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Virtual Water Trade in India – A definitive guide

Virtual Water Trade is a game-changing flow that has been underway globally as it gets ready to disrupt societies, economies, and food security in many societies.  Virtual Water Trade in India and from India is an important topic.  Something that needs to be properly understood for correct public policy decisions.

15 Jul 20 4 min read

Work from Home – Studies show Incredible benefits

Different companies are looking at work very differently now. They are trying to evaluate if the current COVID-19 enforced ‘Work from Home’ arrangements can be continued? If they can have a mixed approach – where you work off-site for most times but have face time in the office with your colleagues

25 May 20 4 min read

China’s leading fake id maker IDChief is back!

Straightforward entry to fabrications has provoked police to venture up their requirement endeavors Bouncers in Campustown are veterans at spotting counterfeit IDs. They know the signs – the logo isn’t exactly right, the shading is off, the card simply doesn’t have the correct feel. Be that as it may,

01 Oct 18 6 min read

When everything fails on Earth…

The planet’s largest companies today are the technology companies.  Everything is based on technology and networks.  From your banks to education to jobs to even basic food being delivered now.  In fact, the Internet of Things is making everything web-based and driven via internet actions.  Everything – and everyone (at

11 Sep 15 3 min read

Antarctica Melting 10 times faster than 600 years back

Scientists have found [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2309256/Antarctic-ice-melting-10-times-faster-600-years-ago.html] that Summer ice is melting 10 times faster in the Antarctic than it was 600 years ago, with the most rapid melt occurring in the past 50 years.  Some of their findings are truly astonishing and point to

16 Apr 13 2 min read

India heading to a massive water disaster!

India has 18% of the world’s population, 2.6% of landmass and 4% of renewable water reserves.  This is something that we need to be acutely aware of.  And on top of that, we are messing up the water resources that we do have at an alarming rate.  Looks

04 Apr 13 1 min read

San Francisco on way to become a “Zero Waste City”

Some stories make your day!  This is one such. San Francisco is trying to become the first city with zero waste. By requiring residents and businesses to separate compostable items such as food scraps, as well as recyclable items.  Here is a report on how the city has already reduced

25 Jan 13 2 min read

Man who creates Clouds Indoors

Berndnaut Smilde is a Dutch artist, who is literally generating a storm of attention with his art.  Well, he creates clouds indoors. He creates Nimbus clouds, which exist for a few seconds before dissipating. > He uses a smoke machine, combined with moisture and dramatic lighting to create an indoor cloud

16 Jan 13 1 min read
Achievement and Leadership

The Amazing Living Bridges of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state which has the highest amount of rainfall in the world.  Cherrapunji holds a world record of the highest recorded rainfall.  In such a place, rivers are aplenty.  And trees as well.  When the entire land is crisscrossed with rivers – how do you build so many strong

22 Dec 12 3 min read

Even Chimps and Orangutans go through Mid-life crisis!

We all go through mid-life crisis everywhere.  Sometimes, this issue takes a deadly form and could lead to depressions and suicide.  Yet, in other cases, it could lead to some radical shifts in life which lead to new careers and new loves. We go through a U-shaped life.  Happy in

07 Dec 12 2 min read

India’s air is the world’s unhealthiest!

India is the worst country when it comes to Air Pollution as seen per the Environmental Performance Index, which is conducted and written [http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/01/indias-air-the-worlds-unhealthiest-study-says/] by the environmental research centers at Yale and Columbia universities.  As you can see below, the Asian countries

06 Nov 12 2 min read

India’s Energy Conundrum: Which way to go?

Despite all the talk for ages now, India’s energy situation has remained unresolved.  For all the progress that India is slated to do in the coming years, the lack of proper infrastructure, of which energy is the most crucial component – will be a key villain.  Unless the resources are

23 Jan 12 1 min read

Learning Grace of being Human from the Japanese

Despite what the Japanese have achieved through sheer hard work after a complete devastation in World War II, has been unprecedented in mankind’s history.  Specifically, when one sees how little they had to get there.  What they achieved in terms of economic and industrial development is one thing, the

27 Mar 11 3 min read

Japan Calamity 2011: A potential Nuclear Catastrophe unfolding?

A nuclear catastrophe is potentially around the corner.  After the earthquake affected the Japanese nuclear plant, three explosions and a fire have occurred in four days.  Quite simply, the situation at Japan’s earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is dire.  On Tuesday there was an explosion at plant’s No.

15 Mar 11 6 min read

Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia and the past catastrophes

Yet another earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on richter scale has hit Indonesia [http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/10/27/indonesia.quake/index.html?hpt=T1].  It was again accompanied with a Tsunami.  Over 300 people are dead and over 400 are missing. In September 2010, two earthquakes

28 Oct 10 4 min read

Oil munching bacteria BP's best mates

Man is a wretched animal.  It can mess nature up for his own benefit.  Nature is still bountiful.  It just gives.  Recently, in probably the worst Oil disaster in history, millions of gallons of oil spilled all over the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil leak. With such a

27 Aug 10 2 min read

Earthquakes and Icelandic Volcano

As freak an incident as Icelandic volcanic eruption may have been, it goes to show what weather and nature gone haywire can do to our best laid out plans. For many these were vacation plans.  Airlines are losing in milliions!  And people are suffering at the airports.. where there is

22 Apr 10 1 min read

Climate Change is not about Environment, but about us!

Something is fundamentally wrong with our approach to Environment and Climate Change.  We all want to save all the things.. we want to save the plants, species, the waters, the icy glaciers, the mountains, the seas, the food.  Everything.  We are having conferences and seminars.  Even fight over if the

05 Feb 10 1 min read

Air Pollution and Polar Bears

This is a pretty “in-your-face” ad on Global Warming.  I guess the world cares about the Urgent more than it cares for the Important.  And as for Global Warming.. since it is in the future, people are not really too bothered. Such ads which hit one hard through graphic and

26 Nov 09 1 min read

Half Human, Half Goat born in Africa

This is one strange creature huh!  Human face and a goat body.. born off of a goat?  It was born in village of Maboleni, in Zimbabwe.  These days some real cool stuff is taking birth.. early it was mutant dog babies and now this.  Nature is totally confused these days!

25 Sep 09 1 min read

Lions and a man

This is surely the most amazing footage of relationship between a man and animals that I have seen.  These are wild animals and no trick photography is used here. 🙂

07 Sep 09 1 min read

India's water table dropping at an alarming rate!

India’s future is dependent on its water.  If we don’t wake up, the country will die of hunger.  Ground water tables, according a study, to led by Matthew Rodell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland; in 3 states including New Delhi area have fallen at

14 Aug 09 1 min read

Lighting a Billion Lives©

This piece has been written by Manish Pandey, from TERI.  In these days, when everyone is promoting alternative energy, I feel TERI is doing a tremendous work.  Let’s learn something and contribute to it. Over 1.6 billion people in the world lack access to electricity; roughly 25% are

04 Jun 09 2 min read

Environment-friendly House of Shit

EcoFaeBrick [http://ecofaebrick.com/index.html] is a company which makes bricks out of … well.. cow dung.  These bricks are 20% lighter and 20% stronger than clay brick.  of course, they are good for the environment as they save the soil from being dug up, reduce the carbon emissions (using

29 Apr 09 1 min read

Hurricane Gustav heading our way

In the next two days, Gustav (a Category 3 hurricane) is set to hit New Orleans.  The city has evacuated and the residents are heading north or West – on I-10 towards Houston.  The hurricane may hit Houston as well.. although it will probably not be too bad by the time

01 Sep 08 1 min read

Higher Gas Prices, less driving

Americans drove 42 billion fewer miles during the first 6 months of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007.  The break up was: MonthDrop in miles (billion)Jan3.6Feb1.0Mar11.1Apr3.9May10.2Jun12.2(figures from USA Today Aug 22) As you can see as the gas prices rose

22 Aug 08 1 min read

Now, we find World's Smallest Snake

One would have thought that with the way man has proliferated the planet and the instruments that we have – we would have identified and documented every species on earth.  Apparently not. Scientists have found now – what they call is the World’s smallest snake [http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/

04 Aug 08 1 min read

Prius becomes greener

Toyota is planning to make Prius even more energy efficient and green. By next Spring, Toyota will come out with a Prius powered with solar panels [http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/toyota-equip-prius-solar-panels/story.aspx?guid={A5960A1A-E176-4A08-952C-4BC4A0A69284}] . It will help power the AC. > The redesigned Prius will have solar panels

08 Jul 08 1 min read

India needs a different answer: Sunita Narain

Today I was listening in to this NPR program where Sunita Narain was discussing the environment dilemmas in India and how the different protagonists was addressing it within the country and how the world was behaving to the issue at large. I have heard a lot of activists in India

26 Jun 08 3 min read

Nature's Axis of Evil

Earth is the new member of “Axis of Evil”!  It has acquired some rather strong Nuclear reactors that none of us were aware of!  And its been firing those off with complete non-chalance adding to the heat at the crust and sending isotopes our way. This is terrible! What’s

18 May 08 1 min read

Top Soil Erosion: An "Under-the-radar" Environment threat

If you thought that Global Warming itself was the worst thing aroung harming the environment – think again!  There is one other thing that is harming the liveable environment very clearly specifically in South Asia and no one is quite talking about it!  Its the top soil erosion.  After population growth,

08 May 08 3 min read

Third largest Oil Field discovered in Brazil

This is a great injustice of nature.  Here is a country which is a leader in using Ethanol.  80% of its fuel needs are met through Ethanol and only 20% through Carbon fuel.  And what do you think they come up with? The THIRD LARGEST oil field [http://www.hindustantimes.

20 Apr 08 1 min read

Skin color map of the world

We all know skin color is affected by the climate one lives in.  Here is an interesting map of the skin colors across the world – from the lightest to the darkest. See how the dark converges to the equator?

30 Jan 08 1 min read

2007 was Earth's Second Warmest year!

If we needed any evidence that the planet is warming, then this is it, despite what those loony US republicans may want to say: > The greatest warming in 2007 occurred in the Arctic, and neighboring high latitude regions. Global warming has a larger affect in polar areas, as the loss

16 Jan 08 1 min read

UFO in Kolkatta and Scientist's double-speak

Scientists these days have issues with things beyond their minds and knowledge. First they claim it is natural.. then it is unnatural and a trickery and media reports it as if the scientist has proved the “mysterious phenomenon” wrong! Kolkatta, apparently was visited by the friendly neighborhood UFO. A guy

30 Oct 07 1 min read

UFO in Kolkatta and Scientist's double-speak

Scientists these days have issues with things beyond their minds and knowledge. First they claim it is natural.. then it is unnatural and a trickery and media reports it as if the scientist has proved the “mysterious phenomenon” wrong! Kolkatta, apparently was visited by the friendly neighborhood UFO. A guy

30 Oct 07 1 min read

Wake up Call for Delhi!!

Yamuna river – the lifeline of Delhi – is dying. What is left now is a sewer really. How long it can sustain is anybody’s guess! Unless something is done … and done fast, not much would be left to supply water to Delhi. Many factors are responsible for it: untreated sewerage

24 Oct 07 1 min read

Water – Inequities and World Thirst

Water is THE most useful resource for human life.  We may not realize it, but it is far more important that diamonds and gold!  The status of water is in a bad state around the world.  As the population grows and the pressure on water resources increases because of pollution,

20 Sep 07 2 min read

Meat Eating Hurts Human AND Environment Health!

The modern world has a swagger.  A sense of over-confidence that we can do what we want and the negatives can be overcome through some scientific break-through.  Until now, that has been true.  But the tipping point may be approaching fast and furious.  Those who want to enjoy the abundance

13 Sep 07 1 min read

Global Warming is real guys!!

Well.. do you see how the right wingers and those aligned to the Oil and large companies keep talking against the global warming.. in an ostrich-like approach with the hope that things will go away if we dont talk about it.  The same section also keeps arguing that the current

08 Aug 07 1 min read

50 lbs of Ice falls from Sky in Iowa!

Did you see this?  Amazing huh!  Ice balls weighing 50 lbs pelted homes from the sky in Iowa [http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/07/27/falling.ice.ap/index.html]! There could be two reasons – either they fell from an airplane (one heck of chunks of ice that plane

29 Jul 07 1 min read

England Floods as Drinking water supplies run out!

England is in floods – rare ones!  Many people have been evacuated specially in Gloucester and Oxford (BBC update [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6914876.stm]) Says DK Matai on Intentblog [http://www.intentblog.com/archives/2007/07/climate_chaos_u.html]: > The flooding crisis has broken

25 Jul 07 1 min read

How we are Raping the Himalayas!

The world is changing.  And rapidly.  The Global Warming – a direct result of increased industrialization is condemning the future of our kids like nothing has ever done before!Here is [http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2007/07/06/everest_pla.html?category=earth] what the kids of Tenzing Norgay and

10 Jul 07 2 min read

Greenland was once … well .. Green!!

So, there was some Truth (albeit Pre-Historic) to Greenland’s name after all!  It was not always this cold.  Earth has gone from hot to cold and back again.. and it will keep going back and forth all the while. An international team of researchers recovered ancient DNA from the

07 Jul 07 1 min read

Mumbai floats in rain water.

There is something terribly wrong with almost all the Indian cities.  But the mess is most visible in Mumbai.  The earth can take the greed of a population – shameless greed – only to a point.  And then it gives way.  Mumbai has come to that point.  It has surely the most

01 Jul 07 1 min read

Earth's heat and the Continents

If it wasn’t for the heat in the earth’s crust, most of continental North America would have been in the sea!  Thus say some scientists in Utah. Here [http://hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?id=d335f865-b61b-4a07-9e69-81cfb6e5137b&MatchID1=4486&TeamID1=8&TeamID2=10&MatchType1=1&SeriesID1=1120&PrimaryID=4486&

27 Jun 07 1 min read

China paves a road to Everest despite protests

China is creating a paved road to Mount Everest base camp. This 110 km road will be completed by next August and may also have commercial interests – like hotels in the future.  It will go via Tibet to the base camp. Despite the protests from the environmentalists, China is powering

20 Jun 07 1 min read

Hindu Dead burn 50 million trees a year!!

We Hindus cremate our dead.  It is ecologically useful.. presumably.. and psychologically better.. but I could never think of the environmental ramifications [http://www.economist.com/displayStory.cfm?story_id=9354014&fsrc=RSS] that it could create?  Every year 8.5 million Hindus (and Sikhs, I presume) die in India.

19 Jun 07 1 min read

Loss of a main weather satellite and politics of US!

There is this weather satellite called QuickScat launched in 1999 and past its lifetime.  Now it could go away anytime.  US though does not have any thoughts of replacing it.  Loss of QuickScat diminishes the ability to predict hurricanes in the US by ~16%.  When the Director of National Hurricane

17 Jun 07 1 min read

Five Villages in Orissa Devoured by Sea!

Remember the scenes from "The World After Tomorrow" where the sea comes inland?  And the how the Global Warming experts talk about ocean-side cities and islands being covered by sea soon into the future?  Well, the FUTURE has happened.. and in fact has been happening for last 15 years!!  In

18 May 07 1 min read

Bees are disappearing.. and so will the food!

Bees are disappearing in the US.  So what!  Hmm.. nothing much except that Bees pollinate the flowering crops… and if they go away.. heck US’s food production is at stake! > Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation’s

10 May 07 1 min read

How long did this fish come!

I got this story in an email from a friend.  He is an avid boating and fishing enthusiast and likes to visit this forum started by the manufacturer of his boat.  I found it fascinating that this fish could make its way across the Atlantic and was found two and

09 May 07 1 min read

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