When Bella made it all look fine

When Bella made it all look fine

It had been a long and rough day.

The morning that day started off with a puncture in the middle of a highway on the way to work.  I somehow pulled over and for the first time started to use the instruments and the spare tire to get going.  Setting up the jack was a problem.  I somehow managed it.  Slowly I started working on each nut.  When I was done, I had realized it had all taken 1 hour on the busy highway.  “Shit!!” I muttered to myself, “the business users meeting is in another 30 minutes”.  I quickly called my technical lead to request him to start off the meeting while I reach office.

As I somehow reached the office driving on the delicate spare at one end, gingerly.  I quickly parked and rushed.  Half way down the parking lot, I realized I had forgotten the badge in the car.  “Man!!” I cursed myself and ran back to retrieve it.  When everything was intact, I walked swiftly to the office.  By the time I reached my cube and started off my laptop, a good 20 minutes of the meeting had passed.  As the Audio link came on, I realized the mayhem that was on.  Business users were extremely unhappy – to put it mildly – with the severity of the issues and lack of resolution.  I had to quickly intervene.  Pushed everyone to document the issues and also prioritize them.  Soon they talked a little more rationally.

The rest of the day was as tense.  When I thought the tension and stress of the day was winding down, a colleague came with that whispering gossipy tone and started discussing the quietly ongoing layoffs.  If he was to be believed, our entire floor population was close to being wiped off the company premises.

With the heavy day behind my back as I trudged back to the parking and then drove home, I stopped at the tire shop for the new tire.  A cool $150 expense!  What a day!

There are some days when whatever can go wrong…. does!


Heavy head, hungry and depressed state – I entered our house.  My beloved wife, Archu was in India and I was with my lovely dog Bella.  I opened the door to Bella standing there fully attentive, tail wagging and looking at me as if it was the best thing that ever happened to her.  I looked at her wide eyed look and despite my mental and emotional state burst out in a loud laughter.  Quickly threw the bag aside and hugged her.  She moved her head even deeper in my chest licking my shirt lovingly.  I sat on the carpet right there with her and kept hugging her for almost 10 minutes.  Bella kept licking me all over.

Love has no language.  Bella’s love is that kind.  She doesn’t say anything.  Just one look from her and it melts my heart.  After sometime, she was sleeping next to me while I was massaging her head and back.  Soon she was snoring.  World is still precious and a great place to be and love is still alive and kicking.  Bella just makes it happen!



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