Wild tiger numbers in India are up by 33% in four years 

Wild tiger numbers in India are up by 33% in four years 

Based on an extensive study involving information collected across 146,000 sq miles (380,000 sq km) and data collected from almost 350,000 images from 26,000 camera traps in known tiger habitats, the census found that Tigers in India were finally growing!

India’s wild tiger population has increased by more than 30% in four years, raising hopes for the survival of the endangered species.A census found there were 2,967 tigers, up from 2,226 four years ago. The prime minister, Narendra Modi, called the figures a “historic achievement” and said India was one of the biggest and safest habitats for tigers around the world. (Source: The Guardian)

This is a great news for animal conservation and wild life enthusiasts.  There is a conflict between man and animals for habitat.  There has been encroachment into the tiger habitats and wild-life areas due to development projects like roads, housing, canals etc.

Conserving tigers is not easy.  For, it needs space.

“Every adult tiger needs to create his or her own territory, and this territory is sometimes almost 200 sq km, so they need quite a bit of space,” she said. “If you want our numbers to be stable then tigers need to disperse.”

That just means the humans will need to be cognizant of their co-inhabitants of the land.

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