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Is Social Diversity Really a Strength?

Is social diversity really a strength for any society?  It goes against the grain of liberal thought and indeed what is called the core strength of Indian civilizational ethos.  But what if that idea was actually planted for the good of those who contaminated the very basis of that liberal

06 May 20 7 min read

Greeks are the Biggest Cultural Chauvinists in Europe

There was a time when the Greek Culture was at its peak and brought a lot of great ideas and philosophies.  But all that was destroyed over the years and Abrahamic belief systems over-powered its existence.  Specifically Christianity.  A Pew Research Center poll [

06 Nov 18 1 min read

Indian rapes and German rapes: a tale of Neo-Imperialism

We have talked about the unethical ways of the documentary – India’s Daughter – made about the Indian girl who was raped brutally in a moving bus.  All sane and normal policies of depiction of death and rape in Europe in general and in particular in UK were jettisoned!  Why was

19 Mar 15 6 min read

Nordic Countries are Reinventing Capitalism

Even though the welfare for the citizens is high, these economies are very strong.   Adrian Wooldridge argues that the Nordic countries are reinventing their own model of Capitalism, which is based on high competitiveness and openness, yet welfare for all.

04 Feb 13 1 min read

Beef Burgers in Britain and Ireland contained Horse meat

The Brits are in a bit of trouble.  Their Beef burger patties had Horsemeat in it as well. > Many of Britain’s biggest retailers were forced to pull products from their shelves yesterday as their suppliers were found to be selling beefburgers laced with horse meat.  Tesco’s were found

17 Jan 13 3 min read

Is Russia reconstructing Soviet Union again?

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton has recently hinted that it may be happening. > Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States was trying to prevent Russia and its allies from turning into something resembling the Soviet Union under the guise of economic integration. > “There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,

10 Dec 12 2 min read

Indian couple arrested in Norway for disciplining their kid!

Another Indian couple has been arrested and put through hardship in Norway for disciplining their kid. There is something about Europe – specially Scandinavian countries – that doesn’t sound right!  So, the kid urinated in the school bus, which was brought to the attention of the parents and they scolded him

30 Nov 12 1 min read

British Lord calls for Nuking Af-Pak border

The terrorism emanating out of Af-Pak borders – specially the FATA area is exasperating, as US pounds the area with drones.  So, we have Britain’s House of Lords member Lord Gilbert has come up with an ingenious although asinine solution – Drop a Neutron Bomb (ERRB warhead) there. [easy-tweet tweet=”British

26 Nov 12 1 min read

Is collapse of Euro near?

This is the obvious question that everyone is asking these days.  Will 2012 be the end of the financial and economic world as we know it?  With Euro going, Europe will no longer be the same again.  The economies around the world will face the ripple effect of that event,

09 Jan 12 2 min read

Party boy Brit MP Weatherly's wife prostituted for $70 an hour

Things must be PRETTY bad in UK these days for employment.  Specially, for the politicians and their Members of Parliament. Tory MP Mike Weatherley for whom the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has campaigned found out via a tabloid that his wife was “multi-timing” him.  She was also – on the

06 Sep 10 2 min read

Russia attacks Georgia and World watches in despair

If you didn’t know, Russia has invaded Georgia (a former USSR state and now an ally of the US).  Georgia has provided troops to US for Iraq – 3rd highest in numbers. Now, this is another turning point in the world conflict, and the West cannot do anything – morally or

11 Aug 08 1 min read

Welfare money is a career choice of 6 million Britons!

Pride in its population is a natural corollary of a nation where people through sheer hard work or by strength of the gun have made themselves rich.  This pride often manifests in increasing benefits for the people so that no one is poor.  Its then about the collective image.  However,

10 Feb 08 1 min read

Belgium has no Government for last 6 months!

Belgium has a strange problem – it has had no Government [] for last 6 months.  Why? Because there is no consensus on which way to go!  French and Dutch speakers; LIberals and Conservatives have issues with each other. IN

12 Dec 07 1 min read

Belgium has no Government for last 6 months!

Belgium has a strange problem – it has had no Government [] for last 6 months.  Why? Because there is no consensus on which way to go!  French and Dutch speakers; LIberals and Conservatives have issues with each other. IN

12 Dec 07 1 min read

EU to bring out a "Blue Card" to compete with US green card

The competition for talent is heating up around the world. Now, EU is starting a scheme that mimics US’ green card (permanent residence card) scheme that gives permission to people skilled in areas of high demand. The EU says it needs 20m skilled workers over the next two decades, and

24 Oct 07 1 min read

Xenophobia in Germany

A comment [] was left on my quite an old post on xenophobic situation in Germany and how Indians were beaten, by a gentleman names – Wilder Robert.  He has opened – and is encouraging people to also

23 Sep 07 2 min read

Xenophobic Germans beat up Indians in Germany…

Does xenophobia go away?  Does the fundamentalism go away?  Here is a story on how a group of Germans fought [] with a group of Indian fair-goers in a village and beat them up while the bystanders kept cheering!  Living

21 Aug 07 1 min read

England Floods as Drinking water supplies run out!

England is in floods – rare ones!  Many people have been evacuated specially in Gloucester and Oxford (BBC update []) Says DK Matai on Intentblog []: > The flooding crisis has broken

25 Jul 07 1 min read

Greenland was once … well .. Green!!

So, there was some Truth (albeit Pre-Historic) to Greenland’s name after all!  It was not always this cold.  Earth has gone from hot to cold and back again.. and it will keep going back and forth all the while. An international team of researchers recovered ancient DNA from the

07 Jul 07 1 min read

The Inescapable Ditch for the World sponsored by the US

“We need to keep the terrorists from entering our borders and deal with them where they are…” Bush and his coterie kept saying something to this effect time and after time for last so many years!  Did they? Instead, if you were to carefully look – the villain of middle east

15 Nov 06 2 min read

When Millions Should be Killed to Mourn a Few Thousands!

It has become so fashionable to talk of peace these days and blaming the World.. yes.. actually the West and the others in the world for all the mess in the Islamic world and the direct connection between Poverty and Terrorism that it nauseates me no end!! This argument of:

16 Aug 06 1 min read

Balance of Views, Expression and Violence

The current controversy on the Prophet cartoons ceases to stop. And as it grows on around the world – more property and lives are lost. The debate on the range and intensity of response takes on a life of its own in all fora. I have been to at least two

06 Feb 06 2 min read

German names – astonishing laws for names in Germany

German names?  What about it? People in India bitch about the lack of freedoms just because they have to abide by the rules of society and live within the laws. Foolish Indian activists want absolute freedom without any rules or laws. Strangely, the societies they hail in Europe have rules

13 Oct 05 5 min read

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