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Live This Diwali with your loved ones via Sony LIV

Diwali is the time for rejuvenation.  Of relations, space and our very energies.  For someone who has grown up spending every Diwali with the family, being alone on that day is a devastating thing.  When I first came to US way back in 1997, it was in August as the

10 Nov 15 2 min read

Sexual Mores, Addiction and Women: Why We Need a New Paradigm

A few days back, Archana and I watched a movie titled “Addicted”.   The story was of an African-American lady entrepreneur, Zoe Reynard (played by Sharon Leal)  who used to sign up artists and work with the different companies to promote their work.   This would mean marketing their work on posters,

22 Sep 15 7 min read

Kissing: Exploring The Intimate Act of Love

Kissing is an intimate act that has always held great significance for lovers.   We in India had discussed kissing in our scriptures and also the amazing Vatsayana – the sex scholar – had documented 30 different types of kisses [http://www.dating360.info/the-kama-sutra-over-30-types-of-kisses/] in his treatise Kamasutra.   One wonders if a

15 Jul 15 4 min read

It IS 65%!!

By some quirk of fate, three of us friends landed in an evening college.  Although none of us were interested in that “god-foresaken” place, yet we somehow came together as friends.  We were from totally different backgrounds.  One was from Kanpur (Sunny), I was from Delhi and from a family

13 Apr 15 5 min read

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