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Soft Power: What is it and why is it important?

As Xi Jinping was getting ready to take over power from Hu Jintao, he was also bringing about another change [] to the entire geopolitical strategy that China was to follow.  The focus on soft power. The 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

23 Jun 20 6 min read

Libya war – US and Russia’s new battleground

The Libya war is raging as we speak.  The oil rich country is now in a big mess.  And, it is becoming the main war theater in the Middle-East along with Syria. The way the geopolitical chess is being played, this promises to be another Afghanistan.  Read Af-Pak historical account

31 May 20 3 min read

Another Pulwama style Terror Attack averted in Kashmir

This is the stuff of spy thriller stories.  In a remarkable intelligence victory, Indian forces neutralized a 2019 Pulwama style attack once again in Pulwama thus preventing a major bloodbath in a CRPF convoy of over 400 personnel. On 14 February 2019, a CRPF convoy was attacked by Adil Ahmad

28 May 20 3 min read

India now includes PoK Weather Forecasts

PoK weather is a-changing!  There’s a storm brewing over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir – PoK, the Indian territory which was illegally occupied by Pakistan.  And, because of which UN resolutions [] asked Pakistan to fully withdraw. Since this government came and specifically after the abrogation of Article

08 May 20 3 min read

US throws a paltry USD 8 mn aid to Pak for coronavirus after Imran Khan went asking

US is giving aid to Pakistan. We all know how bad the Pakistani economy [] is given the impact of corona / COVID-19.  Dressed in a casual sweat shirt, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan went [] to the world community on

17 Apr 20 1 min read

IMF warns Pakistan’s budget deficit spiral close to 10% of GDP!

Pakistan’s economy is in a tail-spin.  We have discussed the impending doom for the Pakistani [] economy since 2018.  Only its shenanigans and the ability to sell any snake oil to other countries has managed to keep it from fully collapsing.  Things are about to

16 Apr 20 1 min read

Pakistan Bio Terror Plot to Infiltrate COVID-19 Infected into India

As we had discussed in the last post – Tablighi Jamaat’s role in spreading COVID-19 Pandemic [] – there is an attempt in the Islamic extremist circles to use COVID-19 infection as a bio-weapon for terror purposes in order to kill more and more people. Pakistan Bio

10 Apr 20 3 min read

How a Pakistani-Brit sets up EU against India before Brexit with anti CAA Resolution

How Pakistanis can drown any society that they go to and work in, can be seen from the so-called resolution [] to be debated in European Union against India with an Anti-CAA content. That is what is being done with the anti-CAA resolution in

27 Jan 20 2 min read

Is Moeed Yusuf a Pakistani Mole shaping American policies for Pak-Afghan region?

The blitzkrieg of media opinion pieces from Pakistan’s narrative in many publications and sites in US for Kashmir has been unprecedented.  While there are many who surely have joined hands with Pakistan to help their cause (including some may say, Congress Party [] ), it is

08 Oct 19 6 min read

Kashmir issue may not even be discussed during Modi-Xi summit 

Pakistan keep calling China its eternal friend.  In fact, Imran Khan is at pains to dodge the whole question of Uighur Muslims and their pathetic treatment by the Chinese only because China is such a “great friend”. Despite the so-called great friendship between China and Pakistan, China has confirmed that

18 Sep 19 2 min read

Truck in Kathua Seized with Arms and Ammunition!

Today due to quick action by the J&K police, a major attack by Pakistani Jihadis was averted.  A truck carrying arms and ammunition has been recovered in Kathua. Major attack by Pakistani Jihadis averted in Jammu and Kashmir with seizure of a truck in Kathua laden with ammunitions. #KathuaTruck

12 Sep 19 1 min read

CPEC is illegal – says Indian Government!

IN the first clear stance in decades, the Indian government has called the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as illegal. India hit back at Pakistan and China both while giving a strong rebuttal there to the Jammu & Kashmir reference. The government reiterated that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral

10 Sep 19 1 min read

Geopolitical ramifications of $15 billion Saudi Aramco investment in Reliance Refinery in Jamnagar

Saudi Aramco has invested $15 billion in the Reliance Oil Refinery for a 20% stake in the company. > Saudi Aramco on Monday said it agreed to acquire [] a 20% stake in Reliance Industries’ refining and petrochemicals business, valued at $75 billion. > The $15

05 Sep 19 1 min read

Pakistani trained commandos for underwater ops have entered Gulf of Kutch

We had earlier mentioned how the Indian Navy Chief had announced that Jaish-e-Mohammad’s underwater group [] was preparing for attack on India and the Navy was ready. Now the confirmation and the threat is becoming more specific and real.  Snehesh Philip, Senior Associate Editor @ThePrintIndia

29 Aug 19 1 min read

Jaish-e-Mohammad preparing for Underwater attack

Pakistan is at it again.  They are planning something and this time it is via the water route.  Who knows, maybe something akin to 26/11?  But this time two things are different- 1. Government is headed by Narendra Modi The forces are ready and capable of attack and defense

26 Aug 19 1 min read

Why Pakistan’s Tactical Nukes Won’t Deter India

In this 2015 video, Abhijit Iyer makes an interesting point about how India can overcome nuclear deterrence by tactical nukes and simulation results by US think tanks in this lecture at Institute for National Security Studies in Israel. @Iyervval discusses how India can overcome nuclear deterrence by tactical nukes #PakFailedState

25 Aug 19 1 min read

Pakistani ‘Army’ is a Genocidal mob of War Criminals

Yesterday, I had written about Pakistani SSG commando Ahmed Khan [] who had beaten up Wing Commander Abhinandan after he was captured which in itself was a contravention of Geneva convention.  And, now when he was lying in wait for an Indian soldier who strayed close

19 Aug 19 2 min read

Pakistan fails at UN Security Council on Kashmir yet again!

A farce was attempted and it got demolished in good time.  Pakistan tried to use China to rake up Kashmir issue in UN Security Council but it got shot down with only China siding with Pakistan.  Pakistan is very fond of the UN Security Council resolutions [

17 Aug 19 1 min read

Kashmir Lies – When Liberals and Media become Errand Boys of Islamic Jehadis

Pakistanis are openly asking for Muslims to kill Hindus in Kashmir [] on their national TV.  Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan openly goes on a Hinduphobic tirade [] in his interviews and speeches.  Both Army and

16 Aug 19 3 min read

How Pakistan’s ISI uses Indian Journalists to peddle its Kashmir narrative

IN October 2016, an ISI ring was very active [] within the Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi.  It was taken down and the main kingpin was sent back to Pakistan.  The Pakistani High Commissioner was Abdul Basit. When alleged that Abdul Basit was

12 Aug 19 1 min read

Pakistan bans all Indian content post Article 370, despite their addiction to it

After the five decisions [] , and stopping of Samjhauta Express, Pakistan has banned Indian content in Pakistan. > “No Indian cinema will be screened in any Pakistani cinema. Drama, films and Indian content of this kind will be completely banned in Pakistan,” Firdous Ashiq Awan, an adviser

09 Aug 19 2 min read

Post Article 370, Pakistani establishment decides on self destruction

We had said that Pakistan really does not have any cards to play with after the revocation of Article 370.  So they did an interesting drama. In a National Security Committee (NSC) chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the following decisions [] were taken

07 Aug 19 2 min read

How Pakistan has no cards post Article 370 revocation!

In the first week of April, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made an interesting statement, which he – and his ISI smart alecks – calculated would embarrass Narendra Modi. No economy, no friends, no internal political allies, no diplomatic plays left. Pakistan is without any cards post #Article370 revocation [

06 Aug 19 3 min read

No US State Department, White House or India Foreign Ministry Official Records show Trump-Modi discussion on Kashmir!

This is as bizarre as it gets.  So remember how Donald Trump had declared in a press conference [] with Pak PM Imran Khan that Indian PM Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate in Kashmir?  The only time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US

24 Jul 19 1 min read

CPEC Weddings – How Chinese Men are Luring Pakistani Women with Fake Marriages for Prostitution

Sexual exploitation with a clear agenda has been used as a tool of imperialism and conquest.  We had discussed how Love Jihad or Grooming [] is not just a real phenomenon, but is extremely rampant in Europe by Pakistani Muslim men and that is manifesting in

25 Apr 19 3 min read

Did Pakistan Shoot down its Own JF-17 over Multan this morning?

Has something significant happened over the Multan airport in Pakistan? Business today reported [] sometime back that the entire airport and all the roads leading to it are in a lockdown. @PDCMDOfficial confirmed explosions, firing and shut down of Multan airport.

25 Mar 19 3 min read

Professor Khalid Hameed murdered in Bahawalpur Pakistan for Organizing College Fair and Encouraging Girls Participation

Professor Khalid Hameed was a professor of English at Sadiq Egereton College in Bahawalpur who was murdered yesterday [] in his office because – he was said to be organizing a fun fair in the college and encouraging female students to participate.  Just that.  You

20 Mar 19 3 min read

More proofs of Balakot strike and its impact – Urdu press reports and Pakistani Army officer saying 200 mujahids have been killed

Senge Hasnan Sering is an activist from Gilgit in the United states.  He has said that there were reports [] in the Urdu press that bodies have been moved from Balakot to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. More proofs of Balakot strike and

13 Mar 19 2 min read

7 Amazing Facts about the #IndianAirforce strike in Pakistan!

12 Mirage 2000s hit targets in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir at 3.30 am on the night between February 25 and 26th.  The bombs hit targets which housed the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists like Yousuf Azhar, brother-in-law of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood.  It was described as “non-military”, “pre-emptive” air strike.The targets

26 Feb 19 5 min read

The Toba-Toba (not Tauba Tauba!) Tomato Conundrum in Pakistan

Richard Clarke once remarked that Pakistanis are “pathological liars.”  Even they don’t know when they lie.  He forgot to mention about their habit of habitual lying with a narrative so outrageous that even they would have a tough time believing only if their IQ was somewhat better. The Toba-Toba

23 Feb 19 3 min read

Near Checkmate: UNSC underlines need to punish Jaish-e-Mohammad sponsors while UN had released JeM is based in Pakistan!

Yesterday, we had looked at the UN Security Council Statement [] on Pulwama Attack.  It had made some interesting statements. > The members of the Security Council underlined the need to hold perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism accountable and bring them

22 Feb 19 2 min read
Annual and Year-end

Drishtikone’s Annual Predictions for 2019

Every year, we make predictions for the next year on Drishtikone.  These predictions relate to world at large but specifically to three countries – India, US and Pakistan.  The idea is to look at the socio-economic and political trajectory of these societies and see where it will lead them to. Drishtikone's

31 Dec 18 18 min read

Pakistan’s ex-Home Minister Campaigns for Congress

Congress knows it is facing defeat.  That is why it is joining hands with the official machinery of Pakistan and China to fight the BJP and Modi. Now we have come to the most interesting situation, where Pakistan’s ex-Interior Minister Rehman Malik is now campaigning for Rahul Gandhi.  After

24 Sep 18 2 min read

Why Are China and the United States Fighting for Dominance over Pakistan?

In the last post we had discussed how Pakistan’s economy is headed for the doom. The reasons are many and the options limited. Here is one video from the Wall Street Journal [] which explains Pakistan’s dilemma from the perspective of

11 Sep 18 1 min read

Terror-Hub Pakistan’s Economic Doom

Pakistan is doomed as a nation.  Not because someone is after it – although someone or the other is after EVERY nation, so that is no excuse whatsoever – but because Pakistan is what I call a “Narrative Nation”.  Its self image and the view of the world is not based on

11 Sep 18 6 min read

How the Fanatic Zulfiqar Bhutto Betrayed the Ahmadis

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was sworn in as a Prime Minister in 1970.  He was greatly helped and backed [] by the Qadianis ( Qadayyanis or Ahmadiyyas or Ahmadis).   The Ahmadis were hoping to reap rewards after having backed Bhutto unflinchingly.   When Jamiat-e-Tulaba, the student wing of

08 May 18 1 min read

Ayodhya Case: Why is Congress Representing Pakistan?

The Ayodhya issue where the Mughal emperor Babur had destroyed the Ram temple at the place of his birth is ostensibly in the final stages of court proceedings.  This issue has been the fodder for many so-called activists in India – who have run their entire careers on it.  Historians with

06 Dec 17 4 min read

Kashmir does NOT Belong to Pakistan: A Fact-based Primer

There are many buffoons in India, but the ignorant idiots take the cake.  And, 90% of all Indians I have met are completely clueless about Kashmir.  In fact, cluelessness and ignorance has been deliberately cultivated in India by the governments over the last 65 years on Kashmir.  From Nehru to

13 Nov 17 3 min read

Pakistan on the Brink of Bankruptcy and Economic Ruin

As we speak, Pakistan is hurtling towards bankruptcy.  Its situation is so precarious that even if someone tries to help, one cannot.  One needs to understand Pakistani psyche and the national mindset clearly. #Pakistan on the Brink of Bankruptcy and Economic Ruin @pid_gov @ejazhaider @sherryrehman [

29 Oct 17 11 min read

BRICS Declaration: Pakistan Soul Searching on Jehadi Terror

Pakistan is in a strange situation. On one side, its citizens are seeing their country move rapidly towards abyss, and on the other side, they – despite their opposition – cannot (or will not, at least completely) back the banishment and complete destruction of the Jehadi system. Jehad is not the product

09 Sep 17 7 min read

Why is Pakistan Denying the Surgical Strikes by India?

To understand the very basis of where Pakistan’s reaction on Surgical Strikes is coming from, you have to understand how they react to all the wars. Starting from the 1948 Kashmir invasion, they have lied to the world even when their own officers and intellectuals have written about how

04 Oct 16 3 min read

Hot Pursuit: Indian Commandos kill and injure 200 in Pak Occupied Kashmir as India Hits Back!

Barely a few months into power Modi Government faced a rather stark situation.   A deadly ambush [] by Tribal guerrillas had attacked Indian Soldiers killing 20 brave men using rocket-propelled grenades and detonating improvised explosive devices in Manipur.  The guerrillas, as was

21 Sep 16 3 min read

Complete Truth on Kashmir’s Plebiscite and the UN Resolutions

A lot is said by the Pakistanis on Plebiscite in Kashmir.  Taking the cue from their baseless and ill-informed propaganda, many Indians also feel that plebiscite is a genuine logical next step.  None of them have read the UN Resolutions of course and processed them.  It is therefore extremely important

20 Sep 16 2 min read

A Muslim Rule is Worst for Muslims Because it IS Muslim!

In January 2016, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr – a Shi’a cleric was executed [] in Saudi Arabia for speaking out on behalf of his group. Shi’as constitute only 10-15% of Saudi Arabia’s population. And are mostly persecuted. As Mohammad Taqi

22 Aug 16 5 min read

Modi Reframes Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!!

Things are achanging between India and Pakistan.  The paradigms are being reconstructed.  Along factual reality I would add. Modi Reframes #Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!! #KashmirCrisis @BJP4JnK [

17 Aug 16 2 min read

Detailed Historical Context of the Kashmir Issue

Kashmir issue has been a sticky issue for India and has been used by Pakistan to hit at India.  But things have changed since the Modi government came.  The skeletons are tumbling out from the closet and we are learning the truth.  Let us get it all out clearly. [lwptoc

25 Aug 15 14 min read

The Drama of India-Pak NSA talks and the way forward

The meeting between NSAs of India and Pakistan, Ajit Doval and Sartaj Aziz, seems like a non-starter from get go. The Pakistani side wants to meet the Hurriyat “leaders” before the meeting, because that helps “include” them in the whole equation.  Hurriyat guys on the other hand, have zero legitimacy

22 Aug 15 5 min read

Pakistan’s Thinking Encounters of Brand RANDI

When the world’s most sex obsessed country starts to think – yeah exactly, it may want to think too.. it happens – how would it’s mind work you would wonder.  Well, the Pakistanis – world record holders on searches for animal sex – have just set on the road to think with

20 Apr 15 1 min read

The month that was, while Drishtikone was in Transition

We have been off air on Drishtikone for the new transition to complete. In this time, a lot has happened – in India and the world. India: IPL Betting controversy:Led by the Indian Pacer Sreesanth, players and bookies have been caught cheating on teams and throwing matches to get pay

07 Jun 13 4 min read

Pakistan’s youth wants Shariah not democracy as Imran Khan rises

There is a tremendous upsurge in Pakistan in the recent days for Imran Khan and his party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), just before the national elections.  Although there have been issues, but PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) have been working on seat adjustments [] for

03 Apr 13 2 min read

Destroying National Fabric: Govt mulls Fast Track courts to save “innocent Muslim youth” from jail

A very dangerous move is afoot.  CPI leader A B Bardhan went to Home Minister with a 14-point memorandum to create fast-track courts to expedite trial of “innocent” Muslim youth accused of terror acts.  Sushilkumar Shinde promised to look into it seriously [

02 Apr 13 3 min read

Distortion of Pakistan’s History: Discussion by Dr. Tahir Qazi

Pakistan’s history has been specifically created for a certain agenda by its establishment.  These days many analysts are revisiting the history of Pakistan and looking at things that are not just astonishing but also very enlightening.  This is a discussion on the TV program “Bilatakalluf with Tahir Gora”.  The

25 Mar 13 2 min read

Is Pakistan, China’s vassal state?

Pakistan is as fantastic a vassal state as they come.  When it was behind US, it did whatever it took to make them happy.  In a bid to bolster Americans and their Cold War agenda, they literally lit fire to their whole society and neighborhood – with the beginning of Jihad.

19 Mar 13 3 min read

Massive Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus going on in Bangladesh after purging in Pakistan is almost complete

After Pakistani Hindus have been ethnically cleansed by the Muslims there, now it is the turn of Bangladeshi Hindus.  Many temples and hundreds of houses of Hindus have been vandalized and destroye [] d. > Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad, a group which looks

13 Mar 13 3 min read

Rehman Malik is angry with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi now

This guy is hand-in-glove with the extremists in Pakistan.  He is the main sympathizer in the establishment of the Jehadi elements in ISI/Army as well as non-state actors.  And his utterances in India were symptomatic of that.  When he came here, he didn’t come here to create a

12 Mar 13 2 min read

Kashmir Issue: A very interesting, insightful discussion

Very few fora and still fewer analysts have ever talked of Kashmir in an intelligent way.  I feel one of the very very few is Barrister Bashani.  He is a Kashmiri himself from the PoK.  And his knowledge of Kashmir’s history and that of Pakistan is second to none.

25 Feb 13 2 min read

Was Lal Bahadur Shastri Assassinated? By whom?

Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Prime Minister who almost led India to a victory, when he had to go to Tashkent to talk of truce with Pakistan.    We have discussed it earlier in our blog post “The Betrayal of Tashkent in 1965 []“.  Here

13 Feb 13 1 min read

Masochist Neighbor: Pakistan hands over Management of Gwadar Port to China

IN our neighborhood, an important event just occurred.China has taken over [] the Pakistani port at Gwadar.  It is the main entry point to Middle East and would link China to Middle East waters via the Karakorum highway. > Management of Gwadar

06 Feb 13 1 min read

77% of the Growing Asian-American Community voted for Obama in 2012 Elections!

An interesting and one-of-a-kind study [] done on the involvement of the Asian-Americans in the elections throws up some interesting insights.  The study was done by Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF).  It did a nonpartisan multilingual exit poll of 9,096

06 Feb 13 3 min read

By the way, why was Salman Khurshid the Defense Lawyer – and sympathizer – for SIMI, now Indian Mujahideen?

This was Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid’s remark on “Saffron Terror” and the BJP. > External affairs minister Salman Khurshid today backed home minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s statement on “Hindu terrorism” saying it was based “entirely on facts” made available by investigative agencies. He, however, said that terror has

24 Jan 13 6 min read

Pakistan Planting Landmines inside Indian Territory: Army only releases pictures; Nation Awaits a “Plan of Action”!

Not only did the Pakistanis enter Indian territory and behead two soldiers in violation of the Geneva convention and the Cease fire agreement (Read this [] . this [

16 Jan 13 2 min read

How Pakistani Kids Are Turned Into Suicide Bombers

The industry of Suicide Bombing in Pakistan is pretty institutionalized.  It is an art that has been perfected.  It is used for outside of Pakistan and inside.  Basically anyone that Taliban or the other Jehadi forces – LeT, JuM and ISI – don’t like, suicide bombers are unleashed on them. In

15 Jan 13 2 min read

Solutions are needed in India, not Outrage!

A country is not a one-celled animal that it can only focus or do one thing at a time.  Nor is a human being so.  A country needs to have an organizational ability (through its Executive, Administrative, Legislative, and Judiciary) to tackle many fronts at the same time. Lately, we

13 Jan 13 8 min read

Indian Jawans’ Beheading by Pakistani Army

Two Indian soldiers have been beheaded [] .  As we discussed this is an extremely barbaric act and an inhuman behavior.  Even animals can do better than that.  I have put two videos at the bottom of the post which you should view.  One is

09 Jan 13 7 min read

How the Pakistani Mullahs Motivate Suicide Bombers

This is how the Pakistani muslim youth are prepared as suicide bombers.  The guy seems to be suggesting that the Muslims are simply wasting their time here running after useless and dirty women, because there – in Jannat, or Heaven – they will have women who will utterly beautiful and available for

05 Jan 13 1 min read

Rehman Malik is a proxy of ISI and Pak Army: Hamid Mir

We have talked about how stupidly has Rehman Malik been speaking [] around in India.  Here is a discussion, where Hamid Mir, who was recently targeted by a bomb attack, speaks out where Rehman Malik’s sympathies lie.  The “Establishment” Hamid is talking about

16 Dec 12 1 min read

Will Egypt become the next Pakistan or India?

Three weeks ago, the prime minister of India appointed Syed Asif Ibrahim as the new director of India’s Intelligence Bureau, its domestic intelligence-gathering agency. Ibrahim is a Muslim. India is a predominantly Hindu country, but it is also the world’s third-largest Muslim nation. India’s greatest security threat

16 Dec 12 1 min read
Achievement and Leadership

Indian Media Onslaught in Pakistan

This, as we discussed earlier, is a very common topic on the Pakistani channels.  And, it is interesting to see the views of the Pakistani media people ABOUT the media and its showing. I was kind of intrigued – not entirely shocked though (I expect a lot of things from Pakistani

14 Dec 12 3 min read

Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister are tax evaders!

In an interesting piece of news, a Pakistani report suggests that 66% of their elected leaders did NOT file any Income Tax returns.  Rest filed with incomes so low that it is almost a mockery.  Almost – perhaps all – all evade taxes.  So much so that the country’s President Asif

14 Dec 12 2 min read

Pakistani media’s obsession of Indian TV and movies

This is one of the favorite topic amongst the Pakistani TV anchors.  They have pride – which they should, everyone has – for their work and country; and are against India and Indian content on media.  They view it as a cultural invasion.  And in this program, this popular Pakistani anchor creates

11 Dec 12 1 min read

Over 400 Chinese sites hacked by Pakistani hacker

Couple of things for perspective on this news item: * Pakistanis [] cannot tire themselves calling China [,116.383333333&spn=10.0,10.0&q=39.9166666667,116.383333333 (China)&t=h] as their all-weather friend.

07 Dec 12 2 min read

Pakistani actors/ celebs: their money needs and career inroads in India vs their National Arrogance

Pakistan and India are locked in a strange situation. First, Pakistanis aren’t happy that Indian stars and models are endorsing products in ads that are beamed on their TV.  So, they want these ads banned [] .  This was suggested

01 Dec 12 2 min read

British Lord calls for Nuking Af-Pak border

The terrorism emanating out of Af-Pak borders – specially the FATA area is exasperating, as US pounds the area with drones.  So, we have Britain’s House of Lords member Lord Gilbert has come up with an ingenious although asinine solution – Drop a Neutron Bomb (ERRB warhead) there. [easy-tweet tweet=”British

26 Nov 12 1 min read

Taliban taking over PoK Gilgit Baltistan areas

A very insightful report on the situation in Gilgit Baltistan, where the Pakistani Government and authorities have unleashed the terrorist forces from Pashtun regions and started a process of Talibanization via sectarian (Shia vs Sunni) killings and more fanaticism.  As the person from Gilgit says that these aren’t just

23 Nov 12 1 min read

Kasab Hanged: Justice served, but lets not rejoice please

Ajmal Kasab is dead.  Hanged until death in a secret execution which was completed in 15 minutes.  The decision to hang Kasab was taken on Nov and within two weeks, it was executed.  Pakistan was informed of the hanging, but as is its tradition, the country’s Government made no

21 Nov 12 5 min read

Please stop eulogizing Malala while the system rots!

On Tuesday (Oct 9), in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old girl from the Mingora town of Swat District in NWFP was shot by Taliban.   She has been fighting for women’s rights and specially girls’ right to education since 2009.  She had been writing a blog for BBC

12 Oct 12 3 min read

Hina Rabbani: The Glamorous Pak Foreign Minister

Hina Rabbani today made headline as well but for a different reason – other than politics strictly.  Bangladesh tabloid has come out with pictures and news report that Hina Rabbani and Bilawal Bhutto (Benazir’s son) are having an affair.  Some close and compromising ones as well. Rabbani is a very

24 Sep 12 1 min read

Why India should never quit Siachen Glacier

There are many folks in India who get all mushy mushy when Pakistan raises the “Peace” card and starts negotiating Siachen. One place that they lost and its strategic. The way the argument is cloaked is always on the basis of high human principles – like lives being lost and the

19 Sep 12 3 min read

Was Osama Operation a Payback by India for 26/11?

In a very influential online magazine, there is an interesting article on the Operation Neptune Spear – where the US Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.  This is what the article says [] : > The fourteenth page of images in No Easy Day contains a

11 Sep 12 2 min read

92% Indian know their Government has messed the Economy

Burdened Common ManWhatever the ministers may keep saying about the economy and washing their hands off of the mess that the Indian economy has become now, but the common man in India knows the truth! Pew Research has some interesting survey []

14 Jul 12 1 min read

26/11 was NOT a Terror Attack, but War Against India by Pakistan!

Major Sameer and Col. Humza – two ISI personnel were clearly involved in the entire operation. What I find interesting is that these ISI people provided: * Complete training * Arms and Ammunition – Major Sameer brought several boxes of bullets which were used in the attack * Logistic support after the attack so Abu

06 Jul 12 1 min read

Pakistan’s Kashmir Obsession

Some things just don’t change.  There is a verse: Dil jala hai to zaalim apna ghar bhi jala kar dekh; Duniya ko akhir pata to chale ke kahin aag lagi hai (if you heart is burning, then you should burn your house as well; at least the world will

06 Jul 12 2 min read

Is Pakistan Hurtling to its Ruin?

Where is Pakistan going?  Towards assured ruin I would suggest.  Consider the events: 1. A major terrorist attack happens on Indian soil – Mumbai in November 2008, perpetrated and organized by some senior Intelligence and Army officials – both retired and serving.  The world watches in horror.  Pakistan denies any link. 2.

12 Jun 12 4 min read

Pak PM Gilani’s interview to CNN and the larger malaise

Yousuf Raza Gilani during CNN InterviewRecently, there was an interview by CNN with Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani.  Two particular portions of that interview have become extremely insulting for  the Pakistanis. 1. “Look me in the eye”: In one part, the anchor asks the Pakistani PM “The states seem to

25 May 12 3 min read

Is Pakistan taking on US in a high stakes gamble?

Pakistan seems to be digging a greater hole for itself. It has played its hand way over its “pay grade” by going after US and snubbing them openly. First it was a snub to Obama – where the US President had given an invite to Pakistan’s Zardari at the last

23 May 12 3 min read

Twitter access blocked in parts of Pakistan

A lot of dictators and high strung powerful caricatures in Bollywood movies announce with certain grand standing voice – “Meri Ijazzat ke bina yahan koi parinda bhi nahin aa sakta” (without my permission, not even a bird can enter my area). Well Pakistani Government loves to make that happen in the

20 May 12 1 min read

Almost 1000 Pakistani women killed for Family’s Honor

What is it about the people of Indian subcontinent, that we still value “Honor” or our value in others’ eyes so much?  Why can’t we live our lives in a way that upholds ourselves in just our own eyes? Although, both India and Pakistan have this family honor disease,

22 Mar 12 2 min read

Sri Sri visiting Pakistan and History of Art of Living in Pakistan

Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of "Art of Living"Sri Sri Ravishankar is making his second trip to Pakistan today [] via the Attari border.  Amongst other things, on this 3 day visit, he will also be innaugurating an Art of Living center

12 Mar 12 1 min read

Osama’s Death and Pakistan

Osama BinLadenOsama Bin Laden’s saga will turn out to be one issue that is going to define Pakistan and even its relationship to the world in the coming decades.  Why?  Because a lot of what is happening and what will happen in the future is because the veil over

28 Jan 12 1 min read

“Pak Military is a Representational Office for Taliban”

Some interesting points [] by Ashley J. Tellis, who is an influential US foreign affairs expert and currently senior associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – on Pakistan, Afghanistan, US and India scenario. He says that

23 Jan 12 2 min read

Taliban Shoots down 15 Pakistani Soldiers in Revenge

A Taliban commander comes on and after saying he is going to shoot his captives as a revenge for his people having been killed by the Government. Then he shouts “Allah-o-Akbar” (Allah is Great) and shoots 15 military personnel down. Taliban Shoots down 15 Pakistani Soldiers in Revenge #Jehad [https:

22 Jan 12 2 min read

We will make Pakistan a Taliban State

Schoolkid in "Pak a Taliban State" rallyHow do you fight a person, when you can’t fight the mentality?  The Jehadis in Pakistan have very clear enemies – Americans & Westerners, Jews, Indians (read Hindus), and the Muslims who aren’t “Muslim enough”.  That is how the hierarchy of “Enemies of Islam”

20 Jan 12 3 min read

Veena Malik’s Father Dumps her and wants her to stay away from India

Veena Malik saga is not ending so soon.  After the nude picture issue, where she has finally sued FHM magazine, she is now in soup at home.  Her father has dumped her [] . > “I have severed all ties with her and I

08 Dec 11 2 min read

Pakistan’s Season of Declaring Assets

In Pakistan, these are days of declaring one’s assets. Imran Khan the “new kid on the block of Pakistani politics”, has challenged everyone in politics to declare their assets [] .  He is declaring his.  Well, not many people in that country took

04 Dec 11 1 min read

Aatish Taseer on Arundhati Roy and his father, Salman Taseer

Aatish Taseer’s extremely interesting “Self Interview” [] brings out a few things that are profound and well said. That he wasn’t on great terms with his father Salman Taseer, the Pakistani politician who died speaking against Blasphemy laws, is well known.

27 Nov 11 3 min read

Memogate Scandal: Pakistan’s dependence on outsiders

Pakistan has a problem these days.  After Osama Bin Laden, it seems the President Asif Ali Zardari was worried about a military coup.  And for that, a memo was drafted [] and handed over in Washington by the Pakistan Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani,

22 Nov 11 1 min read

India is China’s #2 target

George Bush was in Mumbai to meet the business tycoons.  And he had some interesting information [] to share.  Three interesting observations were: * China’s #1 target is US.  #2 is India. * If the US had not befriended Pak, Pak would have

09 Nov 11 1 min read

Are Pakistani Nukes in danger of going to Jehadis?

It is a common whine by many so-called “Political and Defense analysts” of Pakistan that US is after their Nukes. And, for that – actually in order to facilitate such an eventuality, US has been trying to suggest that Pakistan’s Nukes are vulnerable and will be using that as a

06 Nov 11 3 min read

Terror in China being exported from Pakistan: Allies in Arms

Now even China is feeling the brunt of the Killing Jehadi factory of Pakistan. The Xinjiang terrorists, the Chinese say now, are being trained in Pakistan [] . > In an unusual move, Chinese authorities publicly said Muslim separatists who carried out terrorist attacks in western

01 Aug 11 1 min read

Pakistan reaches out to Persian Gulf region

Three Pakistani high-level delegations are touring the Persian Gulf region. Two of them are most certainly substantive – President Asif Zardari’s visit to Kuwait and Interior Minister Rahman Malik’s to Riyadh – while the visit by Farooq Naek, the chairman of the Pakistani senate [upper house of parliament] to Iran

16 May 11 1 min read

Disturbing questions for India in wake of Osama Operation

The Abbottabad raid has raised many disturbing questions and the Indian armed forces must find answers to them, says Colonel Anil Athale (retd) Readers must wonder as to why this author is adding to the virtual saturation coverage of the American operation codenamed ‘Neptune’s Spear’? Two reasons: First, the

16 May 11 1 min read

Whither Goes Pakistan?

In the past one week or so – after the operation to eliminate Osama Bin Laden – a strange response, belligerant and one removed from reality has come forth from Pakistani analysts and the estbalishment.  DItto from most common people as well. The response is a combination of denial of Osama’s

16 May 11 3 min read

Osama has bin laden!

Osama has finally bin laden.  Pardon the pun, but he has been finally laid to rest. The most notorious terrorist of the 20th century – the guy who carried out some daring attacks and inspired the sickest mindsets the world over of many a faithful, is dead [http://news.blogs.cnn.

02 May 11 1 min read

Pakistan uses Indian Warships for its ads

The Indian and Pakistani Armed Forces have a strange love affair.  The Governments don’t seem to get enough of each other when they are advertising themselves.  Remember when Indian Government was advertising for the campaign on Girl Child – the “anti-Female Infanticide” program?  Along with the other pictures, our Government

08 Mar 11 2 min read

The Pakistan I Knew

It was blast on Twitter !!!! One of the friends on Twitter OmerWaraich coined idea “The Pakistan I knew” : describing and sketching the beautiful side of Pakistan; Pakistan before all bomb blasts and target killings, and Af-Pak Boarder wars, Talbanisation and killing of innocent people. When Pakistan was so beautiful, when

23 Jan 11 5 min read

Review of 2010 and Predictions for 2011

As has been a tradition on Drishtikone, we review the past year and make predictions for the coming year – not astrologically, but logically – based on how the world is and what it can be given the alignments.  We did it last year []

02 Jan 11 5 min read

Farce of Stone Pelters of Kashmir

Kashmir and the situation there – all the way from how it is articulated to how it is portrayed and to how it is handled – is full of hypocrisy and wreaks of nauseating cliches with no basis in facts. In all this drama, the facts and fiction (which are probably now

27 Dec 10 2 min read

How Pakistan’s ISI Worked With Al Qaeda Behind Americans’ Backs

Zahid Hussain, a Pakistani journalist, wrote this in 2008 about an incident in 1999. Since then, a lot of attacks have happened including 9-11, 7-7 and 26-11. Interestingly, all could have been anticipated and even pre-empted. But none were. > The extent of Taliban / ISI / jihadist cooperation was revealed during the

02 Aug 10 5 min read

Definitive Story of Kashmir: Part II

(Continued from Part I []) Intrigue, schizophrenia and mindless hunger for power has beset Kashmir since long. Foolish Dogra kings who enabled others to trample Kashmir The Dogra kings of the hills have long been valiant but vain. They would rather fight the Sikhs, including Guru

01 Aug 10 15 min read

Pakistani connection to the Times Square Failed Bomb Attack

In the recent case of NY failed bomb attack, a Pakistani Muslim – Shahzad Faizal – was caught.  He was trying to leave the country on Monday night from JFK airport when the Customs and Border Protection agents arrested him.  As per the reports [

04 May 10 1 min read

My Name is Khan and lessons for Pakistan

(Ali Chisti is from Karachi and an anti-terrorism expert from Pakistan.  He has graciously allowed his article to be posted on Drishtikone) “Let those who love Pak-lover, SRK watch My Name is Khan”, Thackeray and what happened next day would change India for-ever; heading at almost all newspapers in India

15 Feb 10 3 min read

Pak stoops to new low, says we forced India to talk

Hours after India proposed dates for Foreign Secretary-level talks, Pakistan has claimed that it was New Delhi which had blinked not Islamabad. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that it was India which had talked about breaking their “relationship” with us and their turning their back on us. “But

09 Feb 10 1 min read

Jehadi meet in Pakistan as India extends hand for talks

Its called Deja vu and also as Idiocy when you turn back and look at the Indian Government. While Indian Government extends its hand of friendship, hard-core Jehadis meet openly in Pakistan for an anti-India discussion, where a major declaration was made and plans hatched for more such meets.  I

04 Feb 10 1 min read

Jandullah, Jamaat and Jehadis – how Jandullah became Al-Qaeda

Guest post by Ali Chisti Recently, the Karachi Police had found an organization named, “Jandullah” for the terror attack cum bombing on the Moharram Ashura procession killing more than forty-five people in Karachi. The name Jandullah was previously linked to a similar organization based in Baluchistan who had carried out

27 Jan 10 5 min read

Jandullah, Jamaat and Jehadis – how Jandullah became Al-Qaeda

Guest post by Ali Chisti Recently, the Karachi Police had found an organization named, “Jandullah” for the terror attack cum bombing on the Moharram Ashura procession killing more than forty-five people in Karachi. The name Jandullah was previously linked to a similar organization based in Baluchistan who had carried out

27 Jan 10 5 min read

Peace Mirage of Indo-Pak relations

Every once a while some starry eyed Indians and some Pakistanis (mostly in denial) come together to discuss peace.  This happens often amongst the bored celebrities.  The fact is that the perceptions even amongst the educated and those who have resisted blatant brain-washing amongst the Pakistanis (which may probably be

14 Jan 10 4 min read

Peace Mirage of Indo-Pak relations

Every once a while some starry eyed Indians and some Pakistanis (mostly in denial) come together to discuss peace.  This happens often amongst the bored celebrities.  The fact is that the perceptions even amongst the educated and those who have resisted blatant brain-washing amongst the Pakistanis (which may probably be

14 Jan 10 4 min read

Lessons from Headley

As the FBI caught David Headley (aka Daood Gilani), more and more evidence is coming out about how the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks were carried out. 1. At least TWO serving Pakistani Army officers of the rank of Majors were instrumental in the arrangements in the lead up to the

15 Dec 09 3 min read

Hamid Gul on Pakistan, US and India

Here is the self confident big talking ex-ISI Chief from Pakistan.  If his utterances were not so inflammatory and hallucinating to the country which is already burning from his past deeds, one would have laughed the night off at some of his statements. – World needs a new order because the

16 Nov 09 1 min read

China, Pakistan and India

A lot has been going on in the relationship with China.  Some developments have been much talked about: – China building a damn in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir – China’s heckling at PM Dr. Singh going to Arunachal Pradesh – China’s getting all worked up about Dalai Lama going to Arunachal Pradesh – Building

25 Oct 09 2 min read

Negativity and Pakistan

Since past 5-6 years, I had been thinking on this one subject – how the Islamic world, and specially Pakistan is full of controversy theories.  The propaganda that goes on in the name of “real” stories and even journalism is very negative and has twisted logic.  Whatever happens in Pakistan is

23 Oct 09 2 min read

Pakistan Army's Predicament

The Pakistani network in the Afghanistan area has stuck again at the Indian embassy.  It is obvious that Indians are present in Afghanistan and for a reason.  Establishing an Indian influence – soft one at the least – is critical to ensure that Pakistan cannot use that land and people for its

11 Oct 09 2 min read

Why is Pakistan Army so Angry?

Pakistan’s army is angry over the terms of the US Aid PAckage, which they term as “interference in Pakistan’s Business”.  What has irked them so much?  Well, US for once has made it mandatory that the Aid is administered and managed by the Civilian Govt as opposed to

08 Oct 09 1 min read

Musharraf Singing Raag based song

No matter what we Indians think of Musharraf, one thing is certain that he is a person of many talents and a sharp mind.  Here he breaks into singing a raag-based rendition along with the singer Hamid Ali.  It is said that in one performance of a singer, Mushy was

15 Aug 09 1 min read

Kashmir, Pak Army and Jihad

It is very rare to see a Pakistani being honest and candid on Kashmir without the political baggage. To my surprise I saw that an article where Agha Amin [], a Pakistani author himself summed up his conclusions on Kashmir in very clear terms – which

07 Aug 09 2 min read

The Silly War of Dossiers

There was a dossier after 26/11 that India gave.  Then Pakistan is said to have given a “dossier” to India on Balochistan, because of which India let the mention of Balochistan in the Joint Agreement, which of course India never received.  Now, there India is giving a fresh dossier

03 Aug 09 1 min read

Pakistani Myths of India's Dams on Indus Rivers

Water is becoming a major point of contention and a new way by Pakistan’s hyper-active and over-enthusiastic fundamentalists to hit on India.  Pakistan’s contention is that India is building dams on the the Indus and related rivers to stop the water from going to Pakistan.  A number of

27 Jul 09 3 min read

Afghanistan, Indo-Pak and Beg's Strategic Depth doctrine

As I said in an earlier post [] about a person who commented on my article [] on the includion of “Balochistan” in the Singh-Gilani statement.  This person also suggested that: > I disagree with your view that Pakistan may kick

24 Jul 09 2 min read

Kargil was a success: Musharraf

Another interesting statement from Pakistani leader – Pervez Musharraf this time: > “Yes, indeed, it was a big success because it had (an) impact even on the attitudes of the Indian side. How did we start discussing the Kashmir dispute? How was it that the Indians agreed that we will discuss Kashmir

24 Jul 09 1 min read

Its Cashing time for Pakistan on Balochistan!

All anyone in the Indian administration needs to do to understand the Pakistani official mind is to – unlike and irrespective of what the apologetics may contend – watch and listen to the most prolific commentators in the local media like Hamid Gul and Zaid Hamid.  It doesn’t matter what the

23 Jul 09 2 min read

Accepted by Pakistan, Kasab Confesses

Mohammad Ajmal Kasab – the surviving terrorist of the Mumbai Attacks in the week of 26/11 – has confessed to his role in the entire crime.  The exchange with the Judge (Judge ML Tahiliyani) is very instructive and straight-forward. As we have been saying earlier as well on this episode, it

20 Jul 09 1 min read

Text of Joint Statement on meeting between Dr. Singh and Gilani

Here is the Joint Statement issued on Thursday at the conclusion of a meeting between Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in SHARM EL SHEIKH. =============== ‘Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani met at Sharm El Sheikh on

18 Jul 09 1 min read

Gilani praises Singh and uses India's Balochistan faux-pas

As expected, the Joint Statement was not even worth the paper written on, as far as commitment from Pakistan was concerned. Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani came back home and in his first press conference used the reference to Balochistan to make his case against India.  He said: > ” (Joint

18 Jul 09 1 min read

India and the Af-Pak Geopolitical game

There was an interview on CNN with Pakistan military spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas. where he suggested several things, of which two were most significant.[1] * Talks are possible between U.S. and Taliban, and Pakistan can broker it * Pakistan wants U.S. concessions over Islamabad’s dealings with India

14 Jul 09 5 min read

The Betrayal of Tashkent in 1965

Lal Bahadur Shastri died under very unusual circumstances in Tashkent and the reason why he was there in the first place are nothing short of shocking!!  In the 1965 War against Pakistan, after India had won the Haji Pir and Tithwa – two important peaks, and made considerable gains, India went

13 Jul 09 11 min read

Hamid Gul's rhetoric and insights into ISI mind

This website – – (or God take care of Pakistan) comes up with interviews of Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul, two of the most fanatic and viral characters in Pakistan today.  They also happen to be role models for many a youth.  Zaid Hamid, however, is strategically – from his past

23 Jun 09 1 min read

Has Pakistan lost its Kashmir plank?

In its Editorial ”   ” Daily Times, a prominent Pakistani newspaper says: > There was a time when Pakistan wanted “movement” on Kashmir from India. Now India wants “movement” first, on terrorism. One phase is over whether Pakistan likes it or not. The next phase is upon us and that is Pakistan’s

18 Jun 09 1 min read

The ongoing Taliban/Al Qaeda saga in Pakistan

Things before the Pakistan Army attack on Taliban in Swat et al were pretty bad.  There was no resistance to Taliban/Al Qaeda combine and there was a strong probability of Taliban taking over a substantial part of Pakistan.  If there were any doubts about that, the resistance that Pak

12 Jun 09 2 min read

Shoaib Akhtar, T20 and the Pakistani syndrome

> Shoaib is suffering from genital viral warts and electrofulgration [a surgical procedure] was done on May 12, 2009.  His wound though healing needs further care and treatment for another minimum ten days for the purpose of healing and to achieve skin cover. Is that graphic enough or do you want

08 Jun 09 1 min read

Pakistan and Terrorism

Four excellent observations made by Former Indian diplomat M K Bhadrakumar recently in a paper on Pakistan and Terrorism at the Asia Centre, a Bangalore-based think-tank. * There is little or no evidence that the return to representative rule in Pakistan last year means the supremacy of civilian government. The so-called

03 Jun 09 1 min read

Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed of Taliban

As the attention of people in the world moves elsewhere and specially after the war going on in the country, Pakistan is trying to get away with bringing the terrorism infrastructure back into normal gear.  Hafiz Saeed, the Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the mastermind of the Mumbai Attacks has been

02 Jun 09 1 min read

Pakistan ready with Second Strike Nuke Capability

Last year, Asif Ali Zardari announced [] Pakistan was abandoning its “First Use Nuke policy”.  Which meant that Pakistan would not use the Nukes first on India.  Although Pakistan’s “Defense Analysts” and past ISI and Pak Army personnel have kept on the rhetoric of

30 May 09 1 min read

Pakistani Nukes may already have been Compromised

As Pakistan keeps growing its arsenal, an Israeli journal with close relation to Israeli intelligence, has said that Dr. Singh has warned Obama that some nuclear sites in the Taliban-Al Qaeda strongholds had already been compromised.  It is being rumored that Pakistan may have already lost a sub-kiloton nuke to

18 May 09 1 min read

Pakistan using US Aid to Add Nuclear Arsenal

While it is fighting Taliban and begging for more money, Pakistan is ostensibly working over time to create weapon-grade Uranium, and when the new reactors go live… they will get ready to make weapon-grade Plutonium.  If you heard the discussion of Musharraf with Zakaria – where I feel Zakaria was toothless

18 May 09 1 min read

Even India doesn't Bomb Kashmiris – Sufi Mohammad

The military operation against Taliban will create more problems going forward is probably best brought home by what Sufi Mohammad, the Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief said this week.[1] > “The peace deal has been broken by the government. Even in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian government does not use bombs against

14 May 09 1 min read

Only 38% of NWFP in Pak Government control

A new study by BBC shows that only 38% of the NWFP and surrounding areas are under the Pakistan Government’s control.  That means 62% is outside of the Government’s “real” jurisdiction.  The source of the study is based on the research of BBC’s Urdu News Service.  The

14 May 09 1 min read

US Af-Pak expert echoes Drishtikone's warning

I haven’t kept up with my twitter messages.  Today I looked at them and saw the link from @arunsark [] (Thanks Arun!).  He sent me a link from CNN-IBN where the leading Af-Pak US expert is warning that another 26/11 style attack on India is

13 May 09 1 min read

9-11, Pakistan ISI, and the Cover up by US Government

We have reported time and again, with the ONLY report links available in the media, on this revelation – i.e; that Lt Gen Mahmood had directed Sayeed Sheikh to wire $100,000 to Mohd. Atta.[Report #1 [] ].  The tremendous effort that went in to

12 May 09 1 min read

Bombing Taliban is NOT the way!

Recently, I have written a lot of the threat from Talibanization of Pakistan.  In most of the posts, I have stressed that it is the mindset which is the biggest issue.  I do not believe killing people will necessarily achieve anything much.  That is one reason I have argued, whenever

09 May 09 2 min read

Poisoning young minds

Just joined a group via the invite sent by a Pakistani friend, Ali Chisti (yes, he is related to the Sufi Saint Khwaja Chisti).  Found this picture [] there which is pretty ominous.  You may

06 May 09 1 min read

Nukes, Pakistan and Taliban

Proto [] sent me a tweet on an article written by Sumit Ganguly [2].  He is director of research of the Center on American and Global Security at Indiana University, Bloomington. The premise of his article: the Nukes in Pakistan can never fall into the hands of

06 May 09 5 min read

Pak has survived on anti-Indian sentiment: Rice

I generally do not agree with any of George Bush’s cabinet – but in this case, I agree with Condi Rice.  She wasanswering questions from the students at the Jewish Primary Day School in Washington after delivering the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture. > Rice, who had played a crucial role in

05 May 09 1 min read

The coming storm in Pakistan

The Afghan National Army (ANA) is a service branch of the Military of Afghanistan currently being trained by the NATO forces to take over from them in Afghanistan, when they leave.  But the ground reality is somewhat different. On the ground, ANA and Taliban (both Pakistani and the Afghan) have

04 May 09 2 min read

Many ISI Officers are MORE Taliban than the Taliban itself

“It is a big joke in the regular army that many of the ISI officers are more Taliban than the Taliban” ~ Ahmed Rashid Here is a very detailed and very educative interview with Ahmed Rashid, who has written several books inclluding the latest Descent into Chaos.  Here is Harry Kreisler

04 May 09 1 min read

Pakistan Government could collapse within 2 weeks says Petraeus

Gen. David Petraeus, commander of US Central Command, today said in an interview that if Taliban is not defeated within the next two weeks, then the current Pakistani Government could collapse. There is a strong indication, ostensibly, that Pakistan’s army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani may come back as the

01 May 09 1 min read

Taliban shoots couple for adultery: caught on camera

If one wants to know what can happen in Pakistan by Pakistani Taliban – here is a proof from the area now controlled by Taliban. The couple were caught in a mountaineous village and they try to escape but are casually shot.  When one guy says the bleeding couple is still

30 Apr 09 1 min read

Pakistan shares its nuclear secrets

In a recent news item – it now appears that Pakistan’s senior civil and military officials are sharing some secret information about the country’s nuclear weapons programme with the Western countries.  Not sure whether they are sharing the location of the Nukes or their installation. This is to take

29 Apr 09 1 min read

Pakistan a Mortal Threat to US

> “Pakistan poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world,” Clinton said. “And I want to take this occasion … state unequivocally that not only do the Pakistani government officials, but the Pakistani people and the Pakistani diaspora … need to speak out forcefully against a

23 Apr 09 2 min read

History Lessons: Intriguing Circle of Jehad from Pakistan

The small town in Afghanistan, Khwaja Bahauddin, is a place which was named after the 17th in the chain of transmission of Naqshbandi order (starting with Prophet Mohammad) – one of the major tasawwuf tariqa (orders) of Islam – which is known for its “sober” and silent dhikr or remembrance/meditation of

22 Apr 09 6 min read

Sharia for whole of Pakistan: Taliban

> “(Sharia) is not only for Malakand division, it is for all humanity, for all Muslims. So we will go more for implementation of Quran, Shariah-e-Muhammadi, not only in Malakand division, but other parts of Pakistan also,” This was Muslim Khan, Taliban spokesman talking to Dawn News channel in an interview.

20 Apr 09 1 min read

Pakistani Nuke Blasts Lies from Gohar Ayub Khan

The problem with some commentators and “analysts” in Pakistan is that they like to play to the gallery. Very few come out with the truth in media. There is a joker called Gohar Ayub Khan in Pakistan. He was also a foreign minister in the past. He was the one

18 Apr 09 2 min read

Sikhs in Pakistan pay Rs2 crore in Jizya for their safety

The Shariat followers and the Islamic rulers (from Mughals, except Akbar, to Taliban) have always subjugated the non-Muslims.  Any discussion of Islamic “love” for non-Muslims somehow does not bear itself out in practice in practical governance around the world. Now, that Pakistan is under Taliban in the Swat and NWFP

16 Apr 09 2 min read

Pakistan can collapse in 6 months: top US expert on Pakistan

I have said again and again on this blog and had made the prediction [] of fall of Pakistan within a year or so to Taliban.  There have been commenters like on this post [] thread (intriguingly both Indians) who

08 Apr 09 3 min read

Taliban and Al Qaeda in Every City of Pakistan

I have been arguing that Talibanization of Pakistan is imminent and the coming trouble.  I have had many critics.  Now the confirmation comes from Police Chief of North West Frontier Province Malik Navid.  Navid has said that Taliban and Al Qaeda is now in every city of Pakistan.  In some

06 Apr 09 1 min read

Flogging under Sharia in Swat

A 17 year old girl was flogged in public in Swat.  Listen to the cries of this lady.  Her crime?  She had come out of the house in company of a married guy who was not her brother or father.  This is just a few miles from Islamabad, btw.  Some

03 Apr 09 1 min read

US surveillance shows ISI directly supporting Taliban and Jehadis

Reports in Wall Street Journal and New York Times suggest that US and Pakistani officials are drawing up new list of targets to neutralize with drone attacks. More and more US administration officials now believe that Taliban and Jehadis are DIRECTLY helped and supported by Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI. > The

27 Mar 09 1 min read

In "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" it is now ISLAMIC vs REPUBLIC

The Imam in the mosque in Jamrud, Pakistan began the Friday prayers today and as he recited “Allah-u-Akbar” (God is Great), an explosion went off killing – offficial count – 50 people (unofficial count is upwards of 70).  It came hours before Barack Obama was going to announce his new offensive in

27 Mar 09 3 min read

The Pakistan Mess

Asif Zardari is bent on beating the heck out of the Opposition.  Sharif on the other side is bent upon pushing the country over the cliff.  The poor meanwhile don’t know what the heck is going on.  On the other hand, the Jehadis are gleeful.  This is probably EXACTLY

12 Mar 09 1 min read

Imran, Miandad aur Kharish: story of hallucination and ego

Their country is breaking apart, but the two star cricketers are still bent upon one-up-manship and displaying their bruised egos.  First Imran Khan came out saying that the Lahore Attacks were to “damage the state of Pakistan and end cricket here”.  And interesting he added that he was shocked that

08 Mar 09 1 min read

Peace is the business of the FEARLESS

“Pakistan’s Image” is a strange animal. If one were to believe the rhetoric that goes in the media is Pakistan and fanned by some ministers (like Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, minister of state for shipping) [1], one would come to believe that India’s sole obsession is with sullying

05 Mar 09 3 min read

Sri Lankan Team Attacked in Pakistan – an analysis

Srilankan team has been attacked in Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium.  12 gunmen ambushed the team’s convoy close to the cricket stadium with rockets, hand grenades and automatic weapons.  They killed 8 pollicement, and 5 Srilankan players were hurt, but not critically.  All the gunmen fled the scene after the

03 Mar 09 3 min read

Officers in Pak Ministry of IT were Phone Guides of Mumbai Attackers

In the 26/11 chargesheet, India has pointed specifically to a serving Colonel rank Pak Army official and a civilian with operation of the VoIP communication that guided terrorists along.  They are Colonel R. Saadat Ullah and Khurram Shazad  – both with Special Communication Organisation operating under Pakistan’s Ministry of

25 Feb 09 1 min read

Drone attacks in Pakistan by the US from Shamsi Airbase?

It now seems – from a Google Earth image – that the US has been flying drones from Shamsi airbase in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Baluchistan. It shows three predators there and The Times has confirmed that the location is indeed Shamsi airfiled (Bandari). US has been targeting Al Qaeda using

22 Feb 09 1 min read

Taliban with Pakistani Nukes … and global aims?

Colonel Dr Anil Athale (retd), a former joint director, war studies, ministry of defence, and co-ordinator of the Pune-based Initiative for Peace and Disarmament, writes in a rediff article about the impending Talibanization of Pakistan.[1]  He of course, has not mentioned how Taliban has almost solidified their hold of

20 Feb 09 3 min read

Fuzzy Indo-Pak Accounting and Gandhi’s Death

“Amount due from Pakistan on account of share of pre-partition debt (approx) Rs 300 crore.” This is a notation that occurs in every Indian budget since 1948.  That was the amount Pakistan had to pay India at an interest rate of 3% in 50 annual instalments.  Now, that Rs. 300

18 Feb 09 6 min read

Hamid Gul and his sympathies with Taliban

We have been discussing the deal by Pakistan with Taliban.  Here is an interesting video interview with Hamid Gul and his clear sympathies and indeed, patronization of Taliban.  It is people like him who have planned and created this monster and probably want it for Pakistan itself.  And one wants

17 Feb 09 1 min read

Taliban does a "Bangladesh" on Pakistan!

Archimedes once said – “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the earth”.  Taliban, ingloriously albeit, must be thinking along the same lines.  When the US fight in Afghanistan started after 9-11, Taliban only ruled the Afghanistan area.  US, had other agendas on their hands and ran

16 Feb 09 3 min read

Drama of the Pakistani response to Mumbai Attacks

Over the last few months ever since the 26/11, Pakistan has mired the thing – as I had expected – in bureacratic nonsense.  From “closing down offices” of the LeT but not arresting the top guys, to now filing charges against some within the Pakistani laws but not having laws that

10 Feb 09 4 min read

Main US supplies route bridge blown up in Pakistan

Western forces in Afghanistan depend on supplies coming through Pakistan.  Over the last few months, there have been many attacks on the supplies transportation such that a lot of supplies would be lost or disrupted putting the US forces to hardship in Afghanistan (specially in the winters). Now, the terrorists

04 Feb 09 1 min read

Changing US-Pak relationship

Pakistanis in the US are worried about the Indian “influence” and so they want to counter it.  They think that Obama’s thinking and actions on Pakistan are based on what Indian Americans tell him.  Strange for a guy who has lived in Pakistan and not in India! The newly

27 Jan 09 1 min read

Kasab IS a Pakistani National: Sherry Rehman makes it official

Pakistan’s Government FINALLY admitted that the lone surviving terrorist was a PAKISTANI NATIONAL! [1] Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani Information Minister added that the investigations are going on and “Qasab has no connection with the official agencies,”. First things first – was India’s assertions in the very first week of

07 Jan 09 1 min read

Pakistan is the Center of World Terror

The biggest foreign policy challenge facing Barack Obama will be Pakistan, says Stephen Hadley, the National Security Adviser to George Bush.  According to him, Pak is a threat to Afghanistan, India and the rest of the world.  In fact you cannot “solve Afghanistan” until you “solve Pakistan”.[1] Meanwhile the

07 Jan 09 1 min read

Pakistan terms evidence "not credible".. and Options available now

Some important developments in the Indo-Pak saga: While Indian PM has said that Pakistani establishment knew of the Mumbai Attacks (second official to say so) [1], Pakistan has termed the evidence from India on the Mumbai Attacks was not “credible” in accordance with law [2].  Minister of State for Foreign

06 Jan 09 3 min read

What Evidence is Required for Pak and WHY?

While every Pakistani and his brother (or sister) is busy trying to “prove” that Kasab is an Indian and that the attacks in Mumbai were the handiwork of Indians themselves, the Government conveniently has simply pleaded ignorance when faced with evidence from India, US and UK! Evidence, the Pakistani Government

31 Dec 08 2 min read

Hatred for India and Hindus in Pak school text books

In an article in the Times of India, Arif Mohammad Khan, a former Union Minister cites some interesting instances from the school text books in Pakistan that try to inculcate hatred towards India and Hindus in particular. – The British had the objective to take over India and to achieve this,

26 Dec 08 1 min read

Can War with Pakistan be Avoided?

After the Mahabharat war, as the story goes, Krishna was cursed by Gandhari, mother of Kauravas that just as her entire family was destroyed, his Yadav clan will too.  Why?  Because she believed that if Sri Krishna wanted, he could have avioded the war since He was God. To his

26 Dec 08 4 min read

Ultimate WTF moment for the Jehadis!

Pakistani establishment pulled an interesting rabbit out of the bag – that Lahore blasts on Wednesday was done by three Indians and the mastermind was this guy called Satish Anand Shukla from Kolkatta.[1](Hey guys, at least while you are at it.. at least find a Bong name from Calcutta…

26 Dec 08 1 min read

Doesn't anybody in Pakistan just "get it"??

Day after day it seems more and more obvious that Pakistani Government just doesn’t “get it”!  Mumbai Attacks were not just ANOTHER bomb attack.. it was an act of war and you don’t get away with it so easily.  Someone has got to pay for that.  And as

21 Dec 08 2 min read

Antulay and Karkare: playing the Muslim Vote bank politics

At a Cabinet meeting in mid-July of 2006, two ministers, Arjun Singh and Abdul Rehman Antulay suggested that terror attacks in Mumbai then were the handiwork of Hindus and not Muslims (and therefore had no links to Pakistan).  At that time Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Indian PM had asked them

20 Dec 08 3 min read

Is Evidence Displaying a "Blame Game"?

Ek to chori.. upar se seena-zori? (after the theft .. thief acts like the aggrieved) (75% of all terror plots [] originate from Pakistan says British PM) All the evidence gathered by FBI, Indian intelligence, British intelligence and forensic stuff from the scene

14 Dec 08 2 min read

Nailing the Pakistani Lie on Mumbai Attacks!

Now as has been the regular pattern since the 1948 Kashmir invasion by Pakistan regulars and Tribals, the Pakistani lie has been nailed again! What is it about Pakistan that it finds compelled to disown its own citizens? And what must its own citizen rights be WITHIN that country if

14 Dec 08 2 min read

Hamid Gul: Terrorist Mind that should be neutralized

This man is Hamid Gul or rather Lieutenant General Hamid Gul,Sitara-e-Jurat is a retired Pakistani general famous for heading the Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistani intelligence agency, after the Soviet-Afghan War, and for instigating the Kashmir insurgency in 1989 with the support of mujahideen that fought in the Soviet-Afghan war. He

10 Dec 08 1 min read

US certain of Pakistan's role and the fake crack-down

> “Well, I think there’s no doubt that Pakistani territory was used by probably non-state actors,” Rice said. “I don’t think that there is compelling evidence of involvement of Pakistani officials. But I do think that Pakistan has a responsibility to act, and it doesn’t matter that they’

09 Dec 08 1 min read

What is "Pakistan" and the Disease of Divinity

In a very interesting article, [] raises the very important question on Pakistan based on the interview of Asif Ali Zardari with an Indian TV channel.  What does a Pakistani politician (or a common man) mean when

06 Dec 08 3 min read