Tiger Skin and Animal Trophies Seized from Kamal Nath’s Close Aides, Nath was Project Tiger Champion As Minister of Environment!

Tiger Skin and Animal Trophies Seized from Kamal Nath’s Close Aides, Nath was Project Tiger Champion As Minister of Environment!

The Congress machinery is trying to contain the fall-out and block the raids by Income Tax itself.  What is extremely alarming is that their top leaders are personally blocking the access by the media and the authorities.

Republic TV crew has been man-handled by the Congress goons.

Meanwhile the Congress Party accountant who received Rs 20 crores via Hawala is now being interrogated.

Income tax officers are questioning Congress accountant SM Moin about certain transactions after they searched the properties of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s aides on Sunday, sources said today.
The raids in Madhya Pradesh netted unaccounted cash of Rs. 281 crore, and part of it had been sent to the headquarters of “a major political party in Delhi”, the income tax department said on Monday. Another Rs. 20 crore moved through hawala (illegal transaction) channels from the home of a senior functionary on Delhi’s Tughlak Road, it added.

When one looks at the web page of AICC office bearers one finds only one leader who has a Tughlak Road address.  Does it mean that the AICC President Rahul Gandhi was involved in the Hawala transaction of Rs 20 crore?  One does not really know because the press reports are not clear about the name, but one is trying to check who all live on that road.  The Indian media should be asking the question and letting the nation know.

Illegal Animal Trade by Congress?

What is most disturbing is that this raid has uncovered the most astonishing stash of animal hides.  Of endangered species!

In fact the officials of the Forest department had to be called to the site.

“Trophies” of black buck, leopard, tiger, spotted deer have been found at the residence of Ashwin Sharma, the associate of Kamal Nath’s OSD, Praveen Kakkar.  So now the Action may be taken against the Congress functionary under Wildlife Protection Act.

It is the Tiger hide that is the most disturbing when the country’s top agencies have been trying to revive the Tiger population.

Madhya Pradesh is known as Tiger State and has major Tiger Sanctuaries.  Bandhavgarh has the highest density of tigers in India.  The other main tiger sanctuary is Kanha.  These are main Tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh.  The other animals one can see there are deer and leopards – the skins and trophies found in Congress leader’s home!

This makes you wonder – what kind of party are we dealing with here.  What kind of people are at the helm.  And everyone, from Rahul Gandhi to Ahmed Patel are not just linked with such transactions but are protecting those who are running such illegal trade involving hawala and even animal hides and trophies!

Kamal Nath was the “Tiger Conservation champion” in Congress!

And here is the kicker – Kamal Nath was the Minister for Environment and Forests and was “spearheading” the Project Tiger.  In fact,Valmik Thapar who has worked for 43 years with wild tigers, wrote in one of the articles in 2018 as to how the Government was just interested in creating more reserves without any actual action.

IN 1992 I joined the steering committee of Project Tiger at the invitation of Kamal Nath, the then minister of environment and forests. He made it clear to all of us that non-governmental experts who served the committee should travel extensively to all the tiger reserves, solve their problems and enable them to flourish. Till 2007, I did nothing else and our committee was known to be a bunch of experts that could really help. (source)

DowntoEarth reports how Kamal Nath was instrumental in creating intelligence cell to gather information on poaching and smuggling and even a “strike force”.

A worried Kamal Nath, minister of state for environment and forests, admitted at a press conference that census reports received from 19 state and Union Territories were “a cause for serious consern since several hundred tigers are missing”.
Nath announced the formation of a “crisi cell” under his chairpersonship to function as a sub-committee of the MEF steering committee. He also promised the formation of an intelligence cell to gather information on poaching and smuggling and a “strike force” to be deputed to crisis-ridden areas.

As reported in the video above from CNN, one of the things recovered were the illegal guns and arms, which were unregistered.

So, the entire racket of blatant poaching of endangered animals was going by the closest aides of Kamal Nath, while he was trying to sell Tiger conservation.

This is the kind of depravity and wickedness that we are dealing with under Congress!  We are handing those innocent and helpless animals in the very hands of those who delight in killing them! What to say of the poor and weak human beings?

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