Greeks are the Biggest Cultural Chauvinists in Europe

Greeks are the Biggest Cultural Chauvinists  in Europe

There was a time when the Greek Culture was at its peak and brought a lot of great ideas and philosophies.  But all that was destroyed over the years and Abrahamic belief systems over-powered its existence.  Specifically Christianity.  A Pew Research Center poll revealed the strong chauvinism of the Greeks.

Do you think your culture is superior to that of people elsewhere? Across Europe, that question is answered with a remarkable degree of variation. In eight of the 33 countries recently surveyed by the Pew Research Center, at least two-thirds of the respondents said they believe their culture is superior to those of other nations. All eight are in Eastern Europe.  Here are the top 10 countries and their scores in Europe.

  1. Greece 89%
  2. Russia, Bulgaria 69%
  3. Norway 58%
  4. Poland 55%
  5. Italy, Austria, Portugal 47%
  6. UK, Hungary 46%
  7. Germany 45%
  8. France 36%
  9. Sweden 26%
  10. Spain 20%
Greece culture

What is also significant is that Greeks believe that “being a Christian is very important for being truly Greek.”  And, 76% Greeks believe in that idea.

This is significant because it was Christianity that destroyed and obliterated all the major Greek schools of learning and wisdom! Please read this to know more. How Christianity Destroyed the Greek Way of Life and Lessons for India


Chauvinism in case of Greece is accompanied by a complete disregard and amnesia of its past.  The pride that Greeks have in their culture, a product of their past, is completely contrary to the actual facts that caused its decline in the first place.  That they pride in their Greek culture which was exterminated by Christianity, while believing that Christianity is at the heart of being Greek, is indeed a remarkable story of Stockholm Syndrome.

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