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Soft Power: What is it and why is it important?

As Xi Jinping was getting ready to take over power from Hu Jintao, he was also bringing about another change [] to the entire geopolitical strategy that China was to follow.  The focus on soft power. The 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

23 Jun 20 6 min read

Libya war – US and Russia’s new battleground

The Libya war is raging as we speak.  The oil rich country is now in a big mess.  And, it is becoming the main war theater in the Middle-East along with Syria. The way the geopolitical chess is being played, this promises to be another Afghanistan.  Read Af-Pak historical account

31 May 20 3 min read

Influence Operations – How the Liberal Global Media is now fighting the Islamist Propaganda War

Rema Rajeshwari and Dr Suneem Khan share an interesting perspective via their post ‘Fake News, the 21st century Insurgency [] in their Khakhi Diaries blog on the Times of India.  They talk about influence operations.  It is a term for propaganda in the digital

29 Aug 19 4 min read

5 Reasons Why Trump Is a Danger to US and the World

Trump is unraveling and the meltdown has begun to accelerate.Time magazine [] has covered this as the main story now. 5 Reasons Why Trump Is a Danger to US and the World #TrumpTrain #HillaryClinton [

11 Aug 16 7 min read

Detailed Historical Context of the Kashmir Issue

Kashmir issue has been a sticky issue for India and has been used by Pakistan to hit at India.  But things have changed since the Modi government came.  The skeletons are tumbling out from the closet and we are learning the truth.  Let us get it all out clearly. [lwptoc

25 Aug 15 14 min read

China’s Double faced policy for Japan and India

China has a different policy against the countries which are or have been aggressors against it and different ones against which it has been an aggressor against. This tweet from Indian Defense Analyst, Brahma Chellaney shows that amply: > China seeks yet another apology from Japan for its past aggression but

24 Oct 12 1 min read

Why India should never quit Siachen Glacier

There are many folks in India who get all mushy mushy when Pakistan raises the “Peace” card and starts negotiating Siachen. One place that they lost and its strategic. The way the argument is cloaked is always on the basis of high human principles – like lives being lost and the

19 Sep 12 3 min read

India Advises Indian Businesses against doing business in Chinese City

Things are heating up between India and China.  The latest incident – after many from China like actions regarding bureaucrats from Arunachal – is the Indian Advisory to Indian traders against doing business in Yiwu – near Shanghai. > Efforts were on to quietly shift them to Shanghai. But the controversy, which left an

22 Feb 12 1 min read

Osama’s Death and Pakistan

Osama BinLadenOsama Bin Laden’s saga will turn out to be one issue that is going to define Pakistan and even its relationship to the world in the coming decades.  Why?  Because a lot of what is happening and what will happen in the future is because the veil over

28 Jan 12 1 min read

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