Live This Diwali with your loved ones via Sony LIV

Diwali is the time for rejuvenation.  Of relations, space and our very energies.  For someone who has grown up spending every Diwali with the family, being alone on that day is a devastating thing.  When I first came to US way back in 1997, it was in August as the summer was at its peak.  Soon the fall came and then came the cooler nights.  There was hardly anyone to talk to those days and things Indian seemed a far cry.  The US had not seen the hordes of Indians that came in during the early 2000s.  I still remember making a regular weekend trip to a grocery store in Houston’s Hillcroft area which sold a lot of music CDs.  Just to listen to the Hindi and Punjabi songs when alone.

That Diwali, I was working at the office.  Unlike this year, when the entire office is going to celebrate Diwali, in those times no one cared for Indian festivals in the US.  It was a quiet and lonely Diwali.  The streets were empty, there were no sweets at home, no one sent any either, not a single friend around to go out and enjoy the evening with.  Being afraid of the Apartment policies, one didn’t even light lamps or candles.  The traditional diyas were nowhere to be found anyway.   Even a day like Diwali was an insipid one with no excitement!

For so many Indians, who are traveling as consultants and IT professionals, getting a slice of home is a big thing.  Sony LIV, is Sony Entertainment Network’s Video-on-Demand service and they have started this unique drive where you can send Diwali Greetings to your loves ones.  The bond that is created with the loved ones via a platform geared for keeping you in touch with a slice of India through its programs can be amazing!  Personalize and customize your greetings and live this Diwali with your loved ones who are far away.


The promo video – called Diwali Movie – for this intiative touches your heart specially if you are far away from your loved ones this Diwali.  It is the time when no matter what your reason for disgareements and fights, you come together in an embrace.  When nothing else works – love does.  Even those with tough exteriors melt.

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