Drishtikone Newsletter #358: A Fight to the Finish?

Against all sane logic, Pakistani leadership has been abusing and demonizing Indian PM Modi and his ruling party as Hindu hatred is being mainstreamed. In an era of global politics built on Hindu Hatred - what does it mean for Hindus and geopolitics?

Drishtikone Newsletter #358: A Fight to the Finish?
Image by Sugar from Pixabay
“I am alarmed when it happens that I have walked a mile into the woods bodily, without getting there in spirit.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walking

Knowing the details of the events is important.  90% of the people do not even have that information.

But more important than that is knowing the motivation of the people behind those events and why they are doing what they are doing.

When things do not make sense, then you should explore - what are we missing?

In that answer will lie the clue to our actions and plans.  Otherwise, we will be lulled into fighting the wrong battle.

Two things are important in any civilizational battle:

  1. knowing who your battle is against - very important
  2. knowing the extent and potency of his/her hate - critical

If the extent of hate of your adversary is existential in his view, such that he is willing to lose it all and go down completely for that hate agenda, then you have a very different battle on hand.

A battle where there are no resting points or areas of compromise.  For, even the idea of a compromise is a weapon that your adversary will use.

If a hardened adversary is making his battle with you a battle to the end, then, whether you like it or not, it is in many ways - more so civilizationally - a "fight to the finish" for you as well!

Extreme abuse of Hindus - and its normalization

On March 1st, 2021, the Indian diaspora organized a "Tiranga" yatra and a Maple car rally in Brampton to celebrate the Indo-Canadian ties.  Peaceful folks in over 100 cars carrying Indian and Canadian flags proudly participated.

But there were other elements that had other ideas.


They were there to assault the Indians.  Actually Hindus.  See here.


The abuse is very clear.

The Hindu man is being called a "Cow piss drinker".  

This was a Khalistani violent man.  Now, look at what happened in Leicester recently.  Here is a Pakistani Islamist crowd shouting "You fucking cow piss motherfuckers" in front of a Durga Temple abusing the Hindus in that place.


"Cow-piss drinking" abuses dehumanize Hindus so violence against them can be focused on as well as justified.  

Is that just a phenomenon of mobs - Khalistanis and Islamists - that hate Hindus ideologically and religiously?

Apparently not.

Mainstreaming of Hindumisia - Hatred against Hindus

This hate has been mainstreamed.

Take a look at this tweet from Furkan Khan, New Delhi NPR producer, and author of several reports and articles on NPR about India.

"Cow piss Drinkers" again.

This is interesting because, in February, a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist, Adil Ahmad Dar blew up an explosives-laden vehicle into a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama killing 49 soldiers.

His video before the suicide bombing has striking similarities with the Hindu abuse that NPR producer has used.

A video was released soon after by the Pakistan-based jihadi group, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in which Dar claimed responsibility for the attack.  In the video, Dar can be seen calling upon Muslims to rise up and "break the shackles of enslavement", and asking them to listen to his message "keeping in mind all the tales of horrors inflicted upon them by Hindus". He is seen saying, "it was not in the uncouth cow urine drinkers to deal with their attacks".  The derogatory phrase – cow urine drinkers – is commonly used for Hindus in Islamist parlance. (Source: SwarajyaMag)
If the NPR producer was throwing around the "cow-piss drinker" abuse at any other time, it would have meant vile but regular hate speech. But when you echo the exact hate-speech-terror-justifying lingo and sentiments of an Islamist suicide bomber just months after his attack (which was the most significant terror attack in India, from where NPR 'journalist' reported off of) when you are apparently a moderate/secular Muslim who reports for the mainstream global media, then we have something bigger on our hands!

Ok, so Furkan Khan is a closet Islamist.

But is it just Islamist hate of Hindus that is the issue here?

Apparently not.

Remember, that Sikh man- Jodhveer Dhaliwal - who assaulted the Hindu guy during the Tiranga/Maple Rally in Brampton, Canada is the brother-in-law of Jagmeet Singh, the NDP (New Democratic Party) leader and close ally of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Trudeau-Singh deal means Canadians can breathe easy for the next 3 years
Conservatives, of course, are portraying it as an undemocratic affront to the freedoms and liberties of Canadians, writes columnist Max Fawcett.

How easily anti-Hindu bigotry becomes intertwined and thus blessed by political forces can be best seen in Canada.

Why is all this important?

Rabid Hindu Hatred is a Political Program!

Certain expressions and narratives have become a dog whistle for Hindu-Hatred or Hindumisia.

This was started long back, but it gained mainstream usage right after BJP leader Narendra Modi became India's Prime Minister.

Those who considered themselves his political critics or opponents subtly but surely let loose a narrative that decidedly reeked of Hindu hatred but was passed off as political opposition.

Let me give an example.  This was a Twitter exchange between Sagarika Ghose, daughter of Bhaskar Ghose (Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 1993–1995 and Director General of Doordarshan 1986–1988).  She was the prime-time anchor for CNN-IBN from where she resigned in 2014.

She was talking about gay rights and how those "who wallow in cow politics criminalize gays".  

This is instructive in its false narrative because Section 377, which criminalized gays in India was drafted by Thomas Macaulay in 1838 and promulgated by Christian British rulers in 1861 modeled on the Buggery Act of 1533 (Source) passed by Henry VIII based on Christian ecclesiastical court rulings (Source).  This law was finally struck off by the Supreme Court during BJP's rule in 2018 (Section 377 and Dharma – Imposed by British, Repealed by Indian Supreme Court)

Be that as it may, just go through this exchange and how very quickly Ghose shows how her political hate of Modi and the BJP is actually dictated by her vile Hindu-hating mindset.

This was in 2017, and this new form of Hindu hatred was being pushed around in the name of "political opposition".

And, these journalists, just like Furkan Khan of NPR are mainstream journalists.  And the mainstream media houses globally back them up.

Let me explain.

NPR's response - at least overtly on Furkan's tweet - was that the NPR producer had apologized and "resigned from NPR".

Source: Opindia

But was that the complete truth?  The World, NPR's longest-running global news program was getting stories done by Furkan Khan as late as August 2022.

Source: The World

Not just that.  Pulitzer Center - which provides grants to journalists globally and prides itself as the "largest single source of money for global enterprise reporting" has been unusually granting this Hindu-hating bigot for stories on India and Kashmir.

Source: Pulitzer Center

That "Cow-Piss drinker" anti-Hindu slurs underline the dehumanizing of Hindus by those who have an ideological and religious hatred for Hindus is quite apparent.

But what needs to be explored is the furtherance of and mainstreaming of the over-arching hatred and its potency that people from varied workstreams (albeit united together ideologically) harbor in their hearts.

In other words - What unites the Hindu-hating journalists and their benefactors like:

  • Pulwama suicide bomber Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist, Adil Ahmad Dar
  • Khalistani Jodhveer Dhaliwal
  • Jagmeet Singh
  • Pakistan's ISI
  • Furkan Khan
  • Sagarika Ghose
  • NPR
  • Pulitzer Center

Is it just politics?  Or is it really the underlying Hindu hatred (Hindumisia) that goes through all these killings, violence, and abuses?

Is it a new era of the local and global politics built on Hindu hatred?

This question that we are asking is very significant.

When global actors - both in mainstream journalism as well as political leaders of important Western nations - normalize dehumanizing Hindus leading to hatred for Hindus as a political weapon, then we are witnessing a genocide in the making, if not in the happening!

The marriage of political agendas that are prevalent in India - hatred for BJP, the ruling party, and its cultural partner, the RSS, is quickly being used to target Hindus and their temples in Leicester.

Listen to this guy who is leading an Islamist mob in Leicester against a Hindu Temple while he standing in front of it threatening to launch violence.  

His argument briefly - We Muslims are the victims. We are covering our faces (in England) because of discrimination from the BJP/RSS. This temple must denounce the BJP/RSS. We are just defending our honor. Allah Ho Akbar.

Discrimination from BJP in Leicester?


Forget condemning such things, people and the mainstream media has not even been asking questions as to why and how BJP and RSS factor into the whole Leicester violence.  Which incidentally was done by the Pakistani Muslim gangs.

Source: Times of India

Why are people in a small town in England so enthused about a party in far-off India?

Fight to the Finish?

Is it just a coincidence that this verbal Hindu-hatred leading to directed violence against Hindus by the Pakistani Muslims is preceded by now repeated hatred being spewed in global media by Pakistan's leaders - Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers - while feigning "attempts at talking peace"?


Does it seem strange that - Pakistani leadership is trying to create a differentiation between India's democratically elected leaders and India?  

They are spewing absolute falsehoods of "Muslim persecution" while abusing and demonizing India's Prime Minister and his party and yet behaving as if this will bring about peace.

That this sounds eerily similar to the narrative that Rahul Gandhi and his Congress goons spew all the time in India is interesting as well.

When most of the commentators on Pakistani Youtube channels have been discussing the terminal situation that the Pakistani economy, society, and indeed, the nation is in, and the extreme importance of engaging with India -  it must take some kind of death-wish to demonize the leading ruling party in India!  

Even if the Pakistani establishment does not hope to get help from the Indian government, isn't it a strange form of diplomacy to close every avenue of interaction by demonizing your counterparts in a neighboring nation?

Specifically, when the current ruling party and the Prime Minister seem invincible without any opposition really.

Why would you do that?  The reasons I can think of are:

  1. You think if you align with the narrative of the current leadership's opposition (which is hopelessly lost) then you could effect a regime change in India.
  2. As an Islamic country that constitutionally subjugates minorities, if you bat for a certain version of secularism in India that promoted Hindu hatred, then you are betting on a return of that era where your narrative could find currency in that polity and social discourse.
  3. Or plainly the Pakistani establishment expects its strategy of "bleeding India with a Thousand Cuts" with a view to breaking it is so close in their view that animosity with the Indian establishment is inconsequential.

Any which way, we are looking at a situation where the Hindu-hating forces are so emboldened that they can not just hit at the Hindus but hope to succeed in a world where Modi's Indian government is increasingly engaging at every level in global diplomacy.

In other words, they believe strongly in the notion that they can "finish Modi and his rule along with his base" faster than Pakistan can implode under its own inconsistencies.

For them, it clearly looks like a - Fight to the Finish!

Modi's government is part of and plays a leadership role in most of the areas of either conflict or geostrategy and even the environment.


In such a time, does it not surprise you that someone from a country that is on the brink of disaster as Pakistan is, is trying to demonize the Prime Minister of his neighbor?

And, then goons who are of Pakistani origin spewing the same vitriol go around abusing the Hindus and violating their temples?

Something does not add up.

Think about it for sometime.  Meanwhile let us go an unprecedented set of actions that have suddenly gone underway in India by the Modi government.

The Terrorizing Jehadi group - PFI

On July 4th, 2020 as professor TJ Joseph was coming home from Church, six goons attacked him with axes and chopped his right hand below the wrist after forcibly stopping his car.

It's been 12 years and two months since Kerala-based professor TJ Joseph’s hand was chopped off by members of the radical Islamist group Popular Front of India (PFI) for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in a question paper he had set.  Living a simple life at his home in Muvattupuzha, Joseph keeps himself busy reading literary works and writing. He has published four books since his attack in 2010 and all of them were written using his left hand, which he trained himself to, after his right hand was chopped off. (Source: News18)

This is the group against which the Indian government launched a series of raids.

"The raids are taking place at the homes of national, state and local leaders of PFI. The state committee office is also being raided. We strongly protest the fascist regime's moves to use agencies to silence dissenting voices," the PFI said in a statement. (Source: NDTV)

The raids were nationwide.

According to top government officials, the states in which the raids were conducted include Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Puducherry, Assam, Rajasthan. (Source: Hindustan Times)

The raids happened in 15 states at 93 locations resulting in arrests of 106 PFI jihadis.

93 locations raided in 15 states, 106 arrested: Pan-India crackdown on PFI
On Thursday, law-enforcement agencies conducted searches against PFI at 93 locations across India, leading to arrest of 106 activists.

The preparation was done in utter secrecy which matched the work before Article 370 abrogation or Uri attack.

Doval held several meetings with the police officials of Kerala to act against the PFI operatives during his visit to Kochi for the aircraft carrier commissioning. From Kerala, the NSA went to Mumbai, where he lived in the Governor’s house and held meetings with security officials. The meetings with the security agencies were conducted with the same level of confidentiality as was done before the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir or the Uri surgical strike. The operation was planned three to four months in advance in consultation with Islamic leaders. NSA Doval kept the entire plan under cover on the directions of Home Minister Amit Shah.  On D-Day, over 200 officers of the National Investigative Agency (NIA), the Enforcement Directorate and anti-terror squads of atleast ten state police launched a mega crackdown on PFI terror links. Raids were conducted at over 150 locations in more than 15 states and 106 PFI leaders and members were arrested. Sources said aircraft were also kept ready on time to pick up PFI terror operatives and bring them to different locations for questioning. (Source: "Not a single bullet fired: How NSA Ajit Doval planned mega crackdown on PFI terror links" / India Today)

Clearly, this was a very important action by the Modi government.

When the PFI group tried to retaliate by holding protests, the Kerala High Court forbade it.

Source: Twitter/Lawbeat

But those goons went on a rampage anyhow.

So why were the PFI offices and people raided?  Because they are working with Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISIS and Al-Qaida.  And they have conspired to create an Islamic rule in India via terrorist acts.  

In the remand report accessed by Times Now the NIA has made explosive charges against the PFI leaders, alleging that were involved in anti-national activities such as 'encouraging vulnerable youths to join the Lashkar E Taiba, ISIS and Al-Qaida.' The report also noted that they 'conspired to create Islamic rule in India by commuting terrorist acts as part of violent jihad.' The report further stated that the PFI leaders even prepared a 'hit list' targetting members of one community with intentions to create communal tension in the state.  All the arrested PFI activists have been charged under various sections of the UAPA. (Source: Times Now)

Most importantly, this group had made extensive information details on RSS and BJP leaders with a view to targeting them.

Among charges under UAPA and of terror funding, top Intel sources have told CNN-News18 that PFI also had its eyes set on leaders of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).  Thahleel, the spy wing of PFI, was given a “very specific task” to collect all information about RSS leaders, including details of their movement. They were asked to collect information about the leaders’ offices, families, cars and the guards protecting them. (Source: "RSS Leaders on PFI Radar? Inside Details of How Outfit's Spy Wing Worked Towards 'Final Roadmap'" / MSN.com)

This meant creating maps, sketches, and photos of their homes, neighborhoods etc in order to target them in a matter of 24 hours "notice".

Why is this significant?

Because PFI is not just a local terror outfit.  It has a history.  Let us understand it.

What is PFI and what has been its role?

On December 20th, 2019, there a wave of violence was unleashed in Uttar Pradesh in the garb of anti-CAA protests.  At that time direct links were found between PFI and the violence that was unleashed.

At that time, Uttar Pradesh DGP, Om Prakash Singh, had written to the Home Ministry, requesting to ban PFI.  The deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya had seconded him.


August 11th, 2020 Bengaluru violence also had PFI fingerprints.  The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested the alleged key conspirator, Sayed Saddiq Ali for the attack on the KG Halli Police Station.  He worked as a "bank recovery agency" (Source: HT).

On that day three people were killed when police had to open fire to stop a violent mob of Muslims attacking the police station over a derogatory post on social media (Facebook) by Congress legislator Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy's nephew (Naveen).  400 people were arrested.  

"We have recovered airgun, pellets, sharp weapons, iron rods, digital devices, digital voice recordings (DVRs) and many incriminating documents and materials related to the Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Popular Front of India (PFI)," said the statement. Some of the accused held in the riots case are said to be members of the SDPI and PFI, which are fringe politics outfits in the southern state. The NIA took over the probe into the two riot cases on Wednesday under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other related laws. (Source: "Bengaluru Riots: NIA Searches 30 Locations, Arrests Key Conspirator In The Attack On KG Halli Police Station" / SwarajyaMag)

Also, check - "Bank recovery agent arrested by NIA for Bengaluru riots after raids in 30 places" / Hindustan Times

Anand Ranganathan laid out the crimes of PFI very clearly in one debate on Times Now.


Let us check out the history of PFI to know where and how it came about.

History of PFI

When SIMI was proscribed, it changed into National Development Front (NDF) and the NDF later became the Popular Front of India (PFI) in 2006.

Source: The Quint

It was the hand-chopping case of Professor Joseph which brought to light the progress of SIMI to NDF to the Popular Front to the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

The Court findings in the notorious hand-chopping case of Prof Joseph reveal that all accused hail from Popular Front- SDPI political background. Long ago, a terror organization that mushroomed in Kerala later metamorphosed into Popular Front and SDPI.  Reports of Intelligence agencies had confirmed that the proscribed and dreaded SIMI had made a renaissance in Kerala with the NDF. And so Popular Front gained a strong foothold in Kerala, with ample political pampering from CPM- Congress- Muslim League, all of them having the lineage of encouraging and aiding the growth of Islamic terrorism. (Source)

The proceedings of this case were very instructive.  The Kerala state government also brought out evidence of how the Popular Front of India was connected to the HuM and Lashkar-e-Taibba, as well as Al Qaeda.  So PFI and SDPI have had links with these organizations.

The Kerala government informed the state high court that investigators have obtained evidence regarding the connection of radical outfit Popular Front of India, which allegedly launched a brutal attack on a college lecturer in July, with the Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e Tayiba and Al Qaeda. The submission in this regard was made by R Rajashekharan Nair, Deputy Secretary (Home) in a counter affdaivit filed in a PIL by Gireesh Babu seeking a ban on PFI and to handover the investigation on the attack of the lecturer to National Investigation Agency (NIA). (Source: Rediff)

Mohiyuddin Nadukkandiyil Karassery is an Indian writer from Kerala.  He shared the real agenda of SDPI.  Btw, Tasleem Rehmani (the regular debater on Indian TV channels) is the National Secretary of SDPI.

Source: India Times

Remember the main Jihadi ideologues form the ideological heroes of PFI members.

The writings of Sayed Abu Ala Maududi, Allam Iqbal and Osama Bin Laden influence PFI members. They have maintained the image of a charitable organisation and worked for the ultimate goal establishing an Islamic state by converting and spreading fear through terror acts. (Source)

The SDPI and PFI have also worked to forge ties with Al Qaeda and the Turkish intelligence-backed Jihadi terror groups.

This report by Nordic Monitor, based on its investigation showed how Tasleem Rehmani and Prof P Koya were hosted by the Turkish IHH group.

IHH has been accused of smuggling arms to al-Qaeda.

The IHH was accused of smuggling arms to al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in Syria in January 2014 in a counterterrorism investigation conducted by a prosecutor in Turkey’s eastern province of Van. The investigation into a Turkish al-Qaeda cell found that İbrahim Şen, a top al-Qaeda operative who was detained in Pakistan and jailed at Guantanamo until 2005 before he was turned over to Turkey, his brother Abdurrahman Şen and others were sending arms, supplies and funds to al-Qaeda groups in Syria with the help of Turkey’s intelligence service. (Source: South Asia Democratic Forum)

Remember Prof Koya was one of the founding members of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and also one of the 19 Supreme Council members of the National Development Front (NDF) (Source).  He is now the General Secretary of the National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO). (Source)


The PFI cadres have regularly been part of the larger global jihadi network.  They went and fought with the ISIS forces in Syria.

According to the information provided by Kerala police, at least 10 men who were part of PFI have gone to Syria to fight for Islamic State. It was during the interrogation of Shahjahan, an Islamic State (IS) sympathiser from Kanjirangode in Kannur who was deported from Turkey following a failed attempt to cross the border, police learnt that members of the PFI had gone to fight in Syria. PFI agreed that these men were part of their organisation, however, claimed that they had left the party. “Shameer and Manaf were PFI activists, but they cut all ties with us after they left for the Gulf,” a Times of India report quoted VK Noufal, Kannur district president of the PFI, as saying. (Source: The Quint)

The terrorists who joined the Islamic State had cut ties with PFI.  That's convenient!

Interestingly, Sufi Council’s national general secretary, Shah Sayyid Hasnain Bakai said that PFI has been "misleading" the Muslim youths through its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).  He asserted that PFI was using the concept of 72 virgins (hoors) in Jannat after martyrdom’ as bait to lure Muslim youth.  

The Amar Ujaala Report shared the comments from Hasnain Bakai and the involvement of PFI and SDPI with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Source: Amar Ujala

Just a few months back, PFI cadres were arrested with materials as they hatched a plot to make India into an Islamic state by 2047.

Three persons, including a retired police sub-inspector, were arrested after raids in the Phulwari Sharif area here which led to seizure of documents about the PFI's 'Mission 2047' for making India an Islamic state, a police officer said on Thursday. Patna Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manavjeet Singh Dhillon said the arrested individuals were providing training to the youth on terror activities. "During the raid, we have seized the flags of banned outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), pamphlets, documents of making the India Islamic state till 2047 and other sensitive documents were recovered from the place," Dhillon said. Patna Police have registered FIR against 26 people and some of them were from Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. (Source: New Indian Express)

It is extremely interesting that ISI agents were involved in sabotaging of the case against the PFI and their whole "India Vision 2047".

Source: TimesNow

So why is Pakistan so interested in India being an Islamic state by 2047?  And why is it shielding such groups?

More importantly, is there a connection between the urgency of the Modi government in decimating this terror group with links to anti-India forces like Turkish and Pakistani intelligence and the growing anti-BJP/RSS rhetoric and anti-Hindu violence across the Western hemisphere?

The question we come back to is - is this a "Fight to the Finish"?

Video Corner: Moving Mountains

This is the story of Yukai Shimizu in Japan.  He is a Buddhist monk who loves running on mountain trails and is a monk at the Tokujyuin Temple in Nagano, Japan.

This is an interesting glimpse into his mind and relationship with the mountains and his love for running.

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