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The Ecommerce Raise

Money doesn’t go to the person who has more money.   It goes to the person who knows how to handle money.   Through smart and intelligent management of money, a rupee saved can be a rupee earned.   And if one ties in a good ways to invest savings, earnings can

17 Aug 17 2 min read

35+ Stunning Sunrise Photos That Will Make You Wake up Early Morning

The time before sunrise is called the Brahma Muhurta.  It is the best time for spiritual practices.  The entire process culminates with welcoming the sun.  How significant this time is, is explained here [] by the Enlightened Master Sadhguru himself: > If you are

17 Dec 16 4 min read

9 Pioneering Ways Parsis have Shaped Modern India

Parsi in the Persian language literally means – Persian.   But wait, isn’t the language Persian Farsi?  Sure it is, but it wasn’t so to begin with.  This distorted name of the language Farsi is the gift of the Arabs.  The Arabic language lacks the P / G / Zh / Ch sounds,

03 Jun 15 8 min read

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