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Kissing: Exploring The Intimate Act of Love

Kissing is an intimate act that has always held great significance for lovers.   We in India had discussed kissing in our scriptures and also the amazing Vatsayana – the sex scholar – had documented 30 different types of kisses [] in his treatise Kamasutra.   One wonders if a

15 Jul 15 4 min read

Anushka, for love’s sake, don’t back off!

Manoj Sebastian was livid on twitter because of Anushka Sharma!  Why?  Because she happened to be in Sydney watching her boy friend Virat’s semi final game against Australia.  A game where India lost and Virat – the star Indian batsman – scored just 1 run.  As per this guy Manoj [https:

26 Mar 15 5 min read

When Bella made it all look fine

It had been a long and rough day. The morning that day started off with a puncture in the middle of a highway on the way to work.  I somehow pulled over and for the first time started to use the instruments and the spare tire to get going.  Setting

19 Mar 15 3 min read

Her Silent Love on a Foggy Night… (a short story)

SPLAAASHHHH!!!  “You ASSHOLE!!!!”  The morning had hardly been good.  The bharta (“who likes bharta anyways?!”) had taken long and gotten burnt.  Rajiv wouldn’t be happy at lunch and it won’t be a good conversation in the evening.  And now THIS!!  IT was raining and this lunatic on the

23 Feb 15 9 min read

Monkey in Bali Forest adopts an abandoned kitten (Pictures)

This is an incredible story I came across: A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud’s Monkey Forest in Bali.   The reserve has 340 monkeys in four groups living there.  It is considered sacred and it is frequented by 10,000 people every month.  The

16 Dec 12 2 min read

Are Women Cheating more these days?

According to some recent surveys [] , female infidelity is on the rise. An increasing number of men may start investigating Infidelity [] through external professionals in investigatory matters. For example: * National Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cheated at

26 Oct 12 3 min read

Dealing with Death of a loved one

I had met him once.  In the middle of a spiritual sojourn. He had just moved from Minnesota to India. Moved? Yes. Because of your job? No, I have taken off for last 3 months. Don’t feel like doing something yet. “Wow! How is your family taking it?  Must

03 Nov 11 4 min read


Aapki window aur meri khidki ke darmiyan, Us chotey sey faasle mein hi, Kuch boondein baadlon sey phisal ayeiin, Pehle to light si pittar-patter thi, Ab ghata ganghor hai, From your windows, To my panes, Yeh kaisa shor hai? Tum saath ho to dil karta hai phir bachchey ban jayen,

04 Mar 11 1 min read

Envelope in Deep Gratitude for the Universal Symphony

Yesterday, a friend talked about the value of gratitude in life and even more importantly on the spiritual journey. Gratitude he talked of is not the “Thank you” platitudes but real gratitude where you are one with the entity you are grateful to and for. If you understand that “you”

30 Dec 10 2 min read

Aise hi!

Many months back, I began to write a story from male perspective when this thought came to me! It was an effort to reflect someone’s longing for the unattainable. As I read this again, I can’t help but wonder how human emotions can’t remain untouched from the

08 Dec 10 1 min read

Body Parts: a poem

Piece me, piece me, piece me for the pot Piece me, minced love me or love me not Some like it raw others like it boiling hot So put on the kettle, seize it now this lot What where the spices, I think I forgot Hasten with the salt before

23 Sep 10 3 min read

Into the Center

When Muscle is weak and Will is soft – from grief – what then can hold me up where do I find my strength where do I find relief My feet know the ground much better than my head It is to them I turn . . . to me their wisdom speaks “Yield,” they

08 Sep 10 2 min read

How Much

How much I wanted to spend my life with you, How much I wanted to give all my love to you, How much I wanted to shower all happiness on you, How much I wanted to give my everything to you, How much I wanted to give you the best

23 Aug 10 1 min read

I too had a Love Story

I too fell in love, I too hugged life, I too felt beautiful, I too had a Love story. It was fun, it was special; It was cozy, it was cold; It was breezy, it was sunny; It was kind, it was mean; It was rainy, it was barren; It

23 Aug 10 1 min read

When you sprinkled the dew drops

This poem is the expression of a plant. When a seed is nurtured well, it grows up into a beautiful plant. But when the person, who helped instill the life in that little seed wants to drift away, what does that plant, wrenching in pain, wishes to become? Here it

23 Jul 10 2 min read
Indian Culture

Raavana Is In My Soul

I wrote this some time back : Its Dussehra or call it Vijaya Dashmi. The same story is going to repeat itself once again this year too. I had been reading it since my school days – Burai par Achchai ki jeet ka tyohaar – victory of goodness over evil. The jubilant crowds

20 Jul 10 3 min read

Righteousness of Intolerance

I recently had a very interesting exchange on facebook.  Spirituality and Love, are concepts, that have been so bastardized by people and are handled on just the surface… the moment one tries to explore these concepts a little deeper one realizes that all that was said was said with a

11 Dec 09 11 min read

Childhood love…

I was at a doctor’s office today.  A very old couple came trudging along.  The wife looked exceptionally old – and was fragile.  I got my check up done and was waiting for another round when they came and sat next to me. A lady was sitting in front of

05 Sep 08 1 min read

Samar and Radha: A Love Story.

She was doe-eyed and long-haired. As she walked down the aisle of the library, Samardeep looked up. His eyes melted into the beautiful tresses of Radha. She was not the most petite one, but her eyes were poetic and seemed to hold mysteries of yonder. He seemed to have suddenly

03 May 08 8 min read

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