Sadhguru on Krishnamurti – His work and his life

Sadhguru on Krishnamurti – His work and his life

While walking near Janpath, I came to my favorite place one day – the book shop on the sidewalk.  I saw a set of books by Jiddu Krishnamurti and bought them out of intrigue.  When I started reading one of them, I slammed it down saying “What an idiot! Can’t make any sense of this!”

It took me another 3-4 years before I again picked one of them up.  By then, I had become a little more than interested “spiritual tourist”.

Krishnamurti captures my imagination

And, Krishnamurti’s words just shook my being!

I had never read someone so incisive and razor-sharp.  No matter what you talk to him about, his focus on the ‘unchangeable’ was just unwavering.  If the unchangeable truth was your benchmark, every word from his mouth was clinging to it.

I read one book – while I contemplated on it.  Then another.  And soon, he was leading me into the beautiful world of – more responsibility for myself, going beyond the body and mind to understand the existential.

But what happened thereafter was to gauge where Krishnamurti was on an intellectual level.  Until 2009, I felt, I could grasp it.  And, then I realized I was running on a treadmill.  Trying to collect the universe in my palm.  My whole approach was wrong.  And, intellect was not what the whole of Krishnamurti was all about.  He was an enhanced being that I most certainly was not.

Reaching the Guru – Sadhguru

That’s when I rushed to the one who held my hand spiritually – Sadhguru.  No, he didn’t meet me or me him.  But he embodied everything that any Guru from times immemorial in India had been.

So, for me – both are my Gurus.  When Sadhguru talks about Krishnamurti, it is the quality of Gurutva in this Universe talking about itself.  They are not different at the core, yet poles apart.

Jiddu Krishnamurti exacted you to reach him or miss him completely.  Sadhguru also demands that – implores you really – but has sympathy and gives you baby steps to get to a point where you can get at least 0.1% of where he is, if you are honest.

Sadhguru on Krishnamurti – who he was?

Jiddu Krishnamurti was one of the persons who were identified to be groomed as World Teachers by theosophists.  Annie Besant personally identified him while he was playing on a Chennai beach.

And, then he was taken to Oxford and put through a lot of education and spiritual processes.  Apparently, he failed at studies but blossomed into one of the most beautiful human beings.

At the age of 24, there was a huge gathering in Holland, where he was to be hailed as the World Teacher.  He dissolved the Order and gave a speech that shocked most of the folks there but blossomed many.  Truth is a pathless land, he said.  And shunned all glory.  Read and watch it here – Truth is a pathless land by J. Krishnamurti.

Theosophists were serious about many spiritual aspects, but they got a guy who had already transcended.  And, in many ways steered clear of the mistake that probably had been committed by the likes of Jesus.

Krishnamurti was a beautiful being.  However, he did not have a method.  A way for others to get a hold on.  Like I found myself, a person who approached Krishnamurti’s ways could keep running on the treadmill and never get there.

And, that is where beings like Sadhguru come in.  They look at the spiritual path from all its dimensions.  You will find a very similar take by Osho in his speech after Krishnamurti left the world. Read Osho on Krishnamurti – His Death and His Work.

Spiritual brotherhood

There is no competition between two such beings.  It is always so that everyone has a path and a method of their own.  Not that one is better than the other, just that in some era, given how people’s ways are, one method seems to work better. The world has very few beings like Krishnamurti.  His way is his own.  You can either BE him or be nothing.  You cannot ‘become’ Krishnamurti.  There is no path to him.  He is so amazingly eternal yet not available.

That is why beings like Sadhguru have loved Krishnamurtis but also understood their limitations.  In raising the global consciousness, for world – at least at this time – is not ready for a being like him.

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