversial cases in the Dr. Singh’s cabinet from 2004 to 2009.

Some of his controversies recently have been:

Saving the corrupt Vice-CHancellor J. Shashidhar Prasad. The “champion of anti-corruption” was apparently greatly unhappy at action against those corrupt people who were on his side.

Bharadwaj also received lots of flak from public and media for his unceremonious, scathing personal attack on Mysore university vice-chancellor V G Talawar when the latter was initiating action against former vice-chancellor J Shashidhar Prasad. Prasad is accused of committing irregularities in the recruitment of around 200 professors and readers during his tenure between 2003 and 2007.

Intellectual dishonesty in LIterary and Religious matters

On February 7, 2011, Bharadwaj withheld the approval of honorary doctorate by the Bangalore University to noted historian and Kannada writer M. Chidananda Murthy. Chidananda Murthy had backed justice BK Somasekhara Commission’s report on church attacks in Karnataka in 2008. Bharadwaj was criticised by the entire literary community of Kannada including Jnanpith awardee Prof U. R. Ananthamurthy. Akhila Bharata Kannada Sahitya Sammelana 2011, held in Bangalore, adopted a resolution to “condemn” the Governor’s decision. Taking note of this, Bharadwaj agreed to give his approval.

And then in May 2011, he recommended President’s rule in Karnataka – without letting BJP prove their majority in the house.

Pussilanimity of BJP: There are battles and then there are wars.  My problem with BJP is that it is weak, compromised, and without a spine.  Yes, BSY may have been corrupt, but what BJP is up against is a thoroughly corrupt and bullying force.  This battle was not to be lost.  Until we find a way to indict Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal and others for their crimes, there is no reason why one should back down.

Extreme aggression is required against someone as big a bully as the Congress is now.

All laws were being followed in Mahabharat until Abhimanyu was killed.  After that Krishna himself abandoned every law because the war had acquired a new rule book and fighting with an old map when the geography had changed was foolish.  Dharma is not a preconceived set of rules and actions.  Dharma is adopted in the context of the environment it occurs.

Given how weak BJP is and how spinelessly they have behaved, it is time for a strong and nationalistic political and social force to emerge in the country.  One that is uncompromising on the principle of National Integrity, Unity and Prosperity.  And the No. 1 enemy is Congress in general and Sonia Gandhi’s coterie in particular.

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