Aliens Presence and the Cosmic Power-play? #389

The last few months have been busy for Alien and UFO enthusiasts. Many hearings, announcements, and information have come out. How is Alien interaction impacting the world and humanity? Are we headed for disaster or collective bliss?

Aliens Presence and the Cosmic Power-play? #389
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"Misery is not absence of happiness, but limited happiness. For, as happiness recedes misery pours in." - Tripura Rahasya

What we seek, seeks us.

We are defined by it.

Aggression begets aggression. War brings war. Enlightenment opens up dimensions of life.

In the last roughly 2000 years, the world of enlightened existence has been singularly attacked with a vengeance.

The annihilation of Greeks, the Gnostics, the burning of the spiritually advanced women at the stake by calling them witches, the killing of spiritual beings like Mansoor Al Hallaj, the masters amongst the Native Americans, and the Central American spiritual tribes - in the name of religion where god was a mascot and power the objective.

All that has been an exceptional destruction of what was to take mankind to its highest potential.

The attacks on the pathway to high consciousness have been orchestrated in ways that would have been considered to be the most repulsive had they not been cloaked in the garb of "religion and faith". But humanity was smothered in that power play while the march of aggression intensified and multiplied.

When you look at it dispassionately, the attack on consciousness and advances made in that direction, were simply mind-numbing. But they did happen.

How could our collective awareness be so fragmented and cracked?

Some say the ways and paths to higher consciousness were afforded to mankind thanks to some alien presence.

Then, is it totally out of question that the aggression against those ways, was also the handiwork of a similar antithetical force?

Alien presence has been debated, sought, and documented by many. We want to analyze those attempts and also make some sense out of it all.

The Lights and a New Dimension

It was 7 AM and pitch dark as we sat in a meditative state in front of the Mansarovar Lake. A lake so large (circumference of 88 km (54.7 mi)) that the other side is not easily visible. We were at 15,060 ft above sea level.

Once to position myself on the ground properly, I moved and opened my eyes, balls of lights, rumored to having been seen in that area were visible.

The meditation continued with Sadhguru.

File:Gurla Mandhata & Manasarovar.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The lights that I serendipitously saw have been seen by many. They have called these "mysterious lights". Mayur Kalbag, for example. Mayur has written a book - Aghori- An Untold Story and discusses his mystical experiences with the advanced forms with the podcaster Ranveer Allahabadi.

This exchange is an absolute "must-listen".

Mayur's Guru is different.

Sadhguru, however, briefly shared the phenomenon that was occurring there and who were the beings coming and leaving. It was not "from this planet". Here is a video which shares some rare footage from the "experiments" that Sadhguru has done with these energy beings.

What do these alien beings seem like?

"From feet up to the navel, they are fully developed male forms. On top of that they are translucent."

In our discussions, he mentioned how these "energy beings" know the human body intimately in terms of how it works. Specifically the energy body.

When referring to Kailash, Sadhguru explained how whatever Shiva was in terms of cosmic and spiritual being, most of it had been "deposited" and "stored" in a mystical form in that form of Kailash. Anyone who knows how to approach that realm can engage with that "knowledge". He shared once when he had to do so.

Mount Kailash, also known as Meru in the Hindu scriptures, has been known to be the Axis Mundi or the Spiritual axis of the Universe.

In fact, Sadhguru (and many others) have conjectured that Shiva himself was "not of this planet".

James Hilton had written a book in 1933 titled "The Lost Horizon" where he had discussed a place called Shangri-La.

It was around Mansarovar and Mount Kailash.

Source: "Mt Kailash & beyond: in search of Shangri-la" / Wanderlust

So when the Buddhists of Tibet say that this is the place where the "wisdom of humanity is saved for the future of the planet", then they may not be that off the description of Sadhguru.

Sightings in the Himalayas

Not far from Mansarovar, on the Indian side, the Indian soldiers and scientists have seen equally strange phenomena.

Source: "Mystery Sighting Spooks Soldiers" / India Today

The first one was by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP).

The ITBP unit that mans India's border with Chinese-occupied Aksai Chin first spotted the UFO on 1 August. By 15 October it had logged more than 100 sightings of the "Unidentified Luminous Objects" appearing from the Chinese side, then hovering for between three and five hours before departing. These logs went all the way to the top, even reaching the prime minister's office. As a result, the 14 Corps deployed a team in September to install a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyser to a mountain near Pangong Lake, bordering India and China – the presence of the two should have ensured that no radio frequencies or foreign objects in the region were missed. However, when the objects passed, neither piece of kit picked anything up. A drone was also sent to chase the object, but soon lost it when it reached its maximum flight height. (Source: "Have humanoid UFOs returned to India? The army thinks so" / The Wired)

The other one was quite different and by a team predominantly comprising the scientists.

The scientists who were doing the study were some of the brightest minds on the planet from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the person leading them - Dr. Anil Kulkarni - is a global authority on the Himalayan ecology. (Source). They weren't some nuts who were out there to create conspiracy theories.

Source: "Mystery Sighting Spooks Soldiers" / India Today

The Indian Army personnel have been repeatedly reporting UFO sightings for quite a few years.

China and NASA - geopolitical rivals and the UFOs

From 2019 through 2022, the astronomers at the Beijing Normal University claimed they had measured radio signal using China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) (also called "Sky Eye") - the largest radio telescope in the world.

Source: "China says it may have received signals from aliens" / Live Science

The American colleagues, however, discredited the Chinese claims (China’s 'alien' signal almost certainly came from humans, project researcher says / Live Science)

Little surprise.

On the other hand, NASA was holding conferences with the Christian theologians on how "humans" (this planet has non-Christians also living and as of now, one has found little evidence that they can even comprehend the spiritual narratives of the Eastern mystical traditions) may react to intelligent life on other planets.

Two dozen theologians participated in a program funded partially by NASA to research how humans may react to news that intelligent life exists on other planets, according to one religious scholar who says he was recruited. The Rev. Dr. Andrew Davison, of the University of Cambridge, told the Times UK in a recent interview that he was among 23 other theologians in a NASA-sponsored program at the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton University from 2016 to 2017. (Source: "NASA used religious experts to predict how humans may react to aliens" / The Hill)

Of course, a couple of things here:

  1. Either NASA believed that the time to engage religion to alien reality is coming soon
  2. Or, NASA scientists have nothing much to do in their lives and found talking to theologians an interesting activity to pursue

There have been rumblings of how the American intelligence agencies have been discussing and working on the entire phenomenon of UFOs.

There has been a program on the UFOs in Pentagon and Former senator Harry Reid had funded $22 million in Defense funding to investigate UFOs.

Reid devoted funding in 2007 to a $22 million program to investigate unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon confirmed its existence in 2017. (Source: Harry Reid: "The American people deserve to be informed" about UFOs / Axios)

In fact, Senator Reid tweeted about it in April 2020 to say that the "American people deserve to be informed"!

We will now look at some reports and information sharing by intelligence officers, top government agencies and some military whistle blowers.

The Report of Airforce encounters and whistleblowers

2021 was in that sense a year where a lot was shared by the US administration. The 9-page long US government report on the US air force encounters with the "anomalous aerial vehicles," (as the government wanted to call it) left things unexplained. Even the former CIA Director, John Brennan is on record as not being able to explain some of the phenomenon.

Last July, Senator Marco Rubio, the former acting chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, spoke on CBS News about mysterious flying objects in restricted airspace. “We don’t know what it is,” he said, “and it isn’t ours.” In December, in a video interview with the economist Tyler Cowen, the former C.I.A. director John Brennan admitted, somewhat tortuously, that he didn’t quite know what to think: “Some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand and that could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.” (Source: "How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously" / New Yorker)

The analysis and the study shared information on US Air force encounters saying that the understanding of these phenomena was incomplete and non-conclusive. In other words, they could not explain it.

The U.S. government was unable to determine whether more than 140 unidentified flying objects, many of them reported by Navy aviators, were atmospheric events playing tricks on sensors or crafts piloted by foreign adversaries, or whether the objects were extraterrestrial in origin, according to a long-anticipated report released Friday by the nation’s top intelligence official. The report finds no evidence that the objects, characterized as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, were the handiwork of alien beings. But in almost all of the 144 cases that a team of government experts examined, a lack of data stymied their efforts to say definitively what they were. The largely inconclusive results of the report, which was required by Congress, are sure to fuel Americans’ long-running interest in unexplained sightings, which have received unprecedented levels of attention in recent years from government officials and lawmakers. (Source: "UFO report: U.S. unable to explain more than 140 unidentified flying objects, finds no evidence of alien life" / Washington Post)

The report came up with five categories to define the phenomena:

  1. Junk — man-made objects cluttering the air, such as balloons or even plastic bags
  2. Air phenomena like Ice crystals, moisture or heat fluctuations
  3. Secret/Advanced aircraft designed by the U.S. government or an American corporation
  4. Aircraft designed by a foreign adversary
  5. Other

The report could not conclusively talk about the phenomena being in the #3 or #4 categories because of the secrecy or lack of information involved but "explanation seemed unlikely, according to officials who had earlier been briefed on the report and were confident that the UAPs are not American technology."

So, the "Other" scored over other categories.

But what this work did bring out was one thing - the existence of a very serious effort by the US government to study the encounters with the aliens. When Pentagon was involved for so long to put its resources to such a series of events, then one wonders if the attempts to explain away these things as nothing special are even credible?

The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence. For the past five years, they say, officials with the program have continued to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties. The shadowy program — parts of it remain classified — began in 2007, and initially it was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time and who has long had an interest in space phenomena. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space. (Source: "Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program" / New York times)

Leslie Kean and The New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal shared an incredible story published a story on an online media site The Debrief on David Charles Grusch on June 5th, 2023.

Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin - The Debrief
In a Debrief exclusive, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean report that a former official says the U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin.

Ken and Blumenthal shared their thoughts in an online interview on how this story of Grusch came to light..

In the Debrief story, Grusch shared that he had provided the Congress with hours of recorded classified information that had been transcribed in hundreds of pages. He also asserted that several "current members of the recovery program spoke to the Inspector General's office and corroborated the information Grusch had provided for the classified complaint."

When there is a clear indication that most of these phenomena are inexplicable, then why is it that the governments and indeed scientists either side-step these questions or worse, trivialize it?

Specifically when the government agencies have not just recovered technology and vehicles from the UFO sites but also "alien bodies" - some of whom are alive.

Source: Screen grab from Dr. Greer's National Press Club Event

The short answer seems to be - to keep the world at bay.

As Grusch shared that governments are using the technologies found to "reverse engineer" the tools and crafts.

So, the world and the curious amongst us are kept at bay by simply scoffing at that, the lessons, learnings and technologies unearthed from these encounters - some which may have "failed" from the alien standpoint (vessels crashes) - may very well be used for greater control over mankind.

That is the premise of Dr. Steven Greer's movie "The Lost Century."

The many official admissions by the Department of Defense and the US government have come out thanks to the probing and poking by numerous individuals who have worked in this field on their own grit and dime.

Foremost amongst them is Dr. Steven Macon Greer. Of the movie "The Lost Century".

Dr. Greer is, what is commonly referred to as a "UFOlogist". He founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project. In all this he and his friends have tried to seek the information on the UFO phenomena. On June 12th, 2023, Dr. Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC to share case studies and testimonies that put more light on this whole set of phenomena.

Source: National Press Club

The video of that press conference is shared below.

What Grusch and Greer are sharing with respect to the US defense department and contractors working on new tools and weapon systems based on alien technology is not a "conspiracy theory".

In fact, Investigative reporter Michael Shellenberger appeared on 'Jesse Watters Primetime' to share details from sources who confirmed that the US government has 'non-human spacecrafts' and that they are trying to "reverse engineer". These are housed in the air bases.

It seems that there are 12 spaceships with the US government and the contractors. One source even suggested that they are trying to even fly one of the alien craft.

As one source said - "the toothpaste is out of the tube."

One sentiment Mike shares is that it is time to get off the "controversy theory" train on the alien contacts now and share the details with the world.

Contractors and Area 51 after all!

Radiance Technology, a Nevada-based company, for example, is quietly becoming a major player in developing cutting-edge weapons and systems for the Pentagon. It already boasts 20 offices in 17 US states.

But what exactly does Radiance Technology do with the 105,000 square feet of laboratory space? The company’s website hints at involvement in exotic defense technologies including direct energy weapons, hypersonic missiles, and systems to defend against cyber warfare among other projects reminiscent of science fiction. But what’s happening at Nellis Air Force Base? “I can’t tell you a lot,” Tinsley says. “I can tell is you is we’ve supported the Las Vegas community, Nellis Air Force Base, for over 20 years.” (Source: "Is this company working with alien technology in Nevada?" / 8 NewsNow)

Interestingly, Area 51 has been the focus of many UFO scholars even when the US government has maintained its top secret status.

Area 51 is a highly classified United States military installation within the Nevada Test and Training Range. It is located at Groom Lake, in Southern Nevada, 83 miles from Las Vegas. Built in 1955, it was initially built to serve as a test facility for the Lockheed U-2 Spy Plane. Over the years, other well-known aircraft has been tested here, including the Archangel-12, the SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. Area 51 was not officially acknowledged by the CIA as a military base until June 2013. (Source:

Over the years, Area 51 has been a haven for alien stories.

About 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, somewhere between mile markers 29 and 30 along Nevada’s “Extraterrestrial Highway” (State Highway 375), lies an unmarked dirt road. Although no buildings are visible from the asphalt, the track leads to Groom Lake or Homey Airport—as it’s called on civilian aviation maps. For those in the know, this road leads to a military base with many unofficial names: Paradise Ranch; Watertown; Dreamland Resort; Red Square; The Box; and The Ranch; Nevada Test and Training Range; Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center (Det. 3, AFFTC); and Area 51. (Source: The legend of Area 51—and why it still fascinates us / National Geographic)

Now, the official name for Area 51 is the Nevada Test and Training Range, which is a unit of the Nellis Air Force Base. So it is rather interesting that a company that is said to be working on alien technologies has such a strong work relationship with the Nellis Air Force Base (AFB).

The link between what Radiance is doing in terms of cutting-edge weapons technology and UFO studies in Pentagon became clear when Radiance technologies hired two "UFO veterans" from Pentagon.

Source: (Source: "Is this company working with alien technology in Nevada?" / 8 NewsNow)

But this is not the only instance of the US defense organizations working with alien technologies and materials. In another case, a UFO group - who would in general interactions be dismissed for being conspiratorial - have been sought by the US Army for use in combat vehicles.

Source: UFO Group Sharing Exotic Materials With Army for Combat Vehicles / Bloomberg Government

What all this points to is clear.

Alien and UFO conspiracy theory epithets are diversionary tactics used by the military and governmental powers to leverage alien technologies without many questions from outside. With stakes so high in geopolitical arena and overt spend in millions, seriousness of the authorities in these topics cannot be overemphasized enough.

The question that we are left with is - are we on the course for a larger and more terrible encounter and battle with aliens?

Different aliens and levels of consciousness

The encounters of the mystics and spiritual beings with the alien forms have left them overwhelmed in terms of the level of consciousness that these forms have reached at.

What they are referring to is how while they maintain their individuality, they remain "entangled" as one species.

The goal of Oneness that most spiritual masters advance is a natural state in the alien forms they have encountered. That is not trivial.

On the other hand, the Western powers have chosen to engage with the aliens at the level and for objectives that have defined the West throughout its existence - the quest for power and control.

As opposed to seeking for fulfilling human potential and well-being in the most fundamental and primordial sense.

So, the Western establishments are trying to reengineer the tools and bodies of alien ships and "people" left behind. In order to create more lethal weapon systems.

The two interactions and assessments - Indian yogis, mystics and enlightened beings Vs Western military establishments - are very different.

Whether this dichotomy is a manifestation of some cultural difference that is "man-made" or an "inter-stellar power play" that is being enacted out on this planet is difficult to say or prove.

But this dichotomy and how we approach the world and the universe going forward will define mankind's future in a big way.

For, given the trajectory of the world power struggle, one thing is certain - if we don't kill ourselves fighting with the aliens, we will surely annihilate between ourselves.

It could be different though too. If we choose to seek life differently.

Video Corner: Indo-US Engagement

Samir Saran is a thinker and commentator that I respect. He is the President of India’s premier think tank, Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

Here he participates in a podcast with Smita Prakash, an Indian journalist. The discussion is interesting and intriguing. One remark that stayed with me was "The US-Europe and US-Japan partnership served the 1st billion; Ind-US will serve next 7 billion"

The Indo-US relationship with its technology transfer and other engagement may well be to the benefit of the larger Global South. Something that has not happened and an area for which the US had no pathways available. On its own or with its partners.

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