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It is very fashionable to use the utterances of the Saints and the Enlightened Masters and start drawing conclusions on life and the world.  Even on God.  It is  very dangerous and misleading.  A lot of Bhakti Saints have downplayed the importance of Knowledge (Jnana).  Unfortunately, their sayings are used as Universal Verity.  As much as it is the Truth for a Meera or a Nanak to say that Knowledge is not as important as Love or Devotion is, it cannot be true for you and I.

When a Kabir says:

pothi pothi jag mooa, pandit bhaya na koi
dhai akshar prem ke, padhe so pandit hoye

That is very true for someone like Kabir, but it is not true of the rest.  Someone who cannot let the wisdom of Vedas or a Gita enter their consciousness because they are so full of themselves, are not even close to be ready for “Dhai Akshar Prem ka” to enter.  The issue is not the books.  Just by avoiding those fascinating, profound and amazing written words will not make you a devotee or a lover.  But that is what is implied by most – who in a display of self-righteousness simply trash the scripture using a Nanak or Kabir’s consciousness as tools.

Similar is the mistaken action of those who use Krishna’s verses in Gita to assert that one can kill because “Atma to ajar amar hai” (Atma cannot be killed).  One who doesn’t have the experience of Krishna’s consciousness state should never utter his words.  Because someone who hasn’t transcended his/her own physical and mental limitations to experience the entire existence as himself, cannot be expected to hurt someone even out of a divine action.  It is one thing for a Mother to slap her own kid out of love and concern, and another thing for a lady to hit another’s kid out of rage.  There is a qualitative difference.

The words of a Meera or a Kabir, a Nanak or a Krishna should be touched with great care.  Never should they be used to create conclusions for our own ends.  If we do, we will end up doing more harm than good.

For, if Kabir really meant to not read or listen to other’s wisdom, then he would have shut his mouth his entire life.  Ditto for Meera.  And no Sri Guru Granth Sahib would have resulted from Nanak.  And, if Krishna was so “trigger-happy”, he would have never asserted that he will not pick arms in the entire war.

So, these verses and their import is verity only in certain context – of the being who said it), not for everyone.  Certainly not at the level of consciousness at which we choose to interpret them.