Another Pulwama style Terror Attack averted in Kashmir

Another Pulwama style Terror Attack averted in Kashmir

This is the stuff of spy thriller stories.  In a remarkable intelligence victory, Indian forces neutralized a 2019 Pulwama style attack once again in Pulwama thus preventing a major bloodbath in a CRPF convoy of over 400 personnel.

On 14 February 2019, a CRPF convoy was attacked by Adil Ahmad Dar of Jaish-e-Mohammed killing 40 jawans.  In response to that dastardly attack, India had conducted the Balakot air strike on JeM’s headquarters killing over 300 terrorists.

Did Pak Foreign Minister give the operation away?

Given how tense the situation is on the border with China as well, such an attack would have created a huge sentiment to strike Pakistan for its repeated terror activities.  It is possible that Pakistani Foreign Minister may have given the indication of such a plot away when he talked to UN Secretary-General about a “false flag” operation from India.

Pakistan on Friday contacted United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the deplorable situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir and informed that India may resort to a “false flag operation” to divert the world’s attention from its rights violations in Kashmir.Pakistan Today

When Pakistanis talk of something imminent happening while calling it as a “false flag” operation, chances are that they have a terror attack in the works.  And, since their creativity can only conjure up so much of evil, they reverted to their last year’s plan – of targeting a CRPF convoy with an explosive-laden car.

How original of them!

This time, however, Doval was waiting for them to do this.  And, the forces plus the intelligence forces closed the door on this attack quite cleanly.

Intelligence, Security forces and J&K Police coordination

In an amazing operation between security forces and intelligence agencies, the  forces were also able to arrest the two people who were driving the car alive.  This will provide a great treasure trove of intelligence inputs regarding the planning of the operation.

The target of today’s attack was a group of 400 jawan of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).  The operation was being orchestrated by Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

The white Santro car with a number plate from a Hero Honda bike belonging to a BSF jawan was driving with 40-60 kg of explosives.  A large CRPG convoy of about 20 vehicles was to start from Srinagar (Bakshi Stadium camp) on Thursday morning at around 7.00 am to go to Jammu.  It is said that this entourage would have included almost all the rank officers and personnel of CRPF.

This car was intercepted on the convoy’s route in Pulwama.  The car was detonated in a controlled explosion in Ayendgund Forest region.

The modus operandi of this attack was very similar to the Pulwama attack in 2019.

When the intelligence agencies got the wind of this operation, the information was discretely passed on to the forces in that area.  The Jammu and Kashmir police developed it further.

When the terrorists came in the car, the police signalled them to stop at the checkpoint.  But the terrorists speeded up.  It is then that they were given a chase.  And a drone followed the car.

The security forces opened fire and the driver tried to escape while leaving the car behind.

Terror Monster needs yanking out

Without that, there will be no end to this mind of terror attacks. Any other country would have thought twice after the Balakot airstrike. IT seems that Pakistan’s leadership just does not care. They just want a confrontation at any cost. Even when they know that it will hurt them badly. Even completely annihilation threat doesn’t stop Pakistan in these trying time of COVID.

Such a passionate and unrelenting campaign of terrorism is tough to counter.  The terror forces can only have to be wrong once.  And that once is the greatest unknown in the fight against terror.

That is where the intelligence offcers come in.

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