J&K Top Cop Imtiyaz Hussain Exposes BBC and its fake reporting!

J&K Top Cop Imtiyaz Hussain Exposes BBC and its fake reporting!

Given the atrocious role being played by so-called journalists from BBC, NYT, Washington Post, Economist et al; it is important to show facts on Kashmir.  Growing up all these years to treat these media outlets with not just respect but reverence; it is quite a turn to see how they report on issues that one actually understands something about!  And,iyaz that has made me think – if they are painting Kashmir with their sickeningly fake brush, then what about the other issues that I did not know about?  What havoc have they played in the world until now?

J&K Cop @hussain_imtiyaz bares shameful lies from @BBCUrdu about Kashmir and their ideologically driven propaganda - as if they are Jehadi spokespersons Click To Tweet

Thankfully, in the case of Kashmir, there are authentic people who are taking these fake journalists on in the social media realm.  For example, J&K Police Officer Imtiyaz Hussain.

On Aug 26th, he discussed how the main news outlets were selectively choosing their ideological reportage of news.

He explains that the killings that have happened are due to Pakistan backed terrorists and of those terrorists.  But did these news outlets report that?  NO!

Actually, Aditya Raj Kaul had shown pictures of how the Pakistani terrorists had killed two innocent Kashmiri Muslims there.  But no outrage or reportage from BBC or others.  And Aarti Tikoo Singh, Associate Editor at Hindustan Times called it out.

And, then a truck driver was lynched and killed by stone pelters.  BBC tried to justify that killing by saying that the stone pelters thought that it was an Army truck.  As if that is justification enough?  Want to see how they justify someone lynching British Army personnel in Afghanistan!!

And, then as shamefully as they had peddled that nonsense, they took that out, without an apology of course!  But Imtiyaz had already taken a screenshot of that from the BBC!

BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Economist, Guardian are all ideologically compromised into an Islamist agenda globally.  That is quite clear for most of us who care and know the situation on the ground in areas where they report in such a shoddy and shameful manner.  It is time now to take them to the task and bring down these last vestiges of colonial and imperial power.  The power to define who we are simply by writing whatever can help portray how their masters want us to look like!

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