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Soft Power: What is it and why is it important?

As Xi Jinping was getting ready to take over power from Hu Jintao, he was also bringing about another change [https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/chinas-big-bet-soft-power] to the entire geopolitical strategy that China was to follow.  The focus on soft power. The 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

23 Jun 20 6 min read
Indian Culture

Doordarshan launches DD Retro to telecast classic hits

Doordarshan is starting a new channel called DD Retro to telecast programs that bring back nostalgia from the 1980s. > To relive the nostalgia of your favourite memorable serials of Doordarshan, watch DD Retro. pic.twitter.com/h8mo3Otd14 [https://t.co/h8mo3Otd14] — DD RETRO (@RetroDD) April 12, 2020 [https://twitter.com/

13 Apr 20 1 min read

Ram Vs Ravan – Critical Lessons for a Spiritual Seeker

For past few months, thanks to the general interest in the family for the Sony show “Sankatmochan Hanuman”, I have been watching the show and the all-too familiar story of Sri Ram and his devotee Hanuman.  Keeping the rather stupid and juvenile characterization of lives and the characters in the

22 Feb 17 6 min read

Why Does Khajuraho Temple Have Sexually Explicit Carvings?

Mandana Misra was a householder spiritual Guru of his time who was a student of mimamsa scholar Kumarila Bhatta.  He would perform all the rituals of the Vedas and followed the methods detailed in the Vedas.  When Adi Shankara went about the country promoting Spiritual way of life, he came

26 Aug 16 6 min read

Does Yoga have a Religion?

On International Yoga Day in 2016, in celebrations at the UN, Sadhguru led the celebrations and answered a lot of questions of the dignitaries there.  Amongst the things he said some were: * Yoga is technology.  Just as gravity is not Christian, Yoga is not Hindu. * Yoga is India’s gift

24 Jun 16 14 min read

Hinduism and Yoga: Is Yoga Hindu?

If Yoga is Pure Science, Hinduism is the Application.  If Yoga is Einstein, Hinduism is Steve Jobs.  That is the relationship between the two. Yoga happens when there is no identification.  So in that pursuit and seeking, one starts and remains with a clean slate.  When the un-identified mind reaches

22 Jun 16 4 min read

Why do Hindus Have So Many Gods?

Moksha or Liberation from the limitations of human existence – basically the Karmic Cycle in existential terms – has been the main goal of all Spiritual pursuits, specifically in India.  Towards that end, Yoga was the means.  If Moksha was the goal, Yoga was the vehicle.  And here, Yoga is absolutely not

23 May 16 5 min read

This Diwali Light a Lamp for Humanity’s Future

Diwali celebrations in India start with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdasi and then Deepavali on the third day. Diwali is followed by Diwali Padva and then Bhai dooj which celebrates the love between sister and brother. Diwali is celebrated for two main events.  Narakasura was killed by Krishna and Ram

10 Nov 15 3 min read

Open Source Human Transformation: Hinduism’s gift to mankind

This post is part of a Patheos Symposium [http://www.patheos.com/Topics/Good-News.html] exploring the “Good” of each of our various traditions. At the outset, one needs to appreciate that the word “Religion” is related to the Abrahamic faiths more.  Eastern spiritual traditions, which find their beginnings in

05 Apr 15 4 min read

Christian Anti-Hindu Bigot Nandy’s new rant: India should not win the Cricket World Cup!

Some weeks back we had discussed how political opposition to the ruling Government in India has metamorphosed into Anti-Hindu bigotry in India.  (Delhi Elections: Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism? [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/2015/02/delhi-elections-is-self-righteous-anti-hindu-bigotry-the-new-normal-for-indian-secularism/] ) Of course, all in the name

20 Mar 15 5 min read

Mahashivaratri: The Night when Yoga happened to the First Yogi

8.7% of US adults – or 20.4 million – practice yoga.  Another 44.4% of the US adults are “Aspirational Yogis” – those interested in trying yoga.  Unfortunately, Yoga for almost all has remained an exercise, when it could have been a tool for complete transformation of a being.  Today, Americans

17 Feb 15 5 min read

Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?

On December 6, 2010, a book titled [http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/rss---2611-digvijaya-flags-it-off-again-this-time-in-mumbai/730077] “26/11 : RSS ki Sazish” (26/11: Conspiracy by RSS) written by Aziz Burney, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper was released by Congress General Secreatary Digvijay Singh on in Delhi. The book is

11 Feb 15 6 min read

Navratri: Celebration of the Devi, the Feminine Divine

Femininity and Masculinity are taken as two qualities of the existence in Hinduism and in most Eastern traditions.  Eastern mystics called it Yin and Yang .  In Hinduism, this is posited as Purush and Prakriti – and the highest of all beings – Shiva – is said to be an Ardhanareshwar.  Half man and

05 Oct 13 4 min read

Hinduism growing in Africa without Proselytizing

Ganesh Chaturthi being celebrated in GhanaInterestingly, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Ghana.  And no one is involved in the business of converting anyone.  Kwesi Anamoah, national president of the African Hindu Temple, discusses the spread of Hinduism [http://www.indiaafricaconnect.in/index.php?param=news/3610/india-in-africa/117]

28 Sep 13 4 min read

Hinduism in China: Influence that goes back many millennia

Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA once said “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” In Spiritual and Philosophical terms, that is very true.  You can either include the other in yourself by Conquering, or

05 Aug 13 4 min read

Meera and Krishna: All are women except He.

There is a beautiful story about a great woman mystic of India, Meera. She was really a mad devotee, a mad BHAKTA, in tremendous love and ecstasy with God. She was a queen, but she started dancing on the streets. The family disowned her. The family tried to poison her

27 Feb 13 3 min read

Did Krishna really exist?

Was Krishna real or not.  Did he walk this earth?  Well some people are doing some research and here is an interesting video based on research on one guy – Prof Achar. ALso read through the detailed research articles by another person, Mr. Ramesh Panchwagh, which differ slightly from Prof. Achar’

17 Jan 13 1 min read

Why I Chose Hinduism Over Christianity – Biola Ige

Biola Ige is one of Nigeria’s top actresses.  During her interview, she discussed how she has converted from Christianity to Hinduism.  Something that Julia Roberts announced some time back as well.  Here is her interview where she discusses her thoughts. Biola Ige, one of Nigeria's top actresses, dumped Christianity

07 Jan 13 2 min read

US-wide survey of religions gives interesting stats on Hindus

An new study – “2010 U.S. Religious Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study (RCMS) [http://rcms2010.org/]” by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) – looks at the congregations and the religious adherents across the US.  The statistics for Hindus are very interesting. (link [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/

30 Dec 12 3 min read

Chanakya’s speech on how to keep Hinduism alive

Chanakya TV series was one of the best ever.  Many people I know still go back to it.  Chanakya was an inspiring personality in his own time and even now.  He brought the nation of India together in a way that no one had done before him or later.  He

10 Dec 12 2 min read

Significance of the number 108 in Spirituality and Yoga

108 is a very important number.  Hindus do everything as a count of 108.  The beads, the mantras, the yantras [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yantra].. Sadhguru explains the importance of 108 and why it is so significant to a Spiritual seeker and central to Yoga. Hindu deities [http://en.

04 Dec 12 1 min read

Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece was built by Yogis from India

Delphi was known as Omphalos – or Navel in Greek.  Interestingly, Delphi – the word comes from the root, δελφύς delphys, or “womb”.  Sadhguru was at the Temple of Apollo and he found that he wasn’t the first Yogi to have visited that place.  Someone had been here before.  Not just

03 Dec 12 1 min read

Asia has no Religion, its a Western construct

Came across a very interesting article on Huffington Post: Why doesn’t Asia have Religion? [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thomas-david-dubois/does-asia-have-religion_b_1031869.html] It is a point that is important to make and so difficult to do so in the current world, which has been contaminated by the very

01 Dec 12 3 min read

Om Jai Jagdish Hare – Text and Audio

Om Jai Jagdish Hare is the most popular aarti in every household.  Here is the audio file in the voice of Mahendra Kapoor https://drishtikone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/om-jai-jagdish-hare-Mahendra-Kapoor.mp3 ॐ  जय जगदीश हरे –  Om Jai Jagadish Hare ॐ जय जगदीश हरे, स्वामी जय

13 Nov 12 1 min read

Pictures from the Amarnath Yatra

These are pictures from the Amarnath Yatra this year.  They are from various sources and just amazing.  Most of these have been compiled from this site [http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/07/amarnath_journey_to_the_shrine.html].  It is said that it was here that Shiva explained the

13 Jul 12 1 min read

Western Hindu: What does Hinduism mean to me

NatarajSometime back, I had a series of discussions with people who weren’t born Hindus but now have embraced Hinduism. I wanted to ask them about their experience and reasons for taking such a journey. Here is a discussion with Tāṇḍava Nadesan, who runs a blog Western Hindu [http://western-hindu.

28 Mar 12 5 min read

The Business of Death: Cremation vs Embalming

The Dead in a pot – Cremated.Unbeknownst to many who don’t live in the US, Death is a very lucrative industry. And if the Indians think that the Haridwar-based Sati-Ghat side Panda (pandit) is asking for too much when he demands Rs 2000 (~$40), then one has to look

27 Jan 12 3 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #2: The Accidental Hindu

In our series of interacting with non-Indian Hindus, this is the second part.  The blogger writes under the pseudonym “Accidental Hindu” [http://accidentalhindu.blogspot.com].  She lives in UK, although has spent a long time in the US as well.  TAH, who traversed many paths before settling into calling herself

25 Nov 11 5 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #1: A Western Sri Vaishnava

In the coming weeks and months, I would like to objectively discuss Hinduism, a Dharmic ethos that encapsulates the longing and path to liberation from all bondages of mind and body. In this attempt, I will bring interviews with some non-Indian Hindus to learn their perspective and their travails.  It

23 Nov 11 10 min read

Living a Complete Life is the Legacy of Krishna

Shri Krishna cannot be understood in percentages. He has to be known completely. Anything less and you will miss everything about Krishna. He was a lover, statesman, politician, warrior, Sage, friend, Dancer, Artist and Pacifist. At least those are the dimensions that we can see. But when he was asked

06 Dec 10 2 min read

Hindu in my veins

I grew up in the communist state of West Bengal. The only religion that the state advocated was loyalty to the Party. The ideology itself was bigger than nationality, any other fraternity or even humanity. It was hammered in people’s consciousness that going to a temple was blasphemy, mark

15 Sep 10 2 min read

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – II

(continued from Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I [https://www.drishtikone.com/ancient-hindu-science-and-effect-world-i]) Vedantic philosophy or Hindu Scientific ways experienced and found millennia back and document many centuries ago, also became the basis of the greatest modern scientific discoveries. How Ancient Hindu science impacted greatest modern

21 Jun 10 9 min read
Special Stories

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I

Upto 15% of the entire disease in mankind is related to mental illness, according to the WHO. The brain gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) (the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter) level of the brain is the major contributor to the mental disorders. Disorders like Depression and anxiety disorders are linked to lower GABA

21 Jun 10 20 min read

The Story of who wrote the Om Jai Jagdish Hare aarti

On Diwali and other festivals, every household in North India specifically recites the Om Jai Jagdish Hare aarti. However, very few even know the history of this most popular Religious Poem of modern times. You can listen to it here: Om Jai Jagdish Hare – Text and Audio [https://www.drishtikone.

01 Nov 05 3 min read

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