Did the Hindu Vote impact the mandate in UK General Elections so decisively?

Did the Hindu Vote impact the mandate in UK General Elections so decisively?

In the UK General Elections, a major shift has happened in Britain this time.  The Brexit issue that had ruptured the psyche of the political structure of the country badly suddenly seems to have been settled.  Or so it seems.  Ever since the infamous referendum on June 23rd, 2016 when 51.89% voted for (while 48.11%) voted against Brexit, the difference between the two sides has been rather thin.  But this general elections Britain has given a different message.  Or has it?  Let us analyze about one factor that many may have overlooked.

Conservatives landslide win in UK General Elections

The landslide numbers in this General elections in the UK show a shocking change of fortunes indeed!  The Conservative party led by Boris Johnson won a huge majority!  And, Labour party slumped to one of the worst defeats in many decades.

Landslide for Conservatives

It is too early to say if the Indian vote was decisive in the UK General elections or not, but given how one major community in UK changed directions completely and favored Conservatives over their traditional political party, the Labour, one can say that it contributed significantly to the final result!

Interestingly, if you see in the end, the number of seats that Conservatives gained afresh were 47.  The rough number of seats which the Indian Hindu community, as you will see below, had planned to impact.  If indeed the Indian community has been able to contribute to that number, then it is a great case study for the other Indian communities elsewhere in the world – the US, Canada and Australia.  If the Hindus stand for their rights, they can significantly change things!

Hypocrisy of the Labour Liberals of UK

In the run up to this elections and in keeping with the global liberal trends, the so-called liberals of the Labour party had sided once again with the Islamists.  Jeremy Corbyn and others in the Labour party were constantly espousing Pakistan’s agenda when it came to Kashmir, specifically in the time of abrogation of Article 370.  In fact, in their annual conference in September, the Labour Party even passed an emergency motion on Kashmir.  The motion called for “international observers in the region” and called it a  “major humanitarian crisis taking place in Kashmir.”

Knowing that the reaction was strong from the Indian community, the Labour party started playing games with Indians.

On the one hand Ian Lavery retracted on party resolution’s Kashmir stance, which Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party never endorsed, but on the very other hand his party allegedly jumped internal party processes to declare Claudia Webbe, who is supposed to have chaired anti-India motions to represent a constituency of Keith Vaz, eight times MP from the area. India Today

Labour’s fetish for the Islamists showed in their reach out to the pro-Pakistan and pro-Kashmir-terror organizations.  In fact,   Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front , a terrorist organization, openly supported Labour in an open letter.

That set into motion a reaction from the Indian community, specifically the Hindus, who were being demonized for pushing back on the villification campaign being run the by so-called liberal but Hinduphobic media of the West.

It did not matter to the so-called liberals of the West that all the progressive legislation with respect to women, LGBTQ community, Dalits and the poor that Indian parliament had passed and all Indians enjoyed were expressly thrown out by the Jammu and Kashmir politicians ONLY because of the power of Article 370.  It was Article 370 which enabled the draconian and regressive policies of the Jammu and Kashmir politicians to be kept in place without any question or threat of accountability!

Read all about the Article 370 here.

When the Progressive, Assimilated Community was targeted

When the educated, progressive, assimilated and prosperous Hindu community was targeted by the so-called liberal media and politicians of the Labour party high on vote bank power of the Islamists and petro dollars, it was then that the Hindu community decided to stand for itself.

This election, the Hindus specifically, and Indians in general, had decided to look after their own interest and that of their children.  If after all the hard work, assimilation, positive contributions, and achievements, if someone could demonize them just for being themselves, then it was critical to put a stake in the sand and say – “Enough. Thus far and no more!”

The local leader in the Hindu community had suggested that if the Hindus voted for their stand, and put their lot behind the Conservative Party, then they had estimated that around 48 seats could be turned around.

The motion also angered Bharatiya Janata Party supporters in Britain. The Overseas Friends of the BJP, or OFBJP, a foreign advocacy group with links to the BJP, urged Indians in the UK not to vote for the Labour Party. Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, the OFBJP’s UK president, told the Times of India that it is campaigning in favour of the ruling Conservative Party, and that it has identified 48 seats where there are significant numbers of Indian-origin voters. Caravan Magazine

And all this started showing up in the polls and surveys as well.  In a first of its kind YouGov poll of British Indian voters, the results were shocking!

  • Labour Party declines 12-Points among British Indians since 2017 General Election.
  • A majority of British Indians dislike both Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.
  • More British Indians believe that UK-India Relations would worsen under Jeremy Corbyn than Boris Johnson.
  • 47% of British Indians believe that the UK should do more to improve trade & investment with India
  • Overwhelming Majority of British Indians prefer to remain in the European Union and do not support No Deal Brexit.
  • 18% of respondents are still undecided – higher than most recent UK polling as a whole.

The Indians did not care for Brexit.  In fact most of their social stances were aligned to the Labour party.  But the Labour party has decided that globally it will side with Islamic supremacism.  And, for those who have suffered under the devastating impact of that evil, the choice was clear.  Islamism could not be supported at any cost!

With no major social change to turn the mood or the values of the general British public, one could surmise that one factor may have flipped the scenario completely in this election in UK.  The Indian – specifically the Hindu – vote.

Post script

As it turns out, the early indications are that the Indian Vote did in fact make a huge difference to the Conservative Party’s fortunes.

“The Conservative Party has won at least 10 seats in this election on the strength of the Indian vote,” Conservative MP Bob Blackman, elected from Harrow East constituency, told CNN-News18.  Elsewhere, Indian candidates from the Conservative Party and Indians voting for it ate huge chunks away from the Labour lead in its own backyard. News18

The Indian vote brought at least 10 seats to the Torries.  And where it was not the decisive vote, it made a substantial contribution by eating away a large chunk from the Labour party’s vote count!

Across the Pond in 2020

The community has always minded its own business.  Done its lot for every nation, society, and culture they have been part of without trying to alter it.  But the cost of silence and disengagement has been that those who are vocal and engaged with the political discourse have been successful in demonizing the whole community for being Hindus.

This needs to stop.

UK community has shown that when it stands up, they can change a nation’s direction to help their own lot.  It should not stop at that.  Next year, there is another test across the pond from the British isles.  And, the Democrats have done the same with a similarly docile, quiet, yet successful, educated, progressive and assimilated community.  They have demonized it via New York Times, Washington Post and through Congressional hearings.

This too will need to be taken on.  The Hindu voice counts and should be made to be heard.  So our coming generation is not subjugated and persecuted as many of the vilified and demonized minorities are.  Our vote in 2020 election will pave the way for the future of our coming generation.

Let us make it count.

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