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Moral Ethics and the Quantum Mind

The real utility of Moral ethics is for the times when one faces choices that are repugnant.  In normal times, there is not much morality to exercise. Western moral constructs need crutches of theories and pre-determined ideas to make decisions when situations are not straight-forward.  Morality, therefore, depends on edicts

04 Jun 20 5 min read

The Fallacy of Objectivity

While trying to salvage a losing argument, a friend threw ad-hominems at me challenging my “objectivity”.  Before I could respond, he went away fuming after having pronounced himself as objective, balanced, and the rest of such adjectives and thrown me into the pits of “subjective, biased” views. Interesting how objectivity

23 May 20 4 min read

Palghar Lynching: Who are the Dashanami Sanyasis?

On April 16th, in what has come to be known as the Palghar Lynching case, two Sanyaasis from the Dashanaami order were killed mercilessly by a mob in Palghar district. > The incident occurred on the night of April 16 when two ascetics, 70-year-old Mahant Kalpavruksha Giri and 35- year-old Sushilgiri

21 Apr 20 5 min read

Sojugada Sooju Mallige by Ananya Bhat

This is the beautiful song rendered amazingly by Ananya Bhat during the Mahashivaratri 2020.   Its lyrics and translation is given below. Lyrics and Meaning: ಮಾದೇವ… ಮಾದೇವ… Maadeva… Maadeva… Mahadeva… Mahadeva… ಸೋಜುಗಾದ ಸೂಜುಮಲ್ಲಿಗೆ ಮಾದೇವ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮಂ

04 Apr 20 1 min read

A very unusual Cricket link between Swami Vivekananda and Mohammad Shami

Swami Vivekananda achieved a lot in his short life.  He not only set the foundation for the creation of Indian Institute of Science in his meeting with Jamsetji Tata [https://www.drishtikone.com/september-11-when-a-monk-invaded-the-consciousness-of-america-150-years-ago/] , but also inspired John Rockefeller [https://www.drishtikone.com/how-swami-vivekananda-changed-john-rockefeller/] to start the first business charity

09 Feb 20 2 min read

Imperialism by Narratives – When Hindus have 'nothing to give up'

British poet, playwright, and writer, Samuel Johnson, once angrily retorted while discussing a girl who had converted from the Anglican Church to Quakerism “The heathens were easily converted, because they had nothing to give up; but we ought not, without very strong conviction indeed, to desert the religion in which

27 Jan 20 6 min read

Abusing Sadhguru and the cost of Indian Kakistocracy

India has an abuse epidemic.  Those with hardly any contribution to humanity (other than profanity packaged as humor), can throw stones at those who are involved in work that will save not just our kids but the planet itself. A hundred years from now, when the world’s climate has

23 Jan 20 8 min read

#MainbhiChowkidar is a Commitment and a Devotion, not a slogan or an affiliation!

Indian PM Narendra Modi is holding his #MainbhiChowkidar meetings [https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/elections/lok-sabha/india/main-bhi-chowkidar-campaign-pm-modi-to-address-nation-through-video-conference-booths-set-up-at-500-locations/articleshow/68653098.cms] around the country.  The opposition – in a bid to belittle him – tries to mock him and keeps abusing him.  However, the sentiment of every citizen and person of Indian

01 Apr 19 4 min read

Prayagraj Kumbh: a Photo Feature from Mauni Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya is a very special day at Kumbh.  It is the day when people remain silent and experience silence within while they take a dip in Ganga to be in the Grace of all the Yogis who have been on her side. #Prayagraj Kumbh: a Photo Feature from Mauni

10 Feb 19 6 min read

How Narendra Modi goes about meeting Himself!

How a person is with him or herself is the biggest indicator of how he or she is.  Everyone tries to deal with people around him in different ways.  Mostly with respect to the circumstances or one’s own conscience.  But there is one person with whom you cannot play

23 Jan 19 2 min read

How Ideological Fanatics are Desecrating the Spiritual Environment of Sabarimala

Rules and rituals in any ancient temple are governed by Agama shastras (read about them here [https://www.drishtikone.com/indian-supreme-court-interference-hindu-traditions-practices-perfidious-unacceptable/] ).  Treatises which go into the energy consecrated and the geometry of the place.  It is a place where energy is used – via prana prathistha (establishing the life force) – to

18 Oct 18 2 min read

Tathastu Vs Inshallah – Two Paradigms of Living

Except for the megalomaniacal jokers on this planet, no one has shown up saying he is god.  And no space probes have come across anyone with the name “God” or “Allah”  anywhere in the space between here and the next galaxy.  Actually, as far as the telescopes can see, no

15 Sep 18 3 min read

What is Truth and Why it is Not a Belief?

Sometime back I was talking to a friend, who is a Yoga teacher.  He has grown up in a mid-west state of US and is a very curious person who has undertaken work that is aligned with his concern for the environment.  He is surely one of the more sensitive

09 May 18 7 min read

Somnath Temple’s Tale of Desecration and Destruction

Somnath Temple is an expression of fire which renders beauty and luster.  You see, the idea of divine in all societies was a culmination of the culture and a way of life.  It was not the starting point.  Whatever a culture – based on the geography, local dynamics, the social values

29 Nov 17 4 min read

When Death Comes…

Long time back there was a king named Susena.  He was victorious and to stamp his authority, he initiated the Ashwamedha Yajna.  Its a process of releasing the royal horse with the army in pursuit.  If anyone stopped the horse, they had to fight the king.  Well, in case of

15 Oct 17 6 min read

Why Saints are Extremely Dangerous Spiritually

While trying to get the word out about Sadhguru’s visit in Houston in 2012, I had an unusual exchange with a person.  I was suggesting that lady to come and at least be in the presence of Sadhguru to see if that helped.  In this world of Spiritual quackery

09 Jul 17 4 min read

Was Shiva the Adi Yogi or Universal Consciousness?

The understanding of “God” in the Yogic lineage and in Hinduism (its derivative) has never been of a person or entity.   It has always been of the infinite, immanent and eternal consciousness.  This eternal consciousness has been understood (and experienced by the Sages and Rishis) as changeless yet dynamic, both

26 Feb 17 7 min read

Ram Vs Ravan – Critical Lessons for a Spiritual Seeker

For past few months, thanks to the general interest in the family for the Sony show “Sankatmochan Hanuman”, I have been watching the show and the all-too familiar story of Sri Ram and his devotee Hanuman.  Keeping the rather stupid and juvenile characterization of lives and the characters in the

22 Feb 17 6 min read

35+ Stunning Sunrise Photos That Will Make You Wake up Early Morning

The time before sunrise is called the Brahma Muhurta.  It is the best time for spiritual practices.  The entire process culminates with welcoming the sun.  How significant this time is, is explained here [http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/yoga-meditation/demystifying-yoga/best-time-to-practice-yoga/] by the Enlightened Master Sadhguru himself: > If you are

17 Dec 16 4 min read

Why Does Khajuraho Temple Have Sexually Explicit Carvings?

Mandana Misra was a householder spiritual Guru of his time who was a student of mimamsa scholar Kumarila Bhatta.  He would perform all the rituals of the Vedas and followed the methods detailed in the Vedas.  When Adi Shankara went about the country promoting Spiritual way of life, he came

26 Aug 16 6 min read

Breaking Dharma: Vilification of Bhakt, Bhakti and Guru

Over the last few years, the left (and the their ideological allies, the Congress and its bedfellows the regional so-called secular parties) – in order to spite their political rivals, the BJP – have used a word pejoratively – “Bhakt”.  Which means devotee.  Clever ploy to use Dharmic terms in a negative way

10 Jul 16 5 min read

Does Yoga have a Religion?

On International Yoga Day in 2016, in celebrations at the UN, Sadhguru led the celebrations and answered a lot of questions of the dignitaries there.  Amongst the things he said some were: * Yoga is technology.  Just as gravity is not Christian, Yoga is not Hindu. * Yoga is India’s gift

24 Jun 16 14 min read

Hinduism and Yoga: Is Yoga Hindu?

If Yoga is Pure Science, Hinduism is the Application.  If Yoga is Einstein, Hinduism is Steve Jobs.  That is the relationship between the two. Yoga happens when there is no identification.  So in that pursuit and seeking, one starts and remains with a clean slate.  When the un-identified mind reaches

22 Jun 16 4 min read

Why do Hindus Have So Many Gods?

Moksha or Liberation from the limitations of human existence – basically the Karmic Cycle in existential terms – has been the main goal of all Spiritual pursuits, specifically in India.  Towards that end, Yoga was the means.  If Moksha was the goal, Yoga was the vehicle.  And here, Yoga is absolutely not

23 May 16 5 min read

Is Lake Mansarovar the Playground of Alien Forms?

We were on our way to a very special place – the Lake Mansarovar.  We had made the journey through very high altitude and some of us had fallen sick due to altitude sickness even though the journey was made very easy due to great roads that the Chinese had built

30 Apr 16 3 min read

How do I Find my Guru?

You don’t.  Period.  How can you?  If you know what it is, you would have found out.  Guru is for seeking.  Seeking is when you Don’t know anything. Spiritual journey is not about information or knowledge.  For, whatever you will know mentally is one, predicated on your conditioning

09 Apr 16 5 min read

If God is everywhere, Why Should we go to a Temple?

This is a common refrain from people who have started using logic to understand religion.  Specifically Hinduism.  The origin of this statement also comes from how the poets and commentators have equated how people go to look for god in a Church or a Mosque and “He” isn’t there,

13 Mar 16 4 min read

Mahashivaratri Special: Who is Shiva?

Shiva is not god.  Shiva is not a deity.  Shiva is the very basis of existence.  The consciousness itself.  Beyond the dualities and the form arising from the motion of conscious energy, there is basic primordial one-ness or better still the nothingness.  That is what Shiva represents. #Mahashivaratri Special: Who

03 Mar 16 3 min read

This Diwali Light a Lamp for Humanity’s Future

Diwali celebrations in India start with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdasi and then Deepavali on the third day. Diwali is followed by Diwali Padva and then Bhai dooj which celebrates the love between sister and brother. Diwali is celebrated for two main events.  Narakasura was killed by Krishna and Ram

10 Nov 15 3 min read

How Social Media Drowns me in the “Wisdom Ennui”

Between WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – any normal human seems to be bombarded with wisdom, “truths”, half-truths, moral statements and idioms that seem set to make every sender seem like God itself.  But are all those Aunts, Cousins, Uncles and Siblings who send you those sometimes wonderfully worded messages, really

05 Oct 15 3 min read

Lessons from ruins of Indian Caste System and US Presidential Race

Everyone has got India’s Caste System completely wrong.  Castes – the four:  Brahman (teacher/intellectual), Kshatriya (fighter/Law Enforcement), Vaishya (Businessman/Trader) and Shudra (Blue-collar worker) – have been prevalent in every society in all times.  Never has a society existed without these four predominant roles and people who fall in

07 Aug 15 4 min read

Spiritual Destinations: Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi

I am starting a five set series of posts on being tagged by my beautiful and very talented wife, Archana, to write picture posts.  This series is about the 5 spiritual places that I would like to visit with Archana [http://drishti.co/author/archana/].  The first one is Veerbhadra

15 Apr 15 4 min read

Yin and Yang: the basis of life

Interestingly, an average healthy male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. On the other hand, women who are on average born with 2 million egg follicles (or where eggs are produced – one per follicle), have only 450 left by the time

12 Apr 15 2 min read

Open Source Human Transformation: Hinduism’s gift to mankind

This post is part of a Patheos Symposium [http://www.patheos.com/Topics/Good-News.html] exploring the “Good” of each of our various traditions. At the outset, one needs to appreciate that the word “Religion” is related to the Abrahamic faiths more.  Eastern spiritual traditions, which find their beginnings in

05 Apr 15 4 min read

Spiritual Saviors? But there is nothing to Save!

One day I happened to meet a rather self righteous-posing as a do-gooder missionary.  He had a script firmly implanted in his mind and went through the usual narrative of how I was a sinner – rather we all are – and then how Jesus could be my savior.  His small talk

20 Nov 13 3 min read

Hinduism in China: Influence that goes back many millennia

Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA once said “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” In Spiritual and Philosophical terms, that is very true.  You can either include the other in yourself by Conquering, or

05 Aug 13 4 min read

The Utter Nonsense of Secularism

Secularism is called the panacea for all the problems that religion has created.  Religion, as defined by the Abrahamic dispensations.  Religion, that is no more than a belief system predicated on following.  Someone’s edicts and utterings. If believing something that you have not experienced is sealed by an emphasis

26 Jul 13 4 min read

What is Yoga? (Sadhguru)

The word yoga means literally means “union” or “to merge”. More than a set of physical postures or exercises, Sadhguru defines yoga as a science to determine the nature of who you are and what you want to be.  Sadhguru explains that yoga means to liberate yourself from that information

22 Apr 13 1 min read

Donna Karan celebrates Mahashivrathri at Isha Center

Donna Karan, the legendary designer and owner of the designer label after her name, was in India, celebrating Mahashivarathri [http://www.indianexpress.com/news/fashion-label-to-yogi-donna-karan-on-an-indian-holiday/1087745/0] at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. > When you spot her chanting ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’ with almost six lakh others, dressed in a

17 Mar 13 2 min read

Sadhguru Discusses: What India is and What it needs

What is India?  And, what does it need?  We have heard politicians and “intellectuals”, think tanks and analysts.  But except for high sounding gibberish, we hardly get much.  Here is a take by a Spiritual Master, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, with a great clarity of perception.  Every word is worth listening.

17 Mar 13 1 min read

How a being blossoms the Isha way

Sometimes one does not fully understand the import of things that Sadhguru says until you see it in a radical way.  He keeps emphasizing upon the ability of the Isha practices and ways to make a person “lighter” and “Happier”.  Given the rigmarole that most of us go through in

04 Mar 13 4 min read

Meera and Krishna: All are women except He.

There is a beautiful story about a great woman mystic of India, Meera. She was really a mad devotee, a mad BHAKTA, in tremendous love and ecstasy with God. She was a queen, but she started dancing on the streets. The family disowned her. The family tried to poison her

27 Feb 13 3 min read

What is Truth?

The very idea of “Truth” is so restricted and incompletely understood.  Truth, in real Spiritual sense, is existential in nature. In this video Sadhguru re-defines truth in existential terms, not in the words you speak but in the way you are. He explains how the essential nature of life is

25 Feb 13 1 min read

Shaolin Kung Fu: Making Monk Warriors beyond compare

Shaolin Kung Fu is a martial art form that dates back to somewhere in 500 AD.  The South Indian monk, Bodhidharma is supposed to have left behind his knowledge in two books, of which one is said to be the basis of Shaolin Martial Arts. Shaolin Kung Fu refers to

17 Feb 13 2 min read

Amazing Maha Kumbh pictures

Disclaimer:  Drishtikone does not own the copyright of these pictures.  Have taken this from around the web and many thanks to the excellent photographers who brought Maha Kumbh to all of us.

14 Feb 13 1 min read

In The Present Is The Whole Of Time

Washington D.C. 1st Public Talk 20th April 1985: ‘In The Present Is The Whole Of Time’ This is not a lecture on any particular subject according to certain disciplines, scientific or philosophical. Lectures are meant to inform on a particular subject or instruct, but we are not going to

13 Feb 13 1 min read

My Mother is “no more”

Death is a strange phenomenon. Specifically for a Spiritual seeker. During the Mahabharat War, Bhishma had been put on a bed of arrows by Arjun – having shot him many times. But Bhishma didn’t leave his body. He hung around alive till after the war was over and willingly left

08 Feb 13 14 min read

Stop “Being Good”. Be Human

Stop being good!  Just be.  We have this whole mechanism in the world where Morality and Being Good has been given over importance.  It is nonsensical. “When our humanity overflows, divinity descends,” Sadhguru tells us in this video. Looking at the reason why our humanity can get “constipated”, he tells

07 Feb 13 1 min read

The Joy of Silence

A talk about silence? — seems to be difficult, doesn’t it? Let us have a look how Osho manages. — “The moon reflected in the water is not the real moon, but still it has tremendous beauty; and if the waters of your mind are silent, then the moon reflected in

07 Feb 13 1 min read

“Wait for me”: Looking for a Wandering Soul

Just 3 minutes film but it says a lot.  A lot about life’s journey, a soul’s longing, and its understanding of its goal (success) albeit unarticulated.  Transformational in its own way. The Story In 1985, a young man from a well-to-do family took a bicycle trip across southern

06 Feb 13 1 min read

How Kung Fu originated from Martial Arts practices of Hinduism

Bodhidharma was a South Indian prince who became a Monk and went to China over 1500 years ago.  He taught ways to strengthen one’s body through certain intense exercises.  These exercises and regimen arose from his knowledge and understanding of Indian martial arts – including Kalaripayattu. This documentary illustrates some

04 Feb 13 1 min read

Why do Aghoris smoke Marijuana and eat Human Meat?

Many people have strange ideas about things that they don’t know anything about.  Specifically those which are outside their definition of “normal”.  But beyond the physicality, life does not manifest as we would like it to from our sanitized perspectives.  Aghoris are a contradiction for many.  They are Spiritual.

03 Feb 13 1 min read

Is my life Pre-destined?

If everything is pre-destined, then why should one make any effort?  This question – that if God has designed and decided everything – then why should I do anything on my own; has troubled most believers.  Sadhguru cuts through the entire question and brings the audience face to face with their own

23 Jan 13 1 min read

Responsibility leads to Freedom

“Freedom is not a concept, freedom will happen to you only when your compulsiveness is gone.” Question to Sadhguru: Could you tell us all how we could help young people to understand what you’re talking about? Sadhguru: See when we say youth, youth means humanity in the making, not

21 Jan 13 2 min read

How should one handle Sexuality?

People think so much about Sex and the opposite gender, so how to deal with it; asks a seeker.  Sadhguru discusses what sexual urges are and how they impact your well being or otherwise.

19 Jan 13 1 min read

Can a Woman be a Guru?

A lady meditator asks a question – Is it better for a woman to go to a female Guru? Sadhguru answers the question and speaks about the role, or lack there of, that gender plays in being a Guru.

18 Jan 13 1 min read

Did Krishna really exist?

Was Krishna real or not.  Did he walk this earth?  Well some people are doing some research and here is an interesting video based on research on one guy – Prof Achar. ALso read through the detailed research articles by another person, Mr. Ramesh Panchwagh, which differ slightly from Prof. Achar’

17 Jan 13 1 min read
Health & Medicine

Mindful Meditation relieves Chronic Inflammatory Ailments like Arthirities, Asthma etc

We all know that Meditative techniques help relieve chronic ailments.  Now, a study by University of Wisconsin underscores that by doing a “controlled” study, where other therapeutic factors, like supportive social interaction, expert instruction, or learning new skills were kept out of the measurements. > People suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions,

17 Jan 13 3 min read

What qualifies as a sin?

Sin has been used to screw the happiness out of people.  In Religion it has been used a lot to inject guilt for everyone.  But what is sin?  And what is the impact of sins in people’s life?

16 Jan 13 1 min read

Shilpa Shetty visits Mahakumbh and takes a Dip at Triveni

Shilpa Shetty and parents doing the process at Maha Kumbh with Swami Chidananda Shilpa Shetty, the Indian Actress, took the dip at Maha Kumbh yesterday.  She was tweeting her way to the kumbh.  Her dip and the process was handled by Swami Chidananada of Parmartha Niketan. > En route 2 the

15 Jan 13 1 min read

Jo Wood makes Spiritual Journey to Kailash Mansarovar

JO Wood is an English model, television personality, entrepreneur and ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. She is settled in London. She went to Kailash and Mansarovar with Sadhguru Jaggi. In this video she shows her journey as well as her interest in Project Greenhands. To know more about

13 Jan 13 1 min read

Relationships are divisions between Individuals

The following talk was given on April 24, 1971, New York and has been taken from “Awakening of Intelligence [http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00873W5LO/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=syncbrain-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00873W5LO] ” by J. Krishnamurti. I would

09 Jan 13 22 min read

Osho on Krishnamurti: His Death and His Work

When Jiddu Krishnamurti died, Osho expressed his thoughts on him as a being and his work.  Its relevance, its longevity and its usefulness.  It is worth reading.  The discussion has been called “Death of the mystic, J. Krishnamurti” What Osho said about J. Krishnamurti and his work on his death

07 Jan 13 7 min read

What is Surrender?

What a beautiful explanation of Surrender. In Spirituality, it is always said that one should Surrender in Spirituality. Devotion is a sweet emotion and Surrender is the only way to do it.. but how can it be done. Sadhguru discusses the Surrender.

07 Jan 13 1 min read

Why I Chose Hinduism Over Christianity – Biola Ige

Biola Ige is one of Nigeria’s top actresses.  During her interview, she discussed how she has converted from Christianity to Hinduism.  Something that Julia Roberts announced some time back as well.  Here is her interview where she discusses her thoughts. Biola Ige, one of Nigeria's top actresses, dumped Christianity

07 Jan 13 2 min read

Can the Mind ever be Quiet?

Someone is questioning about how to quieten the mind. How his mind “runs” away all over the place. Sadhguru looks at the question very directly and incisively within his usual witty wisdom.

06 Jan 13 1 min read

Why even have relationships?

Amazing depth of wisdom on the need and relevance of even having relationships.  When we are complete, why even seek completeness outside?  When the source of joy is within, why use someone else for it? [http://www.zemanta.com/?px]

04 Jan 13 1 min read

Rapes and Life Lesson from Swami Vivekananda

Long before Swami Vivekananda had become popular through his landmark speeches in Chicago in 1893, he had once gone to meet and stay with Maharaja of Jaipur.  As was the custom, Maharaja a great lover of festivities went out of his way to welcome Swamiji.  There was an issue that

02 Jan 13 5 min read

US-wide survey of religions gives interesting stats on Hindus

An new study – “2010 U.S. Religious Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study (RCMS) [http://rcms2010.org/]” by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) – looks at the congregations and the religious adherents across the US.  The statistics for Hindus are very interesting. (link [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/

30 Dec 12 3 min read

Sadhguru speaks on Delhi Gang Rape case

What kind of humanity are we raising in this society? This rape is not main issue. We need to look at the foundation of such acts of violence.  When such things happen, we usually just become politically correct and raise outrage.  But is that the solution?

29 Dec 12 1 min read

Why does Mind seek Pleasure: J. Krishnamurti

A very interesting discussion on the Mind and its seeking of the pleasure by J. Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti is regarded globally as one of the greatest thinkers and religious teachers of all time. He did not expound any philosophy or religion, but rather talked of the things that concern all of

29 Dec 12 1 min read

Scientific Studies and Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many benefits to health.  Many scientific studies have been done in these areas.  Here is a good infographic showing the benefits (along with the links from where the information has been taken).  You can click on the infographic for a larger view. Image courtesy: Alison Hinks Yoga [http:

29 Dec 12 2 min read

Living Wholeness: Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti discusses the Wholeness of life and living itself. Profound discussion! You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write

26 Dec 12 1 min read

What can we do in this world? (J. Krishnamurti)

J. Krishnamurti is always profound in whatever he speaks of and about.  Here he discusses what we need to do in this world? You must take a plunge into the water, not knowing how to swim. Meditation is one of the most extraordinary things, and if you do not know

26 Dec 12 2 min read

Ironically, Adam Lanza lived on “Yogananda Street”!

Paramahansa Yogananda once said: “Anger gives birth to jealousy, hatred, spite, revengefulness, destructive instinct, wild ideas, brain paralysis, and temporary insanity – any of which may lead to terrible crimes.” Ironically, Adam Lanza, the infamous shooter of the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School, lived at 36, Yogananda Street. I am

18 Dec 12 1 min read

Chanakya’s speech on how to keep Hinduism alive

Chanakya TV series was one of the best ever.  Many people I know still go back to it.  Chanakya was an inspiring personality in his own time and even now.  He brought the nation of India together in a way that no one had done before him or later.  He

10 Dec 12 2 min read

Who is Shiva really?

Who is Shiva?  Many consider him God.  Yogis say he was the Adi Yogi – the first Yogi.  He was also the first Guru, the Adi Guru.  What is his contribution to Spirituality on this planet?  This video captures it very well!

09 Dec 12 1 min read

Is Meditation just a brain exercise?

A person has seen a study where the scientists studying Buddhist Monks have seen excessive Gamma Rays and certain areas light (that are aligned with Love, Compassion etc) up in their brain.  He wants to know if Meditation is a just an exercise of brain?  Sadhguru goes on to drill

08 Dec 12 1 min read

Significance of the number 108 in Spirituality and Yoga

108 is a very important number.  Hindus do everything as a count of 108.  The beads, the mantras, the yantras [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yantra].. Sadhguru explains the importance of 108 and why it is so significant to a Spiritual seeker and central to Yoga. Hindu deities [http://en.

04 Dec 12 1 min read

How to become the Master of your own Destiny

One person wants to know if destiny has already finalized everything, then what use is our choice and action – the Karma?  Sadhguru questions the very validity of the destiny itself.  You and you alone are the maker of your present and future, whether you know it or not.  Take a

04 Dec 12 1 min read

Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece was built by Yogis from India

Delphi was known as Omphalos – or Navel in Greek.  Interestingly, Delphi – the word comes from the root, δελφύς delphys, or “womb”.  Sadhguru was at the Temple of Apollo and he found that he wasn’t the first Yogi to have visited that place.  Someone had been here before.  Not just

03 Dec 12 1 min read

How Human Physiology mimics the structures of the Vedas

Here are some eminent scientists who are working at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi institute looking at the science theories and how the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures have come about.  And then trying to understand the underlying structures in both.  The results is pretty startling!

02 Dec 12 1 min read

Spiritual Question: Is Time Travel Possible?

One person has heard about a Himalayan Yogi who has appeared in the mountains for thousands of years.  He is curious if someone can travel across time?  Can someone come back into future from past.  Sadhguru looks at this questions and answers in ways that are difficult to experience for

02 Dec 12 1 min read

Asia has no Religion, its a Western construct

Came across a very interesting article on Huffington Post: Why doesn’t Asia have Religion? [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thomas-david-dubois/does-asia-have-religion_b_1031869.html] It is a point that is important to make and so difficult to do so in the current world, which has been contaminated by the very

01 Dec 12 3 min read

How would I know if Krishna was in my room?

There was a time when I was seeking without a Guru.  I had decided I won’t go to one.  At that time, he called me a “confused guy”, because “I couldn’t make up my mind what was right” as I would read up and appreciate every Enlightened Master

01 Dec 12 4 min read

Western Spiritual Seekers vs Western Rationalist Mind: Curse of Materialism and death-knell for an important dimension

Came across a very interesting article titled “Death on the Path of Enlightenment: Inside the Rise of India Syndrome” [http://www.details.com/culture-trends/critical-eye/201210/india-syndrome-death-enlightenment?printable=true#ixzz2D7yv1V4o] . It talks of the Westerners who are drawn by the Spiritual aspect of India and get “afflicted” by a condition

24 Nov 12 7 min read

Is Reincarnation true? An insight (Video)

Please see this video carefully and see the arguments of the neuroscientist and the other guy who gives the “wow” factor example through cards.  Their arguments are so flimsy that (i) they don’t explain how the subjects got so much right (and not just 3 factors) (ii) how they

23 Nov 12 1 min read

Javed Akhtar – Muslim, Atheist, Rationalist, Writer, Brain and Mind Scientist – discusses Mind and Spirituality with Sadhguru

We had covered Javed Akhtar’s earlier rendezvous with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ( Intellectual Nonsense, Javed Akhtar and the India Today conclave [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/intellectual-nonsense-javed-akhtar-and-india-today-conclave/] ), and how – ideologically inclined as Akhtar was, he just seemed to be arguing on things that (1) Sadhguru didn’t say and

16 Nov 12 10 min read

Om Jai Jagdish Hare – Text and Audio

Om Jai Jagdish Hare is the most popular aarti in every household.  Here is the audio file in the voice of Mahendra Kapoor https://drishtikone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/om-jai-jagdish-hare-Mahendra-Kapoor.mp3 ॐ  जय जगदीश हरे –  Om Jai Jagadish Hare ॐ जय जगदीश हरे, स्वामी जय

13 Nov 12 1 min read

French Disciple of Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, is “World’s Happiest man”

Tibetan monk and molecular geneticist Matthieu Ricard being tested for Gama WavesResearchers at University of Wisconsin have found [http://india.nydailynews.com/newsarticle/7b470adb0a9b6c32e19e16a08df13f3d/buddhist-monk-is-the-worlds-happiest-man?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hnycombinator+%28HN+-+hnycombinator%29] out that Western Buddhist Monk and a disciple of Dalai

01 Nov 12 3 min read

Is Science now coming to Hindu view of Atma and Parmatama?

Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have come up with a new and interesting theory Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR).  It can also be called

31 Oct 12 1 min read

Why “Oh My God” Exposes Spiritually Weak Hindus

Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma – which means Eternal Law – has an interesting nemesis.  The Hindu. The Hindu of today is a religionist.  He has been drenched in the paradigm of religion – complete with contextual and made-up morality, ethics, and principles as well as ideological nonsense – so deeply, that he has turned

09 Oct 12 6 min read
Achievement and Leadership

My Journey to Kailash with Sadhguru

Kailash, in its majesty! (Pic courtesy: Isha Foundation)Some wishes take many lifetimes to fructify.  You instinctively know those moments when they happen.  There is no drumroll or lightning in the sky or music in the background.  But your essence shifts.  No one else may ever know that it has,

19 Aug 12 11 min read

How do I find my Guru?

Guru can never be found.  He finds you. In my own experience I know that deeper the longing for truth, the surer the possibility of you meeting the Guru who can take you from Untruth to Truth. The important thing is what you long for.  You long for wealth?  Well,

01 Aug 12 1 min read

Pictures from 2012 Kanwarias Annual Journey

Kanwarias are devotees of Lord Shiva who walk hundreds of kilometers in North India carrying water from different rivers.  The annual journey known as Kanvad Yatra  ( काँवर यात्रा or कांवड़ यात्रा) is taken from as far as Bihar to Ganges in Haridwar, Gaumukh, Gangotri

14 Jul 12 1 min read

Pictures from the Amarnath Yatra

These are pictures from the Amarnath Yatra this year.  They are from various sources and just amazing.  Most of these have been compiled from this site [http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2012/07/amarnath_journey_to_the_shrine.html].  It is said that it was here that Shiva explained the

13 Jul 12 1 min read

The Big Fight (NDTV) on Higgs Boson: Some Reflections

There is a lot of interest in the “God Particle” and the debates on TV are happening on the subject as well. The debate on NDTV under the title “The Big Fight” was one such discussion / debate.  My interest of entry in this debate was that my Guru, Sadhguru was

08 Jul 12 5 min read

Bhagwad Gita is not about “Doing Good”!

Religion is predicated on Belief.  Dharma is predicated on Search. Former assumes and takes a stance.  One that has to be defended, come hell or high water.  And they come.  The higher the water, the deeper the hell, the more tenacious is the defense of Belief.  An Arbitrary belief – never

01 Jul 12 4 min read

Ram in Karbala through Morari Bapu

Morari BapuFirst Sri Sri Ravi Shankar went to Pakistan [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/sri-sri-visiting-pakistan-and-history-of-art-of-living-in-pakistan/] with his Sudarshan Kriya and the Art of Living, and now Morari Bapu will enter Iraq’s Karbala and shares the Ram Katha (story of Ram) with the people there. Karbala is the third

04 Apr 12 1 min read

Western Hindu: What does Hinduism mean to me

NatarajSometime back, I had a series of discussions with people who weren’t born Hindus but now have embraced Hinduism. I wanted to ask them about their experience and reasons for taking such a journey. Here is a discussion with Tāṇḍava Nadesan, who runs a blog Western Hindu [http://western-hindu.

28 Mar 12 5 min read

Only Spiritual Idiots heal people’s body, not Saints!

In Spiritual circles, it is very easy to talk of “nicey-nicey” stuff which looks appealing but is Spiritual nonsense.  Just add in some buzzwords and say something that helps one feel good and placated and you have a best-seller and winner on your hand.  But if Spiritual journey and your

19 Mar 12 1 min read

Are Animals attracted to Meditation?

Do Animals have a sense of energies that we humans cannot sense?  As per many, animals have a sense of perception that humans can rarely have. Cats, Dogs, Snakes and even fish all have an enhanced sense of perception, specially of energy is amazing. Are Animals attracted to Meditation? #Spirituality

16 Mar 12 6 min read

Sri Sri visiting Pakistan and History of Art of Living in Pakistan

Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of "Art of Living"Sri Sri Ravishankar is making his second trip to Pakistan today [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Sri-Sri-leaves-for-Pakistan-on-three-day-peace-mission/articleshow/12232614.cms] via the Attari border.  Amongst other things, on this 3 day visit, he will also be innaugurating an Art of Living center

12 Mar 12 1 min read

The Guru’s Khalsa: Devotion beyond Death

Guru Gobind SinghWhen beauty in the world dies, we all die a bit with it.  Sometimes, we orchestrate it ourselves. One spiritual tradition in India has been very special and beautiful, but its beauty and profundity was probably missed by many.  Even those who carried it. On March 30, 1699

06 Mar 12 2 min read

Bastardization of “One-ness”

All are equal.  Every religion is the same.  All Gods are the same. These sentiments seem very nice.  Indeed laudable.  But when you look a little deeper, they are nothing but nonsensical.  Worse when such statements are made using the utterances of Realized Beings and Masters, who have spoken in

26 Feb 12 3 min read

Sikhism, Hinduism and the Truth

Ek OmkarI recently came across a blog site, which is fairly interesting.  It had an article, where the author was trying to denigrate Vedas and Hinduism in contrast to Sikhism.  He tried to suggest that Guru Nanak Dev came up with a new group as a “better” alternative to Hinduism.

15 Feb 12 5 min read

Dharma and Religion – the foundational difference

The RoseA rose was born in a lovely garden of marigolds and jasmines.  In his small lifetime that he had woken up, he was sad and despondent.  One day, a Sage happened to pass by and hear his crying. “What happened, O’ lovely one?”, the Sage asked. “Please don’t

13 Feb 12 3 min read

Why does a New Zealand school teach Sanskrit?

These days in India, if we have any schools making it important to learn Sanskrit, it would raise a huge hue and cry, specially amongst the Seculars.  But it takes a school in New Zealands Auckland to come up with a curriculum to learn Sanskrit.  And they have laid it

02 Feb 12 1 min read

The Business of Death: Cremation vs Embalming

The Dead in a pot – Cremated.Unbeknownst to many who don’t live in the US, Death is a very lucrative industry. And if the Indians think that the Haridwar-based Sati-Ghat side Panda (pandit) is asking for too much when he demands Rs 2000 (~$40), then one has to look

27 Jan 12 3 min read

What does it mean to be Hindu or Spiritual?

Shiva, the NatarajaWhere is America’s Spiritual soul moving towards? When you listen to the popular political discourse, you see the shrill voices of the Tea Party guys, the Rick Santorums, the Republicans and Evangelicals who are out to sell you Salvation that someone sold to them, but no one

26 Jan 12 3 min read

The Future of Well Being

There are two parts to well being – Understanding the physical part of your existence and the Energy part of your existence.  The former entails handling the structure of the physical, which is easy has quick short term results but long term implications as well.  When the long term living is

25 Jan 12 1 min read

How does one Promote Spiritual Profundity?

A teacher who has some worthwhile knowledge to share with the world seeks to touch as many people as she can so she can enrich lives around her. An advertiser selling something like Coke – which is harmful to health and is an absolute non-value add – tries to get to as

09 Jan 12 3 min read

How Swami Vivekananda changed John Rockefeller

A French lady Madame Drinette Verdier has an interesting fact in her diary. Madame Emma Calve, a French disciple of Swami Vivekananda had once narrated an incident to her. In March/April of 1894, John D. Rockefeller heard of this Indian Monk who was inspiring people all over with his

08 Dec 11 2 min read

Christian Antagonism to Dharmic Spirituality

Yoga is Satanic because it leads to a worship of Hinduism and “all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation”. So proclaims [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/harry-potter/8915691/Harry-Potter-and-yoga-are-evil-says-Catholic-Church-exorcist.html] the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, Father Gabriele Amorth. He is known for many interesting

30 Nov 11 6 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #3: The White Hindu: Ambaa

After the first two Interviews with non-Indian Hindu bloggers, here is the third one.  Ambaa writes on her blog “The White Hindu” [http://whitehindu.blogspot.com/].  She had a grounding in her childhood when she grew listening to Mahabharat stories and read up on Gita and the Upanishads in her

28 Nov 11 3 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #2: The Accidental Hindu

In our series of interacting with non-Indian Hindus, this is the second part.  The blogger writes under the pseudonym “Accidental Hindu” [http://accidentalhindu.blogspot.com].  She lives in UK, although has spent a long time in the US as well.  TAH, who traversed many paths before settling into calling herself

25 Nov 11 5 min read

Non-Indian Hindus Interviews #1: A Western Sri Vaishnava

In the coming weeks and months, I would like to objectively discuss Hinduism, a Dharmic ethos that encapsulates the longing and path to liberation from all bondages of mind and body. In this attempt, I will bring interviews with some non-Indian Hindus to learn their perspective and their travails.  It

23 Nov 11 10 min read

Tina Turner Sings Sanskrit Peace Mantra

Tina Turner, the famous rock singer, has sung a Sanskrit peace shloka for the new Album [http://tinaturnerblog.com/2011/10/15/tina-turner-sarvesham-svastir-bhavatu-video-clip/] “Children Beyond”.  The Mantra is: AUM SARVESHAM SVASTIR BHAVATU SARVESHAM SHANTIR BHAVATU SARVESHAM PURNAM BHAVATU SARVESHAM MANGALAM BHAVATU It can be translated into: Aum, may auspiciousness be

22 Nov 11 1 min read

Being a Hindu: non-Indian Hindus and their perspectives

Ever since Julia Roberts “converted” to Hinduism publicly and announced [http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20407807,00.html] that she is now a practicing Hindu, interest in non-Indian Hindus has grown. > The entire Roberts-Moder family, she reveals, goes to temple together to “chant and pray and celebrate. I’

22 Nov 11 4 min read

कबीर के दोहे – 1

This is the first post on Sant Kabir’s verses – called Dohe.  I will bring more of these everyday. बिरछा कबहूँ न फल भखै, नदी न अन्चवे नीर परमार्थ के कारने, साधू धरा शरीर| वृक्ष कभी भी अपना फल खु

21 Nov 11 1 min read

Gaia and the coming change

Gaia, our Beloved Planet Earth, is now being bathed in an enormous inflow of Light, which was maximized on 11-11-11 beneath the light of November’s full moon. Light is full on streaming in, through, and around our planet and in, through, and around every atom of every sentient being

14 Nov 11 1 min read

Dealing with Death of a loved one

I had met him once.  In the middle of a spiritual sojourn. He had just moved from Minnesota to India. Moved? Yes. Because of your job? No, I have taken off for last 3 months. Don’t feel like doing something yet. “Wow! How is your family taking it?  Must

03 Nov 11 4 min read

Buddha’s Bowl and the teaching from the Himalayas

We had all but completed the Himalayan Dhyan Yatra. Any profound experience that we had hoped for had happened. But there was a “final” parting message from my journey that I was still waiting for. Buddha Bowl and the teaching from the Himalayas #Buddha #Spirituality [https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?

10 Oct 11 2 min read

Himalayan Dhyan Yatra: Manifesting the unmanifest

Existence in Sanskrit is called Srishti – manifestation – and not Kriti – Creation. For manifest to occur, unmanifest is an absolute necessity. Manifest, however, has no existence of its own. Its a reflection. A limited yet potently interesting one. When the manifest is “destroyed”, what remains is the raison d’etre and

08 Oct 11 10 min read

The Journey begins…

Some journeys take many years to embark. Often lifetimes. It is not that you have never gone that way, but perhaps not with your eyes wide open. With wonder of a child in your heart, as if he was going to an Island of Magic. Not knowing what to expect

15 Sep 11 1 min read

You are not Nanak!

It is very fashionable to use the utterances of the Saints and the Enlightened Masters and start drawing conclusions on life and the world.  Even on God.  It is  very dangerous and misleading.  A lot of Bhakti Saints have downplayed the importance of Knowledge (Jnana).  Unfortunately, their sayings are used

04 Sep 11 2 min read

How to Receive a Guru’s Wisdom?

I have a friend who was bitter about his experience with Sathya Sai Baba and at the Art of Living.  There could be many reasons.  One reason could be that someone from that organization behaved inappropriately and in another case it can be that the friend couldn’t come to

02 Aug 11 2 min read

Menaka redux: Rakhi falls for Ramdev

Sometimes it takes a mindless “Savant” to turn a Swami into a “hot dude”.  Rakhi Sa(v)want seems to be endorsing Swami Ramdev’s [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/tv-/Ramdevs-hot-I-want-to-marry-him-Rakhi-Sawant/articleshow/9383024.cms] Hot-ness quotient.  The “One Gram a Breath Blast” promise of Anulom Vilom of the Swami

28 Jul 11 5 min read

Sins of Drinking, Sex and Meat in Spiritual Journey

Many societies and religious groups try to ban alcohol and drinking. Just like they ban many other things like sex, meat etc. And the faithful make it into a code to live by. Slowly and gradually, but surely, it becomes almost equivalent to spirituality itself. One’s spiritual progress is

24 Jun 11 3 min read

Why Belief is not the same as Devotion

Devotion is Heer’s love. Belief is marriage. Latter does not involve the former, and former doesn’t need the latter. Spiritually, all paths require effort and awareness as well as constant attention. Devotion is different. It starts with the quality in a person with which other spiritual people end.

21 May 11 3 min read

From Spiritual Rigor to Religious Rigidity

Anything less than complete Spiritual awakening is a dangerous thing.  Ignorance is indeed bliss.  Once a person has any pretensions about relationship with God as religious or even spiritual seeker, ego is a natural compatriot.  The more one knows, the more ego one acquires.  Rigidity is a natural consequence.  Ego

19 May 11 2 min read

Thoughts on Sathya Sai Baba: Nagendra Rao

(The Article has been written by Nagendra Rao, MBA from Wharton and a Corporate Finance and Planning executive.  He is also an expert in Indian Spirituality Practices of every type). I have been getting a raft of e-mail in the last few days about the whole Sathya Sai Baba sexual

16 May 11 7 min read

Can you have Perception without the Sensation of Seeing?

Are you able to see something, without knowing that you can see?  If “Perception” was the ability to see an object, and sensation was the knowledge that you can see (sensation of seeing, if you will), then can you have the Perception without the Sensation? Taking it further, if Perception

20 Apr 11 2 min read
Achievement and Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Lord Ram

Ram Navami – the birth of Lord Ram is coming this week.  To commemorate his birth, at the regular Chinmaya Mission Satsang, the lecture was based on a passage (Verses with Doha # 43) from Uttara kand of Ram Charit Manas.   The scene is that Lord Ram is back from his exile

11 Apr 11 3 min read

Lessons in Freedom from a kid and a pup

When I reached home, a young kid was talking to my wife.  He was selling the weekly subscription for the Sunday’s local paper.  You see, unlike in India, very few people buy the daily paper.  We haven’t had one for years now.  He was a school kid who

21 Mar 11 2 min read

We are One

We are all One here. We are all One on this tiny, spinning, blue and white planet, This rocky “goldilocks” planet, at just the right distance from its sun, This planet of earth, water, fire, and air, This planet surrounded by an invisible skin of just the right gases To

28 Feb 11 2 min read

Spirituality, Religion, Beliefs, and Devotion

There is a great tendency for certain niceties in the area of religious debate.  One, it is fashionable to say that “All religions (and believers, by default) are equal in how they approach God.  Two, that ONLY religions have given valid paths to God.  By corollary, if we collate the

22 Feb 11 5 min read

Are Nice Teachers Good teachers?

In several studies, a radio program host said yesterday, evaluations of the teachers in schools tracked strongly along the grades students got from the teacher.  Which meant that the teachers who gave consistently high grades to the kids were evaluated as better teachers than those who didn’t.  That was

09 Feb 11 2 min read

Swami Vivekananda – A Light Beyond Dimensions and Geographies

Yesterday, January 12th was Swami Vivekananda’s birthday.  He was born in 1863.  His first grand entry on the stage was in 1893 in Chicago where he made the speech at the World Parliament of Religions (get the MP3 files from here [http://www.archive.org/details/SwamiVivekanandaSwamiVivekananda1893Speech]).  After that

14 Jan 11 2 min read

Envelope in Deep Gratitude for the Universal Symphony

Yesterday, a friend talked about the value of gratitude in life and even more importantly on the spiritual journey. Gratitude he talked of is not the “Thank you” platitudes but real gratitude where you are one with the entity you are grateful to and for. If you understand that “you”

30 Dec 10 2 min read

Living a Complete Life is the Legacy of Krishna

Shri Krishna cannot be understood in percentages. He has to be known completely. Anything less and you will miss everything about Krishna. He was a lover, statesman, politician, warrior, Sage, friend, Dancer, Artist and Pacifist. At least those are the dimensions that we can see. But when he was asked

06 Dec 10 2 min read

Why is it important to kill Ravan?

Rambha was to be married to Kuber’s son.  Kuber was Ravan’s half brother – same father but different mothers.  Ravan saw her and was enamored by her.  She kept pleading that she was like a daughter to Ravan, he nevertheless raped her.  Many other women met the same fate

05 Dec 10 4 min read

Guru, Realization and Athletics

A Pole Vaulter readies with his pole before the jump beyond the high bar.  As he looks at the bar, he deepens his longing for going beyond it.  From here on that longing will be his dearest companion.  The other will be his receptivity.  As he picks his pole and

30 Nov 10 3 min read

For the Ones Who Came

Up, up into Blindingly white light We soar, The wings of our plane Piercing bounteous billowing lovely Cloudscapes washed with hues of Alabaster And moonstone Cloudscapes collecting, Storing for later – for showering – Plenteous, shining raindrops onto The thirsty land below Mine it is to imbibe Gorgeous gratitude For those who

24 Nov 10 2 min read

When the Sacred Breaks Upon You

When the Sacred breaks upon you, completely out of context with the present moment and takes you in with utter surprise, as unexpected as snow floating upwards from the ground to the clouds, It is a gift. It is an authentic moment— An undeniably valid experience. Anecdotal though it may

23 Nov 10 1 min read

Way To Go: Choose Your Death!

A few months ago, an accident during a trek in Himachal came to my notice. The victim was a 70 plus year old experienced mountaineer. The circumstances were something like this: The group comprised an experienced but aged lot of British/European mountaineers who were to trek somewhere in Himachal.

20 Nov 10 2 min read

The Cult : Nirvana

They are everywhere, interspersed between you and me especially when “you” and “I” are not friends. Coming generation would be witnessing a surge in the cult called “Nirvana” to the point where it would become cancerous, more overpowering and hallucinating than marijuana or other psychedelics and addictions. Watch it now

16 Oct 10 6 min read

Guru is not a Person, but a Quality

Guru is not a person or an authority.  Guru is a quality of the Eternal.  That quality manifests in various ways in different places for various reasons.  When a leader leads the nation, or a school teacher holds a class, the Inherent quality of this existence called “Guru” manifests itself.

05 Oct 10 1 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 40 through 47

> कुलक्षये प्रणश्यन्ति कुलधर्माः सनातनाः। धर्मे नष्टे कुलं कृत्स्नमधर्मोऽभिभवत्युत॥१-४०॥ Hindi कुल के क्षय हो जाने पर कुल के सनातन (सदियों से चल रहे) कुलधर्

27 Sep 10 2 min read

A Tale of the Two 911s in US

911’s have a strange tryst with US. A hundred and seventeen (117) years ago one person came with a vision unparalleled of introducing to US a brand of spirituality that it had not since until then.  On the morning of September 11 in 1893 at the World Parliaments of

26 Sep 10 4 min read

What is Dharma and relevance of Rituals

Dharma, as it has been conceived in the Indian spiritual traditions, has been totally misconstrued.  People have often equated it to religion, which is nonsensical and out of ignorance.  Dharma’s root word in Sanskrit (Dhri) is often thought to mean “to hold) or Dharan karna (in Hindi).  However, it

22 Sep 10 4 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 19 through 25

> स घोषो धार्तराष्ट्राणां हृदयानि व्यदारयत्। नभश्च पृथिवीं चैव तुमुलो व्यनुनादयन्॥१-१९॥ Hindi शंखों की उस महाध्वनि से आकाश और पृथिवि गूँजने लगीं तथा

15 Sep 10 3 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 10 through 18

Today, we go in as the war is about to start. > अयनेषु च सर्वेषु यथाभागमवस्थिताः। भीष्ममेवाभिरक्षन्तु भवन्तः सर्व एव हि॥१-११॥ Hindi इसलिये सब लोग जिन जिन स्थानो

13 Sep 10 3 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 7 through 10

Today we will discuss how Duryodhan views his own Army. > अस्माकं तु विशिष्टा ये तान्निबोध द्विजोत्तम। नायका मम सैन्यस्य संज्ञार्थं तान्ब्रवीमि ते॥१-७॥ Hindi हे

09 Sep 10 3 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 2 through 6

> दृष्ट्वा तु पाण्डवानीकं व्यूढं दुर्योधनस्तदा। आचार्यमुपसंगम्य राजा वचनमब्रवीत्॥१-२॥ Hindi हे राजन, पाण्डवों की सेना व्यवस्था देख कर दुर्योधन

08 Sep 10 6 min read

Into the Center

When Muscle is weak and Will is soft – from grief – what then can hold me up where do I find my strength where do I find relief My feet know the ground much better than my head It is to them I turn . . . to me their wisdom speaks “Yield,” they

08 Sep 10 2 min read

Discussion on Bhagwad Gita: Chapter 1; Verse 1

Bhagwad Gita is one of most widely read of all scriptures in the world. It is eternal in its appeal and it challenges a soul at all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. No two people can agree on the message it gives because Gita is a personal relationship. Shri

07 Sep 10 3 min read

Astronomical Proof of the Mahabharata War and Shri Krishna: Part I

Why one more date based on the astronomical evidence quoted from the Mahabharata?  I have made this effort for the following reasons: * All the previous dates by various scholars are from misunderstood quotes, incorrect translations and incorrect conversions between the Gregorian calendar and the Indian astronomical calendar. These scholars here

01 Sep 10 7 min read

Uniformity and Oneness: Two ways to engage

Concept of Uniformity breeds Exclusivism.  Oneness is inherently inclusive. Obsession with the idea of “One” has been central to human mind since the beginning. Two concepts of looking at one’s place in the cosmos has always clashed in the world.  People often try to look at the way East

22 Aug 10 2 min read

Gayatri Mantra; Meaning and Significance

Gayatri Mantra remains one of the most popular Mantras recited in every day life by Hindus. It is attributed to Rig Ved, but its citation is also found in Bhagwad Gita and other scriptures. In fact when asked by Arjun, who he was, Sri Krishna likens himself to Gayatri. ॐ

09 Aug 10 2 min read

Julia Roberts and Hinduism

When Elizabeth Gilbert went to India as part of her journey which was to become the book “Eat, Pray, Love”, she liked it but had many reservations about her experience at the Ashrams and India itself. Then came the movie.  And Julia Roberts traced her footsteps.  This time to be

08 Aug 10 3 min read

Cost of Progress and Hallucination of Nirvana

I was having a long debate about Science and Spirituality on Facebook.  Till it came to a point of looking at the benefits of Science and if what modern Science offer is really progress after all.  Yes, Science has helped the humanity, but was the way Science – from its genesis

27 Jul 10 4 min read

असत्य की पहचान

असत्य की पहचान में ही असत्य से मुक्ति है अगर सदा असत्य को ही सत्य माना हो और अपने असत्य को असत्य के रूप में जाना ही न हो तो असत्य में जीवन भटकेगा.  पर

26 Jul 10 1 min read

Who or What is the "Lord"?

The concept of God is so heavily bastardized around the world, that it has become completely nonsensical to even speak about it in a logically coherent manner. It wasn’t so in the case of the Ancient Rishis.  They were very clear as to what they defined to be the

02 Jul 10 2 min read

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – II

(continued from Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I [https://www.drishtikone.com/ancient-hindu-science-and-effect-world-i]) Vedantic philosophy or Hindu Scientific ways experienced and found millennia back and document many centuries ago, also became the basis of the greatest modern scientific discoveries. How Ancient Hindu science impacted greatest modern

21 Jun 10 9 min read
Special Stories

Ancient Hindu Science and the effect on the world – I

Upto 15% of the entire disease in mankind is related to mental illness, according to the WHO. The brain gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) (the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter) level of the brain is the major contributor to the mental disorders. Disorders like Depression and anxiety disorders are linked to lower GABA

21 Jun 10 20 min read

Humility and Devotion

Humility is an aspiration, and an act – a farce.  Devotion is being by not being. Humility like all other virtues is an aspiration in context of an imagined moral.  It is not a natural act of living but a compromise.  I am, but I will nevertheless bow to you.  And

21 May 10 2 min read

Current Cavemen!

The focus has been shifted from hunting for food and shelter to hunting for sex (+/- money, fame or both..ehh did I say Instant Nirvana!!), the world (of masses) surely has evolved a lot in time. (excluding all the scientific, technological, intellectual and spiritual developments and debates that at

28 Apr 10 2 min read

How to save Acceptance and Inclusivity in Societies?

In this day and age its important to see the societies the way they are. There are ONLY two types of societies: Inclusive and Exclusive. Exclusive socities and ideologies say “I am X, you are Y, and so you are my enemy.” Inclusive ones say “I am X, I don’

08 Apr 10 1 min read

Acceptance is of Results and Free Will is in Action

“Spiritual progress is based on acceptance as a matter of free will and choice and thus everyone experiences only the world of their own choosing. The universe is totally free of victims and all eventualities are the unfolding of inner choice and decision.” — David Hawkins Christine, a Facebook friend, posted

12 Feb 10 3 min read

God – the Judge

Survival is predicated on Prejudice.  Free thought is risky. In the diversity of creation, where there are natural foes and neutral entities, every being seeks safety of the known.  Known ally is that which conforms. Deviance is enmity.  When society seeks order – it really seeks a “conformity” in a set

10 Feb 10 3 min read

Suffering and Pain

Pain is an Occurrence.  Suffering is an Interpretation. Immense pain may not lead to suffering for some.  Immense luxury may be, however, enveloped in utmost suffering for many. Suffer comes from Latin – sub up + ferre to bear.  Bearing is not acceptance but tolerance of reality.  You bear the burden.  Forced

28 Jan 10 1 min read

Suffering and Pain

Pain is an Occurrence.  Suffering is an Interpretation. Immense pain may not lead to suffering for some.  Immense luxury may be, however, enveloped in utmost suffering for many. Suffer comes from Latin – sub up + ferre to bear.  Bearing is not acceptance but tolerance of reality.  You bear the burden.  Forced

28 Jan 10 1 min read

Walk the Road, my friend!

A friend described that she liked the wonderful book, Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  It has been in my mind as one of the books I want to read, but it hasn’t “spoken” with me as yet. The problem with writings like Alchemist and stuff like that is that they

12 Jan 10 1 min read

Walk the Road, my friend!

A friend described that she liked the wonderful book, Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  It has been in my mind as one of the books I want to read, but it hasn’t “spoken” with me as yet. The problem with writings like Alchemist and stuff like that is that they

12 Jan 10 1 min read

All Spiritual Teachings are "Same"

> When I occasionally quote the words of Jesus or the Buddha, from A Course in Miracles or from other teachings, I do so not in order to compare, but to draw your attention to the fact that in essence “there is and always has been only one spiritual teaching, although

22 Dec 09 2 min read

Karmic Mind

We all know that at the foundational level of creation there is NO such thing as matter.  Its just a wave or energy or as the scientists are now calling it – the Consciousness (Creation is a Vibration [https://drishtikone.com/?q=blog/creation-vibration])!  The Creation as per the latest thought

19 Dec 09 1 min read

Righteousness of Intolerance

I recently had a very interesting exchange on facebook.  Spirituality and Love, are concepts, that have been so bastardized by people and are handled on just the surface… the moment one tries to explore these concepts a little deeper one realizes that all that was said was said with a

11 Dec 09 11 min read

Astrology and Karma

It is my personal conviction that the reason why astrology succeeds is because the mankind in general does not “get” the Karma theory.  And astrology ASSUMES that, so whatever it “predicts” is based on the past affecting the future. Let me explain: Karma theory can be summed in ‘Cause andf

06 Dec 09 2 min read

Journey to my Guru: Sadhguru Jaggi

I think my spiritual quest started long back. It probably came as a gift from my mother. She has been deeply religious and very disciplined.all her life. While her Guru was a Shiv disciple, my mother was a Krishna-bhaktini. Never in my life I have seen someone so disciplined

22 Nov 09 8 min read

The Invitation

Got this poem from a dear friend.  Enjoy.  It tells the truth in a very unvarnished way.  Very Very profound and True in all words.. and every word a Pure Joy! =========  ========= It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for,

20 Nov 09 2 min read

God and I

God is Collective Prejudice.  I am its Projection. God in any culture – beyond the high sounding adjectives and characteristics – is the personification and embodiment of all the prejudices inherent in that society. Every person in a group – in an attempt to conform – becomes a projection of that collective prejudice.  Physical

29 Oct 09 2 min read

Krishna made Bhakti (Devotion) possible

Asceticism has long been the sine qua non of spiritual exploration.  In Hindu Tradition, it was long figured out that the basic, foundational and primordial existence was consciousness.  How it manifested as matter was the only point of debate and discussion.  Most learned called matter as vibration of the consciousness

02 Oct 09 3 min read

Conflict and Peace

Conflict is when I am, therefore you Have to Be.  Peace is when I is You. When existence lives in the dualities of itself, then it lives in conflict.  Living in conflict is violence.  Violence is not just the physical manifestation of a murderous intent.  But when existence is in

02 Oct 09 2 min read

Creation and Consciousness

The Hindu school of thought has variously described the “Creation” – specially in the Vedas and Puranas.  The underlying principles and thought of how it all started and what “God” really means in this context is pretty similar.  “God”, by definition, seems to be the primordial consciousness that pervades the Creation.

27 Sep 09 2 min read

Enlightenment, Self Effort and Vishnu

This one dialog is a very interesting piece which details out the core of Maharishi Vasistha’s philosophy. It is so radical and refreshing that it does not seem to be as old as it possibly is. This kind of thinking is one reason why I consider Yoga Vasistha to

22 Sep 09 2 min read

Vedanta's strength is its Process

Vedanta is well rounded, better and holistically thought out.  That’s a Process statement and not a qualitative statement.  In modern science terms, its proponents have been “peer reviewed”.  Some folks came up with Vedas, Yajnavalka came up with his Ashtavakara Samhita, Vasistha gave his philosophy through Yoga Vasistha.  IN

17 Sep 09 1 min read

Creation is a Vibration

In 1687, Newton published Principia where he laid the foundations of Gravity, which explained how the planets stayed in their orbits and large bodies work. Five years later, a Cambridge philospher Richard Bentley asked him a very innocuous question that hit at the root of Newton’s discovery. Bentley wrote

14 Sep 09 6 min read

Wise man's friends and companions

This is a really amazing wisdom offered in Yoga Vasistha by Maharishi Vasistha to Shri Ram. … Wise man’s friend, O Rama, is his own action which arises spontaneously in him and in which there is no division or conflict.  LIke a father, it encourages him and provides him with

13 Sep 09 1 min read

Teacher and Student – Brahman in Brahman

Today, September 5th, is celebrated as the Teacher’s day in India. I wanted to share a meaningful message that makes sense to me and I can relate to it myself. I could not find a better message than this dialog between the great Sage and Teacher Vasistha and his

06 Sep 09 2 min read

Karpoor Gauram by Desh

There are times when some words just find resonance with your soul. These words are such. Ever since I have heard them in the voice of my Guru, Sadhguru Jaggi, I just could not get them out of my mind. So, I have tried to recite it. I am obviously

04 Sep 09 1 min read

My Own Personal Gita

My journey in Spirituality has been very interesting.  Over the years I have asked questions and moved on.  Suddenly, some day I will get an answer almost unexpectedly.  Just out of nowhere.  It just seems I have an answer and my long asked question seems answered.  Its all figured out.

01 Sep 09 2 min read

Four Manifestations of Sound and possible ways to communicate

Today an internet friend, Manoj, gave me some education on the types of Communications in Vedanta.  These are facilitated by four manifestations of sound.  What these are is interesting.  I am reproducing an article by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the first International Yoga Teachers Training Course at Munger, 1967-68 – to

30 Aug 09 16 min read

Krishna and Mahabharat: Historical reality

Dr Manish Pandit, a nuclear medicine physician from UK is making a movie on Krishna as a historic figure.  Pandit has based his movie on dates and timelines coming out of scientific based research by credible evidence based on Archeology, Astronomy and Linguistics, apart from Oral evidence from Indian tradition.

30 Aug 09 13 min read

Women and Vedas: May your writ run in your house!

> “Women are worthy of worship. They are the fate of the household, the lamp of enlightenment for all in the household. They bring solace to the family and are an integral part of dharmic life. Even heaven is under the control of women. The gods reside in those households where

29 Aug 09 2 min read

Everlasting Orgasm

Life for me was fun.  Relationships casual and short-lived. In my college days, casual sex with guys was a popular sport for me. It gave me the thrill. There was of course the act of it, but the thrill was more of “getting the catch”. When a reluctant person was

16 Aug 09 8 min read

Sadguru Jaggi and his life biography

There is a reason why I completely agree with Sadguru Jaggi.  He happens to talk sense.  No other person I have met or heard or read has ever made sense to me like he does.  Maybe that is why I went to him as a Shishya.  This interview explains why.

14 Aug 09 1 min read

I am God and blasphemy

I am God. This is so revolutionary a statement that it can land people on death row. We are so forced into believing that we are some lowly entities and that some one “special” will come with special access to some faraway “God” – who is unapproachable and something different. I

27 Jul 09 2 min read

Universe and the Deathless Self

What a fantastic way to say it all about the Universal Consciousness. As the web issues out of the spider And is withdrawn, as plants sprout from the earth, As hair grows from the body, even so, The sages say, this universe springs from The deathless Self, the source of

24 Jul 09 1 min read

On Creation – thinking in Hindu scriptures

Creation and its theories in contemporary science and theology – specifically in the US, based on Christian scriptures – has been a point of controversy.  So when I came across a compilation of the thoughts on same in various Vedic/Vedantic/Hindu scriptures, I wanted to put it up here for a

17 Jul 09 2 min read

"Fact" and "Truth": Confusions of the Spiritual Journey

One of the biggest confusion in Spiritual journey is of a Fact and Truth – or, in Hindi, Tathya and Satya. Mostly, what are decidedly “facts” are peddled and assumed to be “Truths”.  Then there is a fight over these “Truths”, which were never so to begin with. Truth is reality

06 Jul 09 1 min read

Guru is the Brahman

> गुरुर  ब्रह्म  गुरुर विष्णु , गुरुर देवो  महेशवरः. गुरु  साक्षात्  परब्रह्म, तस्मै  श्री गुरुवे  नमः > “Gurur – Brahma Gurur – Vishnuh Guru -devo Maheswarah Gurur – sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Sri Gurave

21 Jun 09 2 min read

Profound thought and Vedic Science

Let us look at two songs – both very popular – from Indian movies: (1) Ek, do teen…. char paan, che, saat, aath, nau, das gyarah… from Ram Lakhan (lyricist: Sameer) (2) Humne dekhi hai in aankhon ki mehakti khushboo.. from Khamoshi (lyricist: Gulzar) Popularity besides, which song do you think is

13 Jun 09 4 min read

Culmination of 7 days of Isha

Yesterday was the finale of the 7 day program from Isha Yoga (Inner Engineering).  I think many would share my sentiments when I say that probably for us the life would not be the same any more.  Many, I am sure, will become vegetarians and those who were already vegetarians

27 May 09 2 min read

Further Reflection on my initiation

Yesterday was the penultimate day and there were further Q&As through which Sadguru helped everyone understand the Law of Karma and most basic way of coming out of it.  Now, over the years I have come to exactly the same conclusions that Sadguru presented through my own introspection and

26 May 09 1 min read

My initiation into Isha Yoga system

Yesterday, was our initiation into the Isha system of Guru Shishya parampara. I have not been a believer of this way to enlightenment but yesterday I saw the power that came to me. It was amazing. The energy one felt through the process was great and worth it. My initiation

25 May 09 2 min read

Living in the Present: kid from IDP camp in Pakistan

Look at this picture.  Its credits read: “A displaced Pakistani man plays with his baby in Chota Lahore camp at Swabi district, some 150 km northwest of Islamabad on May 21. AFP / Getty Images / Pedro Ugarte”. For last two days, at Isha Yoga we have been discussing the important “Truth”

23 May 09 1 min read

Isha Yoga – thoughts on Inner Engineering etc

As I said earlier [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/?q=blog/started-ishayogas-inner-engineering-course] that I had started the “Inner Engineering” course after arguing with myself for 4 years on this action.  I think now I was ready.  As I am doing the course, I am realizing that for all the

22 May 09 1 min read

Started IshaYoga's Inner Engineering course

Today I started the “Inner Engineering” course from IshaYoga [http://www.ishayoga.org] in Houston.  I still remember that it was 4 years back that one of my friends a Mallu Christian (and a professed Rush Limbaugh fan and hard-core Republican) had pushed me to do this after he had

21 May 09 1 min read

The Art of Thinking

This guest article has been written by Prakash Vishnubotla.  He has been a tremendous influence on me in spiritual topics.  This piece is an example of how profound his thinking is.  Enjoy. ===================== “I would learn the arts that you have to teach, but I refuse to learn the art of

21 Apr 09 4 min read

Search for Historic Krishna

I have always considered Sri Krishna as my eternal Guru.  I can most relate to His logical mind and clear thinking in terms of spiritual ideas.  He is considered to be the Highest Ego by some and I feel it was an ego out of compassion and an Infinite Ego

19 Apr 09 5 min read

Intention, Consciousness and the New Science

Special thanks to Rajesh H. for sending me the clip that enabled me to delve more into this When temples were constructed a certain ceremony was followed.  Yantras with Mantras and adequate, appropriate as well as concentrated meditation and recitation of shlokas was a very important part of the entire

09 Apr 09 5 min read

Why we Believe in God and our inherent arrogance

Humans have two distinct properties of mind that make them believe in a God. One, the belief in some form of life apart from that experienced in the body.  This is a default setting. Second, an “overdeveloped sense of cause and effect”. In many different experiments, from many angles, it

26 Mar 09 3 min read

Happiness is a fixation with Change

Moving from one point of incomplete existence to another is change.  And Happiness is in the hope that “a” change will make us “complete”.  That has been the bane of all religious discourse and action.  Every one has urged the other to change.. to “get” to a more “complete” state.

11 Mar 09 1 min read

Yogic Influences on Sufism

The Sufi Saints of the past centuries – even as early as in 1500’s were greatly influenced by Yogic and Sanskrit texts of India.  In fact little known to many, an ancient Yogic scripture – Amritakunda – which no longer survives was translated into Arabic and called Bahr al-hayat (Ocean of Life)

07 Mar 09 2 min read

Highest Consciousness – What is it?

Here is a beautiful explanation of the final state that I happened to read in Vasistha Yoga today.  It is from the story of Vitahvya and is being explained by Maharishi Vasistha to Sri Ram.  I think the beauty and interesting part of it is that Maharishi Vasistha talks about

18 Feb 09 1 min read

Meditation as Psychoanalytic Technique

Psychoanalysis is primarily a method of psychotherapy developed by Sigmund Freud.  According to psychoanalytic theory, anxiety is due to the presence in us all of certain threatening sexual or aggressive urges, wishes or motives springing from the id.  These urges come into conflict with the realistic barriers imposed by the

18 Feb 09 2 min read

Bhagwad Gita and Why was Sri Krishna so critical of Vedas?

Some months back, I had written a blog post “Was Krishna’s Gita a Rebellion of his times? [https://drishtikone.com/?q=blog/was-krishnas-gita-rebellion-his-times]“, where I had failed to make one major connection – that between the Vedas and Upanishads came Gita.  And in my view, the difference in direction of

11 Feb 09 5 min read

God and the Misleading Semantics

Cultures and religions over the centuries have eulogized and looked for a God.  What or Who that entity is has never been known but adjectives and characteristics have been assigned nevertheless.  Some of these are bunched together and assigned based on one’s beliefs as opposed to being assigned based

06 Feb 09 3 min read

Love – a Story

“Now, drink your milk Sonu!”  shouted Reema.  Sonu didn’t quite like milk so he was pushing it away.  Angry at his stubborn-ness she slapped Sonu loud and hard.  Uma was standing near the door – she had come to ask for some sugar as usual – and was aghast.  “Reema, he

01 Feb 09 5 min read

Death to Death and Immortality

There are many stories and tales in the Hindu scriptures that if taken literally could be very silly, but if one were to ruminate on them, they suddenly sound very profound!  Like this one, which really intrigued me! Long time ago a couple, Rishi Mrikandu and his wife Marudmati worshipped

22 Jan 09 7 min read

Law of Karma and Freedom

Law of karma comes from one shloka in Bhagwad Gita which is, in my view, certainly the most misunderstood.  In that shloka, Krishna tells Arjun to do his Action and NOT have “Asakti” or attachment to the result. Several commentators translate it as “Do Action but not worry about the

02 Jan 09 2 min read

What is "Pakistan" and the Disease of Divinity

In a very interesting article, Economist.com [http://www.economist.com/daily/columns/asiaview/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12717756] raises the very important question on Pakistan based on the interview of Asif Ali Zardari with an Indian TV channel.  What does a Pakistani politician (or a common man) mean when

06 Dec 08 3 min read

Spiritually, karmic lives have no meaning!

> The individualised consciousness (the mind) has arisen in the supreme being, O Ram: it is both different and non-different from the infinite consciousness even as a wave is different and non-different from the ocean.  To the enlightened the mind is the absolute Brahman and naught else.  To the unenlightened, the

23 Nov 08 1 min read

The Limited leads to limitless

Human existence must be the most limited and restricted of all.  The dead are relatively freer of limitations of space although firmly stuck in time and thought.  Animals are free of thought but stuck in time and space.  Man is stuck in time, space and thought.  Thought makes the limitations

20 Nov 08 2 min read

Food is Brahman

My friend, Ash, and I were discussing food for our lunch when he recited this Marathi shloka that he heard from his Grandfather.  It, in my mind, really puts the relevance and importance of food very simply, succinctly and powerfully.  Something that I could relate to and one that we

20 Nov 08 1 min read

And the moon was bright….

“Oh!! I didn’t see that puddle there!’ said Geetika as she started brushing her pants wet with mud. Vikram, Geetika and Siddarth had been walking for half an hour to get to Aam ka Taal village in rural Rajasthan. They were social workers who had heard that the villagers

14 Nov 08 4 min read

Significance of Gurpurab to me..

Listen [https://drishtikone.com/?q=content/mool-mantar-various] to the Mool Mantra [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mool_Mantra] – the first pronouncement of Guru Nanak Dev after his enlightenment. Today is the 540th Birth Anniversary of the First Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak Dev.  He stands as one of the most towering

13 Nov 08 2 min read

Saintly Obsession with Non-violence

Non violence has been a cherished goal of many a Saint.  It is an aim that people who want to see a better world want to attain.  The non-violence is often described as avoidance of violence in thought, deed, and speech. But is avoidance of outward violence – whether of speech,

10 Nov 08 1 min read

Qs from Rig Veda

Wanted to bring to you some questions from the 129th hymn of the Rig Veda.  These are questions that are indeed worth pondering upon… they point to a mind that does not want to create an artificial and intellectual answer and claim the conundrum is “solved”.  It takes questions and

07 Nov 08 1 min read

Importance of Diwali – II

After I wrote the post on Diwali [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/importance-diwali/], a reader and I had a chat.. and she repeated the oft said characterization of Ravan. That he was just like Ram… so why was he considered inferior. And why is his killing considered victory of

31 Oct 08 1 min read

Importance of Diwali

Today is Diwali.  Let us look at the Importance of Diwali. It is by far the most celebrated of the Hindu festivals in the country. It is the celebrated as the event when Lord Ram came back to his Kingdom after 14 years of exile, after winning against the demon

28 Oct 08 3 min read

Can nothingness be experienced?

This is continuation to an old post I made some time back – “Calculus and Nirvana” [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/?q=blog/calculus-and-nirvana] . I also got inputs from Todd Ingram, who discussed about his many spiritual experiences and wisdom. Todd’s many words of wisdom resonated with me. Absolute

17 Oct 08 2 min read

Death and spiritual freedom

There is this discussion on at Intent [http://beta.intent.com/blog/2008/10/09/death-and-enlightenment] – a question was asked if Enlightenment is a natural state after Death. It is amazing that somehow everyone takes Death as some kind of an automatic gateway to a meeting with “God” – however one

11 Oct 08 1 min read

Healing from our minds

Ancient esoteric teachings from different sources have always emphasized the daily stimulation of our chakras (psychic centers) before each of our meditations in order to obtain many more benefits from it. These wise instructions recommend us to start with an invocation to our divinity, to the God of our hearts,

02 Oct 08 3 min read

Life's unending journey

When we’ve been lucky enough to have access to reliable sources regarding self-development instructions our goal is already half way accomplished. Why do I consider this a fact? Because by initiating this personal growing project, we unconsciously start a chain reaction. It is by getting deeply committed to this

23 Sep 08 1 min read

Power of Intentional Thinking for Inspiration

All great men and women from the past and from our present have shared a very common mental characteristic: The ability gained through long hours spent doing intentional thinking together with very conscious observations. It definitely would be an excellent idea to imitate them. Our big question, then would be

09 Sep 08 1 min read

Divine Creativity

Creativity is God’s seed planted in every soul personality. We’re soul personalities possessing material vehicles. Let’s start by trying to describe our Maker in just a few words. Love? Yes!— Life? Of course!— Light? You’re right! Peace profound?—Harmony?—Happiness?—Being positive? The answer is always

09 Sep 08 2 min read

Communion with Nature: Ancient American India wisdom

It was on our American Continent soil where our Indian ancestors learned tremendously useful lessons about Mother Nature. When the Europeans set foot on this very sacred land almost everybody started the way backwards regarding the great affinity with our planet. In order to keep a perfect balance and harmony

30 Aug 08 2 min read

Being our best

Positive people have to use the correct approaches to make their lives more interesting and succeeding in the attempt. What kind of actions should we carry on to obtain positive results in this endeavor? Let’s start using one of the many ideas that Benjamin Franklin used, to constantly improve

27 Aug 08 2 min read

God, Atheism and Miracles

Recently, I had two questions/observations put to me: 1. A Pakistani blogger friend observed that a lot of Indians she is interacting are calling themselves atheists, which she found rather strange.  Why, is this happening she asked? 2. Another blogger friend had these experiences where she was convinced that

25 Aug 08 3 min read

Know Thyself

In order to continue enjoying having a productive life by striving to improve himself man has to take drastic measures regarding overcoming difficult times, and succeeding in the persuade of his well being. Since ancient times man has discovered that some of his time must be spent deeply immersed in

24 Aug 08 2 min read

The Spiritual Olympics

Last night, it rained heavenly where I live, so I went to bed late. While it was pouring I turn on the TV, and I watched the Olympic Games. I enjoyed watching the women swimmers; I noticed a great resemblance in their body structures with those of men swimmers. Then

23 Aug 08 2 min read

Our Secret CHamber (Part III)

In case you’ve experience just a tiny psychic reality, or being spiritually exposed to a very real cosmic world then, you will accept this kind invitation. Before finishing our dwelling in the silver sphere, and before going into the golden sphere, let’s consider some important matters. Select a

22 Aug 08 3 min read

Jivanmukta: Where Jivan (life) ends… Chetna starts

Nirvana and Moksha and the related paraphernalia of Atma, Brahman and Prakriti (the combinations of them) have been a popular pass time of many Saints and Rishis.  Many times people indulge in this because they cannot or will not be honest to the very basics.  If you ask the proponents

16 Aug 08 6 min read

What is a Guru like?

Recently, the Head of the Spiritual practice that my wife follows had come to our city.  It was a big occassion for the initiates and people drove many hours to reach the city to be in his company and listen to his talk as well as clarify their thoughts.  Among

15 Aug 08 2 min read

Our Secret Chamber (Part 2)

Before entering to our next fascinating sphere, the silver one, let’s consider some important aspects regarding these new articles. There’s a big difference between reading something and studying it. The same is also true regarding the great difference between studying something and using our deep thinking to add

13 Aug 08 3 min read

Calculus of Nirvana

A young man once went to a blind Saint’s hut and knocked. The Saint from inside enquired – “Who is it?”. The young man – who had come looking for a Guru, replied “That is what I have come to know, Sir”. The Guru beckoned him. That is probably the only

12 Aug 08 3 min read

Quantum collapse can be undone

Our Observation collapses the wave [https://drishtikone.com/?q=content/eternal-illusion-and-how-observer-creates-his-own-reality] and we can have a particle instead.  At least that much is a certainty for scientists.  Of course, the question that has always remained is how does the quantum world and the physical world so different in its appearance.

11 Aug 08 1 min read

Our Secret Chamber (Part 1)

“Solving our problems and improving our lives through…………………” Every human being on this planet from the past, did his best to improve his life. The same action applies to our current human beings, and also will this is also true, regarding human beings from our future. It’s very much

10 Aug 08 3 min read

Towards Mona Lisa's Soul

If a happy person is a good human being, then a happier person would be an improved human being. Wouldn’t he? Striving for excellence in all walks of life is our basic component rooted in our spiritual genes. We’ve wrongly been cursing our trials, shortcomings, and limitations for

07 Aug 08 2 min read

Do you need to press the delete button?

…or in other words, is it necessary for you to take that credit and pretend to watch over the consciousness or the “being” while it happens?  When do you stop taking credit?  When does this investment in ego end? Another great satsang from Mooji!  I really love his eloquence – and

06 Aug 08 1 min read
Health & Medicine

Mindful Meditation slows HIV progress

Meditation is a bastardized word. People have made it into practices into exercises into methodologies.. everything other than what it is supposed to be. The word for meditation in Sanskrit or Hindi was “Dhyan” – which means “to contemplate”. The eternal question is the most suitable for contemplation – “Who Am I”

28 Jul 08 1 min read

Mooji: Watching the Watched

I am not sure how I landed on this video… but after a long time someone has again resonated with me after Krishnamurti. Yes, there are many great Masters – but they just dont resonate with my soul.. they throw out so much crap along with the “real” thing. This guy,

25 Jul 08 1 min read

Who Am I?

Interesting talk from Krishnamurti. I am obviously a fan of his.. this is vintage JK in response to a question “Who are you?” (probably trying to probe if JK is an “Enlightened Master” or not). Technorati : Krishnamurti [http://technorati.com/tag/Krishnamurti], Spiritual [http://technorati.com/tag/Spiritual]

25 Jul 08 1 min read

Applying Knowledge to Action

This beautiful morning a sudden inner thought reached my objective consciousness to be shared with you. Here it is. “If you’re on the right track, God and Its Laws will provide the necessary means to accomplish your dreams”. Now let’s examine the above thought carefully. We’re on

22 Jul 08 2 min read

Your Presence

It has been 15 years since I last saw you.  Heard your name on the street today.  It wasn’t you.  Didn’t see who it was.  But I felt you.  I experienced the warmth of your presence just as it was when you were there when that name was

26 Jun 08 1 min read

Why I am NOT an "Atheist"?

In my last piece I have talked of why I am a “Hindu” [https://drishtikone.com/?q=blog/why-i-am-hindu] and what it means to me.  From what I have written some one would surely say that the way I have argued against “God”, I surely must be an atheist!  How

31 May 08 7 min read

Why I am a Hindu?

The other day a friend, American, asked me what faith I followed? Or was I just spiritual. I reluctantly replied to him Hindu faith. I know at my intellectual level that is somewhat true and those following my thoughts here on this blog would have expected me to have said

28 May 08 10 min read

Arrival is the seed of Fear

Truth is infinite and has no locii.  When we try and place arbitrarily a coordinate for a value of what we call “Truth”, then since the real Truth is infinite – our “Truth” gets challenged.  Even after “arriving” at the our “Truth” we still seem to find something beyond that which

23 May 08 2 min read

Khuda Jane Kahan Se Jalwaye Jana Kahan Tak Hai

I heard this song from Abida Parveen and its kinda tough to get over it since I heard first time (thanks to Pramila for suggesting it).  It is very haunting. Khuda Jane Kahan Se Jalwaye Jana Kahan Tak Hai – Abida Parveen [http://www.imeem.com/navinder/music/fCWDImhd/abida_parveen_

22 May 08 1 min read

Path has no meaning

With the formulation of Planck’s constant, our limits of observation were set.  Beyond this limit, our observation lacked any meaning.  The confidence of what we saw beyond this was imaginary and superstition.  Try as we might to define the route that an electron took to reach the other side

20 May 08 3 min read

If things dont go your way…

Just read this line on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog [http://blogs.bigadda.com/ab/2008/05/18/day-31/] that his father told him once: > ‘Man ka ho to acchha. Man ka na ho to zyada acchha !’ > If things happen according to what you wish. It is good. If things do

19 May 08 1 min read

Samar and Radha: A Love Story.

She was doe-eyed and long-haired. As she walked down the aisle of the library, Samardeep looked up. His eyes melted into the beautiful tresses of Radha. She was not the most petite one, but her eyes were poetic and seemed to hold mysteries of yonder. He seemed to have suddenly

03 May 08 8 min read

Relative Truth

I have read a lot of stories, but this one by Suresh Naig who wrote this for Desicritics was extremely haunting and profound.  It is very simple yet powerful.  Suresh very generously agreed to share this with Drishtikone.  I want to personally thank him for this privilege to me.  Please

02 May 08 7 min read

Thackeray, Marathi-ism and future of Hindu Activism

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and its leader Raj Thackeray – nephew of Bal Thackeray – has been attacking non-Maharashtrians living in Mumbai and questioning their contribution. Nothing could be more ridiculous than this posture.  Many self-conceited and parochial Marathis have fallen prey to this line of argument as well – as we saw

01 May 08 3 min read

Does Prayer produce Miracles?

Can prayers save a dying person? Many believers say YES!  Most rationalists say NO. Well, some say its a miracle.  Some say its a fluke.  I say its the property of the consciousness.  Its the VERY property of this creation’s very basic and most primordial substance – the energy.  And

28 Apr 08 2 min read

Rituals start with Identity

So many religious reformers have talked about rituals and frowned upon the existing ones….. only to create new ones!  Why are rituals part and parcel of any religion?  Why is it so difficult to escape the trap of rituals in every walk of life?  To understand this, one has to

26 Apr 08 1 min read

Business of Spirituality

Was talking to a friend on Spiritual issues last night and the phenomenon of religions.  There was a part of discussion where he remarked that the need of the general public to “know” which forces the Enlightened Masters to give them the knowledge in shape of religious instructions. Now, maybe

23 Apr 08 1 min read

Dead wife's SMS and the haunted world

Is there anything called supernatural?  The spirits etc.?  I am sure there are many people who have either experienced it or know of people who experienced it.  But this is a rather strange incident by any standards.  A guy’s wife died at 69 (and he lived in an erstwhile

11 Apr 08 2 min read

Bastardizing Infinity

> “When there was neither aught nor naught, when darkness was covering darkness, what existed then? That Akasha existed without motion.” The physical motion of the Prana was stopped, but it existed all the same. Says Vivekananda in his lecture on Prana.  Prana is the manifestation.  Akash is the canvas – the

11 Apr 08 4 min read