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A 100 trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe!

Zim dollar.jpg

This has to be a record of some sort!  Zimbabwe had just last week introduced three BILLION Zim-dollar notes (10, 20 and 50), with the aim that the public could have access to their money in the banks.  Well this week, due to unprecedented hyper-inflation, they have introduced a TRILLION Zim-dollar set (10, 20, 50 and a whopping 100).  A 100 Trillion dollar? [1]

This 100 trillion dollar would be worth USD 300.  In 1980, when Robert Mugabe took over, the Zim-dollar was the same as British Pound.  So much has gone wrong there!

Meanwhile, 2000 have been killed from a cholera epidemic and 40,000 have contracted the disease.[2]  The disease has spread to all 10 provinces due to collapse of the water and sanitation systems in the country.

The country’s name – Zimbabwe – is derived from “Dzimba dza mabwe” meaning “great house of stone” in the Shona language.[3]  A country and region which once traded gold, ivory and copper for cloth and glass and was eyed by the Portuguese and then colonized by the British who milked it till nothing much was left in it, is today a sad story… most of it has probably to do with their own people’s destruction.

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