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Zakir Naik, Shekhar Gupta and how their walks talk!

Someone asks a question of an Islamic preacher who has been referred to as a “Rock Star” and a person who preaches “Modern Islam”.  He is asked,

“If the Muslims can contruct their places of religion in Non-Muslim countries, then why aren’t Non-Muslims allowed to construct Churches and Temples in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia?”

A fair question.. right?

So what is his answer?  Well, he says, if you were to look for a Maths teacher for your school, and you pose him a question – what is 2+2?  If one says 3, the other says 6 and the third says 4… whom will you hire?  Similarly, we in Islam know that Islam is the ONLY “True” religion.. so, we don’t let anyone propogate in our countries.  Non-Muslims can live there and keep it in their minds, but not speak about it.  Just as you won’t let the guys who answered 3 or 6 teach.

The Pakistani interviewer, on his part, tries to say that isn’t it double standards?  But our moderate, champion of Modern Islam just shuts him up.  And now, if you watch the video completely, you will hear a voice of reason after the question and answer.  That voice is of an Ahmediyya.  Ahmediyyas are considered blasphemous BY LAW (passed by ZA Bhutto) in Pakistan.  Their only “crime” is they say another prophet came in late 1800s.  So, in Pakistan, if someone accuses an Ahmediyya of calling his place of worship “Masjid”, he can be killed.

Back to the answer by Zakir Naik.  What he seems to be saying is that JUST because people from other religions allow Muslims and others to practice and propogate their religion in their country.. just by that virtue itself, these Non-Muslims have prima facie admitted that they are “confused” about the True Religion.  Because, his logic goes, if they were so certain of their own religion, they would throw all others out (including Muslims, I guess?).

What kind of a humanity is such a voice giving shape to?  A fundamentalist, fanatic, and animalistic?!

Now, if you think I have arbitrarily picked a Taliban backing Mullah for maligning Islam.. then watch the “Walk the Talk” where he is the guest of Shekhar Gupta.. who calls him “Rock Star of TV Evangelism” and face of Modern Islam.

Of course, such programs do not add anything to the stature of idiots like Naik, but they definitely say a lot of Shekhar Gupta, his channel and the media in general.  As to what offends them and what does not!   This is a rather telling example. (Part II of the interview).

Sometimes, one should pause to think as to where we are going.  People are never bad or to be hated.. even this guy Zakir Naik.  Hating such people or even murdering such fanatics will not change anything.  Aurangzebs, Bin Ladens, Zakir Naiks etc will keep coming.  Somewhere reformation and rethink is necessary.  Are we even willing to be humans?