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Sky-rocketing Sex Toys sales in Corona lockdown globally

The world has been stockpiling toilet paper [] as Corona scare hit everywhere.   Apparently, the nightmare of being stuck on the pot with your pants down and the last piece of the magic paper being out has been haunting people from US to Europe to Australia.

11 Apr 20 7 min read

Trusting Strangers Can be Rewarding and Enriching!

Have you opened your heart lately to anyone?  Some stranger at that? So many times, one walks through so many paths where one meets strangers with absolutely no apparent relationship and we strike a chord. Sometimes we open up far more to each other than hearts. We open our lives

22 Nov 16 5 min read

The Art of Money Making Through Mutual Funds

Nothing gives more pleasure to a Banker than speaking about making money, on behalf of clients, for clients. Such is the joy of making money even when you are making profits for others. Mutual Funds have always been my favorite investment avenue for money making, perhaps also because I made

06 Nov 16 2 min read

Sexual Mores, Addiction and Women: Why We Need a New Paradigm

A few days back, Archana and I watched a movie titled “Addicted”.   The story was of an African-American lady entrepreneur, Zoe Reynard (played by Sharon Leal)  who used to sign up artists and work with the different companies to promote their work.   This would mean marketing their work on posters,

22 Sep 15 7 min read

It IS 65%!!

By some quirk of fate, three of us friends landed in an evening college.  Although none of us were interested in that “god-foresaken” place, yet we somehow came together as friends.  We were from totally different backgrounds.  One was from Kanpur (Sunny), I was from Delhi and from a family

13 Apr 15 5 min read

Anushka, for love’s sake, don’t back off!

Manoj Sebastian was livid on twitter because of Anushka Sharma!  Why?  Because she happened to be in Sydney watching her boy friend Virat’s semi final game against Australia.  A game where India lost and Virat – the star Indian batsman – scored just 1 run.  As per this guy Manoj [https:

26 Mar 15 5 min read

Do Robotic Pet Dogs Have Souls?

Hideko Mori (L) and her sister Yasuko watch their robot pet AIBO playing at Hideko’s home in Tokyo ©Toshifumi Kitamura (AFP) {Courtesy: Daily Mail]Japanese these days are keeping Robotic pet dogs.  These pets stay with them and also become part of their lives.  These are no ordinary pets.

27 Feb 15 5 min read

Her Silent Love on a Foggy Night… (a short story)

SPLAAASHHHH!!!  “You ASSHOLE!!!!”  The morning had hardly been good.  The bharta (“who likes bharta anyways?!”) had taken long and gotten burnt.  Rajiv wouldn’t be happy at lunch and it won’t be a good conversation in the evening.  And now THIS!!  IT was raining and this lunatic on the

23 Feb 15 9 min read

Logic Framework to test the Question: Why do beautiful women marry unattractive men and good looking men marry beautiful women?

Some people have this idea that although Good-looking women marry not so good looking men, Good looking men do marry good looking women.  But is that true?  Here is an interesting mathematical argument. Read Gayle Laakmann McDowell []‘s []

19 Mar 13 1 min read

What is the pain of losing a child?

It is said that of all the experiences in life, the loss of a child is the worst pain that can be inflicted on anyone. There is a very interesting story of a Realized man.  He got married to a wonder lady and was extremely happy with life.  He was

18 Feb 13 6 min read

Is International Adoption by American parents over?

On Point Radio’s Tom Ashbrook looks into the Global profile of American adoption of kids. > Russia, Guatemala, and more are slamming the door on American adoptions. Is the great age of international adoption behind us? > Americans know international adoption well. Look around. There are families all over with adopted

10 Feb 13 1 min read

Relationships are divisions between Individuals

The following talk was given on April 24, 1971, New York and has been taken from “Awakening of Intelligence [] ” by J. Krishnamurti. I would

09 Jan 13 22 min read

Why even have relationships?

Amazing depth of wisdom on the need and relevance of even having relationships.  When we are complete, why even seek completeness outside?  When the source of joy is within, why use someone else for it? []

04 Jan 13 1 min read

Monkey in Bali Forest adopts an abandoned kitten (Pictures)

This is an incredible story I came across: A wild-long tailed macaque monkey has adopted an abandoned kitten at Ubud’s Monkey Forest in Bali.   The reserve has 340 monkeys in four groups living there.  It is considered sacred and it is frequented by 10,000 people every month.  The

16 Dec 12 2 min read

The End of Men… and Rise of Women: a discussion

Is the power dynamics changing towards the women?  This writer says – that women and men equation is surely changing. Related articles How a feminist debate was derailed by asking all men to leave | Marta Owczarek [

07 Dec 12 1 min read

Indian couple arrested in Norway for disciplining their kid!

Another Indian couple has been arrested and put through hardship in Norway for disciplining their kid. There is something about Europe – specially Scandinavian countries – that doesn’t sound right!  So, the kid urinated in the school bus, which was brought to the attention of the parents and they scolded him

30 Nov 12 1 min read

India Today brings India’s first ever Conference on Erotica

After the entry of porn stars in the mainstream TV – Sunny Leonne and Priya Rai in Big Boss – media probably feels that Indian public is now ready for something more open.  The first ever conference on Erotica [].  India Today and Skore are presenting the “Sexposition

27 Nov 12 1 min read

Are Women Cheating more these days?

According to some recent surveys [] , female infidelity is on the rise. An increasing number of men may start investigating Infidelity [] through external professionals in investigatory matters. For example: * National Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cheated at

26 Oct 12 3 min read

Dealing with Death of a loved one

I had met him once.  In the middle of a spiritual sojourn. He had just moved from Minnesota to India. Moved? Yes. Because of your job? No, I have taken off for last 3 months. Don’t feel like doing something yet. “Wow! How is your family taking it?  Must

03 Nov 11 4 min read
Indian Culture

Arranged Marriages: Not the way Americans think they are

In my discussions with Americans, I have been asked many times about the practice of finding a partner amongst the Indians.  Behind the question, most of the folks are curious and intrigued by the “Arranged Marriage” principle.  The fact that someone could meet once with a prospective partner and then

21 Jan 11 3 min read

Names we call and the ones that stick

We all have our names, which we are proud of, but then people get names that have no relationship to their real names.  Somehow they may have done something, which coined their popular names. As we were growing up, a neighborhood lady would go around the neighborhood selling sarees from

08 Aug 10 2 min read

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