Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #323 - A Living Hindu is a Threat to Humanity!

Latest chapter in a continuing genocide of Hindus buried by orchestrated "Hindu fundamentalist" campaign full of innuendos, lies and curated anecdotes. One-World-Order is ready for blood of Pluralism.

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #323 - A Living Hindu is a Threat to Humanity!
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“After all, the true seeing is within.” ― George Eliot, Middlemarch

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A friend was recently arguing that fanaticism is a threat to Secularism in India and across the world.

I differed.

Fanaticism-Secularism was never a fight at all.

It was always a fight between One World Order Vs Pluralism.

Those who want to impose their own order on everyone for the sake of power and profits, choose to couch their perfidy in high road semantics.

Secularism is one such.

Those who have pushed Secularism in India were always hankering for power.

It was never about justice or peace or even basic rights.

Those who believe they are “fighting for justice and freedom” are really just fighting for One World Order.

Whose order that will be is the only question.  For, there are many claimants to that utopian future of such sick minds.

They band together.

Against Pluralism.

Diverse, individual, indigenous voices.  Many.  All.  Different ones.  Each for one’s own.

Are an existential threat.

To this order.

That is why the one culture - Hinduism - that gave safety to persecuted Jews, Parsis, Muslims, and others from across the world - running from the One World Order enthusiasts - is being targeted shamelessly.  It always was.

But now, it is being done in the name of …

….. Justice and Freedom.

Because, ‘He is a Hindu’

Last year a Muslim student in Dartmouth - a top University in US - filed a complaint against several people including Professor Deeparnab Chakravarthy.

Her gripe - She believed she was abused and harassed.  Why?  Because she was a Muslim and Chakravarthy a Hindu. Really?!  But why? “Because Hindus like seeing Muslims being tortured” was her answer!

Source: Dartmouth

She had no specifics.

Only that she was Muslim and the professor and student against whom she had filed the complaint were Hindus - ergo they were friends! - and obviously against her because “Hindus like seeing Muslims being tortured”.

That was her argument.

Just that.

In today’s world, a Hindu does not need to do anything to be targeted, killed, and raped.

S/he just needs to be alive.

A living Hindu is a threat to democracy, freedom, expression, religion, justice, and every other greatness that the ideologically damned and violent world can dream of.

Just being alive is a crime against humanity by a Hindu.

Bangladesh and Targeting Hindus

On August 7th, 2021, Muslim mobs destroyed four temples and vandalized many shops owned by Hindus in Bangladesh. This happened in Shiali village in Rupsha Upazila in the Khulna district of Bangladesh. (Source)

On July 21, a radical Islamist mob attacked the Hindu community without provocation at around 9 am. The attack took place in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s constituency Gopalganj district of Bangladesh. (Source)

Such violence is common in Bangladesh.

A country that came into existence with the genocide of Hindus. (The Monumental Genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus by Muslims)

On October 13, radical Islamists entered Nanuar Dighir Par Durga Mandir in Cumilla district and placed a copy of the Quran on the feet of the idol of Lord Hanuman.


A Facebook user from the area, Kazi Shariare Islam wrote about the situation in that mandap and how things transpired.  Here is the translated version of his FB post he wrote in Bengali. (Source)


The Bangladesh Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan confirmed what has been said.

Source: bdnews24

Note: In India, we are taught about how all gods are one via phrases like “Ishwar Allah tero naam”.  But what is truly shocking is that even those Kazi Shariare Islam who are the “good samaritans” in the vengeful violent society that Bangladesh is, are very clear that “insult of Islam cannot be tolerated”.  And, that Quran being near a Hindu idol is an insult to Islam in their eyes.

The Bangladesh Home Minister also asserts that the incident was sabotage because “no Hindu can gather the courage to put Quran next to a “Hindu idol”. Courage?!

“This is a Muslim country” clears Kazi in his FB post.

A Hindu can live in a Muslim country as long as he does not dream of “Ishwar Allah tero naam”.  That is what the “good samaritans” in an Islamic country where Hindus are killed across the nation in a planned attack and are persecuted by the State laws believe. (Read about how Bangladesh state takes away Hindu lands and persecutes Hindus using laws in this edition.)

दृष्टिकोण’s NewsletterInsightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #269 - Demonizing CAA and NRC Laws in India!Photo by Dinker Gulati on Unsplash \ Hauz Khas Village, India “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” ― Mark Twain, Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World…Read more10 months ago · 1 like · Desh

Subsequently, after the damage had been done to the Hindus and their shops, homes, and temples, the police found who did the sabotage.

Police have identified the man behind the Comilla incident that sparked nationwide communal violence for the past week. A man named Iqbal Hossain, 35, son of Nur Ahmed Alam from Sujanagar area of the city, had kept the Holy Quran at Nanua Dighir Par puja mandap in Comilla on October 13. Police identified Iqbal’s involvement after analysing the video footage of surveillance cameras at the puja venue, Comilla Superintendent of Police (SP) Farooq Ahmed confirmed on Wednesday. But he could not be arrested as of Wednesday. Police say Iqbal Hossain is a drifter. It is still unknown whether he has any involvement with any political parties. SP Farooq Ahmed said everything would be disclosed during a briefing on Thursday. In the CCTV footage, it was seen that Iqbal took the Quran from a mosque and walked to the Puja venue. He was later seen walking away with the Hindu God Hanuman’s club in his hand.  (Source)
CCTV footage shows Iqbal
Screengrab from security camera footage shows Iqbal Hossain, walking away with a club from the Nanuardighi Durga Puja venue in Comilla on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 Dhaka Tribune

That day itself 5 people died in Hajiganj when a Muslim mob of roughly 600 angry fanatics attacked the Hindu temple. (as per the official page of Bangladesh Police)

500/600 miscreants attacked the Mokimabad Pujamandap of Hajiganj municipality of Chandpur district Raja Lakshmi Narayan Jiur Akhra, Mokimabad Pujamandap on 13 October 2021 at 2021 pm. They attack police and vandalize 5/6 priests when police try to detain them. 15 policemen were severely injured by brick-jute injuries by the miscreants. Police shoot to protect the people's lives and to defend themselves. 5 people lost their lives in this incident. (Source)

The hate, mobilizing, and violence spread across the nation that day itself - as if it was a concerted and planned operation.  Mobs in Dhaka and Chittagong gathered to attack Hindus.

Violence also broke out in the capital Dhaka and the port city of Chittagong, prompting police to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at thousands of brick-throwing Muslim protesters. (Source)

The mob of 10,000 strong fanatics were shouting “Down with the enemies of Islam” and “Hang the culprits”.

Later that day, a mob of 200 Muslims in the Noakhali district also attacked 150 Hindu households left at least 3 dead. (Source)  The ISKCON temple there was attacked as well and set on fire.  Two devotees - Nitai Das Prabhu and Jatan Saha Prabhu - died in the attack.

As per Al Jazeera, at least 150 Hindus had been injured across Bangladesh by October 17th. Apart from that, at least 80 Durga Puja pandals had been attacked. (Source)

Attacks on Hindus - killing them and destroying their temples - are not the only crimes that were committed.  Women, including minor girls, in Hindu families, have been attacked and gang-raped mercilessly!

A Facebook user, Azam Khan, shared his anguish and the details of the crime.  Interestingly, the post is not available now (Source)

Screen Grab courtesy Opindia

Tulsi Gabbard, a former United States Representative in Congress shared her anguish at the violence in Bangladesh where Hindus were losing their lives because of directed social hate that had over the years been emboldened by persecutory state laws.

Not many people had time for such hate crimes being unleashed across a nation against the Hindus.

Martina Navratilova’s extrapolative political activism

Some had time for whipping up activism against obscure elements in India with no influence or backing of the government to well, spew hate at Modi.  All because of their personal political animosities extrapolated to the wider world.  Or perhaps to work in concert with those who wanted to counter the voices against hate against Hindus because of violence in Bangladesh.

The timing is uncanny and the selectivity damning.

Meanwhile yesteryear tennis champion, Martina Navratilova, has gotten on the “fascist Hindu-fundamentalist” wagon.  She holds a grudge regarding how Modi bonded with the last US President Donald Trump while pushing the Indo-US relationship further.  Her personal political ideological bias is projected on anyone who chose to do business with the US government when Trump was in power.


That it is her personal bias and political prejudice is obvious from the fact that PM Modi also was “pretty chummy” - if doing a show in front of Indian audience is the barometer - with the Canadian Premier Stephen Harper and the UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  8000 strong audience had thronged the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto in 2015 to see Modi and Harper bonding (Source).  Meanwhile, 60,000 had packed the Wembley Stadium in November 2015 to see Modi and Cameron together. (Source)  Facts Navratilova ignored.

Actions in statecraft are given a spin by those who don’t know enough but have a personal prejudice against a certain political hue and establishment in their own country.  That Navratilova’s own hatred for Trump was harnessed by “someone” is obvious from her reply to Maria Wirth.


“Going to do about” what exactly?  An obscure local leader who is politically an opponent of PM Narendra Modi sharing his views in front of an audience about how the temples were broken during Islamic invasions?

What should Modi do?  Be responsible for the words of his opponents as well?


Sri Ram Sene’s political ally Shiv Sena has always been against Modi (Why has Shiv Sena woken up to hate Modi?) and after the last Maharashtra elections has worked against BJP in a concerted manner.

In fact, Muthalik was thrown out of BJP in 2014 (within 5 hours of joining the party) because the then PM candidate Narendra Modi was unhappy with him being part of the BJP.

Source: Hindustan Times

So, Modi’s reaction that Navratilova wanted, had already been given in 2014 even before Modi became the PM.  Something that no one on Twitter told the political activist tennis player.

Oh, the Fanatic Hindus and Anecdotal narrative building

On the other hand, Rana Ayyub, the Washington Posts’ Global Opinions writer, has started writing her own newsletter (more power to her, seriously!).

She recently wrote a piece there where she claimed through selective anecdotal accounts that India is a fascist state under the current PM Narendra Modi.  The culprit - Hindus.

That some Hindus are pushing back on propaganda against them is cited as “evidence” of their aggression.  For example, when a clothing company recently refused to call the biggest Hindu festival Diwali - well, Diwali.  Instead, it changes its name and also its very context. The Hindu consumers pushed back.

That was, in her considered opinion a manifestation of a wound from 1947 that has “been festering”.  Just her feeling and belief.  No evidence.

Her story gets backed by others like Mira Kamdar who continue to define India as a “fascist Hindu fundamentalist state” based on anecdotes which they have chosen to characterize as Hindu aggression, even when the Hindus were simply standing up for their faith and culture to be respected the way it was.


The Time Magazine followed up on Rana Ayyub’s story of how she was “fighting to expose the Truth in India”.  The Time story starts with a dramatic account of how Ayyub was rushed to a hospital for a suspected Heart Attack where she “remembers” shouting “I’m dying”.

She was diagnosed with palpitation because of high blood pressure.

No heart attack.

But her condition of high blood pressure [suffered by 234 million adults in India - 26.5% of the population (Source)], which could be on many accounts of how one lives his/her life, was chalked up to her “fear for her life”.

Then the article builds a narrative of how she is being hounded.  The build-up of that spin starts, of course, with her book “The Gujarat Files”.  Time article heralds her as a fearless independent journalist who self-published a book against Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Source: Time

A book that Supreme Court in its 2019 order said was likely “politically motivated” and based upon “surmises, conjectures and suppositions and has no evidentiary value”.


Because it was based on opinions.  Not facts.

Source: Casemine

But what is incredible is that the Time article mischievously misrepresents a statement by Narendra Modi that he made in 2013 on the Gujarat riots and his government’s handling of the situation.

In that statement, Modi had said that he was pained by what had happened in terms of the deaths of so many human beings.  He would be sad even if a puppy was hurt or killed - and these were human beings.

When asked if he regretted the handling of the situation, he suggests that “up till now, we feel that we used our full strength to set out to do the right thing.”  Here is the extract.

Source: The Hindu

While Time writer Billy Perrigo states its thus.

(Modi has never been formally charged and has said his government used its “full strength” to “do the right thing.”) (Source)

Do you see the sly way of conflating things to create a narrative?

What was said about how the administration had handled the situation is being slyly made to show how Modi used “his strength” to not be charged!

As for Rana Ayyub, she is given a further coat of victimhood merged with hero status by Rebecca Vincent, the Director of International Campaigns and UK Bureau Director of Reporters Without Borders (RSF).


All because one journalist thought she was dying as her blood pressure caused palpitations!

Drama galore.  Hate campaign fed. Unfolding genocide forgotten.  Trivialized. And real deaths of real people taken off the radar.

Because a living Hindu is a threat to humanity.  Just his breath is a threat!

market corner: 10 quick bytes

  1. India expected to see a higher salary with a 9.3% hike in 2022  (Source)
  2. Tesla posts largest-ever quarterly profit on record deliveries. It delivered 241,391 EVs in the quarter -- 73 percent more than a year earlier. (Source)
  3. Indian-led team's plant-based jet fuel could cut emissions by 68%: Study (Source)
  4. Engineering goods shipments cross $9 billion for the third month in a row in September (Source)
  5. RBI imposes Rs 1 crore penalty on State Bank of India (Source)
  6. Social media giant Facebook Inc is planning to rebrand the company with a new name next week, as per a report by The Verge (Source)
  7. Gross NPAs of banks may decline to 6.9% by March 2022: Report (Source)
  8. Rent of retail space up 11-17% in Delhi's upscale markets in July-Sep (Source)
  9. RIL's green energy biz taking shape, may contribute 10% of EBITDA in 5 yrs (Source)
  10. India’s forex reserves rise by $1.492 bn to $641 bn (Source)

nota bene

Chinese Games at UN: India has voiced its strong opposition to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its flagship project – the CPEC – at the just concluded second UN Sustainable Transport Conference where the Indian diplomat’s mike curiously went silent while she was highlighting New Delhi’s objection to the controversial projects.  The sudden “mike failure” at the UN meet hosted by China here from October 14 to 16 created a flutter and took several minutes to restore.  Even the video of the next speaker began to play but it was halted by UN under-secretary-general Liu Zhenmin, the former vice foreign minister of China, who urged the Indian diplomat, Priyanka Sohoni, Second Secretary of the Indian Embassy here, to continue her speech.  After the mike system was restored at the conference hall, Liu said, “dear participants, we are sorry. We are confronting some technical problems and played the video of the next speaker. I am sorry for that” and asked Sohoni to resume her speech.  (Source)

Twitter and T20 World Cup: Twitter today announced it is testing the first ever Twitter Community in India called “Cricket Twitter - India”. It has also launched a live scorecard for cricket on its platform in time for the World Cup. Twitter said there were more than 75 million conversations about cricket between July 2020 and July 2021. Communities is one of the many features Twitter announced recently. As the name suggests, a Twitter community is a discussion space where people with similar interests can connect. It started testing the first community in the US last month, and it has now introduced the feature in India. (Source)

Hypersonic Chinese Glide: Amidst continued efforts being made by China to expand its presence in the region and its increased tension with Taiwan, its military earlier this year had launched a rocket that carried a hypersonic glide vehicle. This hypersonic glide vehicle before cruising down towards its target had flown through low-orbit space and the hypersonic speed is five times the speed of sound.  The test was carried out in August by China and the US intelligence was caught by surprise.  (Source)

Pig Kidney for Humans: Surgeons in the US have successfully transplanted a pig kidney into a human for the first time. It started working as it was supposed to by filtering waste and producing urine without triggering a rejection by the recipient's immune system. The procedure, which was carried out at NYU Langone Health in New York, marks a 'significant step' in the decades-long quest to use animal organs for life-saving transplants. (Source)

High Testosterone and Sex: Researchers took saliva samples from 1,599 men and 2,123 women.  Participants also completed a questionnaire on their sexual behavior.  Men with high testosterone were more sexually active and likely to cheat.  Women with higher testosterone levels were more likely to have had a same-sex experience and to have recently engaged in solo sex.  (Source)

video corner: Sand - the next cause for conflict?

Being a solid, sand can sustain shear stresses at rest but it can also undergo large plastic deformations without considerable change of its properties, behaving thus like a fluid. As a product of erosion, sand cannot be broken into parts because it is already a broken (‘clastic’) material. (Source)  There are many colors and types of sand, such as coral, volcanic, and gypsum. Most of the sand in the world, and particularly California, has a majority of quartz. Quartz is made of silicon dioxide and if the name silicon sounds familiar, it’s because the computer chips in your phones and computers are made from the same material. (Source)

Sand is the primary substance used in the construction of roads, bridges, high-speed trains, and even land regeneration projects. Sand, gravel and rock crushed together are melted down to make the glass used in every window, computer screen, and smartphone. Even the production of silicon chips uses sand.

Yet, the world is facing a shortage — and climate scientists say it constitutes one of the greatest sustainability challenges of the 21st century. (Source)

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